[ENGLISH TRANSLATION] Arashi ni Shiyagare EP 073 (2012.12.17)

"Encounters with The Uknown SP"

There are a lot of little funny parts from this episode especially Aiba's failed dish, Sho's duffle joke, the guys ignoring Ohno, and Nino's encounter with a cowboy.

It might take me forever to time and encode this so I'll just share my translation/interpretation instead. ^^, This is almost a month old so I guess other subbers have already released their versions. You can use my translations as long as you link back or credit. ^^,

T/G/A = text/guest/emcee (the tags I used are mixed up but for non-Arashi lines, I used these tags.)

T: First Challenge
T: Aiba Masaki meets a man who knows everything about winter
Aiba: Oh! Scuse me.
T: Exploring the world of the unknown
Aiba: Hello!
G: Bonjour mon shu
Aiba: Hi! I'm Aiba
Aiba: Scuse me.
G: Hello.
Aiba: Nice to meechu. Masaki Aiba.
G: Nice to meet you. My name's David Bran.
Aiba: Huh?
G: My name's David Bran.
Aiba: Huh?
G: David Bran. I'm from France.
Abia: Oh you're French. That explains the french bread.
G: Mr. Aiba
Aiba: Yeah?
G: What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Aiba: I usually eat fried egg, rice, and miso soup for breakfast.
G: For us, we eat french toast.
Aiba: Hah!
Jun: Do they really eat that?
G: Do you like french toast?
Aiba: Yeah! Wow!
T: David Bran was a chef at a restaurant in Paris called 'Alain Ducasse' before he became the head chef at the Grand Hyatt here in Japan. Let's see how this man prepares his french toast.
Aiba: My mother used to make french toast for me when I was small.
G: Really?
Aiba: Just yeasterday, I was craving for french toast. I was thinking of eating one.
G: We don't call it "french toast" in France. In french, it's called 'pain perdu' which means 'lost bread'
** lost bread = stale bread
G: It's like a magic trick that turns stale bread into a delicious dish.
Aiba: I see!
G: And I'm...
Aiba: Yeah?
G: gonna teach that magic trick to you.
Aiba: Really?
G: So... cooking...
Aiba: Cooking? Okay! Let's cooking! I'm glad that we're doing french toast.
Sho: French toast is perfect for breakfast.
Jun: Sure is.
Aiba: What's the first step?
G: First is we take a 2-day old bread.
Aiba: We're going to use old bread?
G: This is a mixture of milk, egg, and sugar. You're gonna dip that piece of bread into this.
Aiba: Can I?
G: Okay. Ah! Wait! Oh, go ahead. Ah! No! No! No!
Aiba: What? What? What?
G: First, you have to 'presse'
Aiba: 'Presse'?
G: Presse means to squeeze.
Aiba: You mean 'press'?!
G: Press
Aiba: Press
G: Press, like this
Aiba: Press huh
G: And then... Again
Aiba: Should I let go? So you have to press it huh?
G: Normally, you have to soak the bread in the mixture for 30 minutes.
Aiba: 30 minutes?!
G: But we don't have much time in the morning right? So pressing it would make the process much faster.
Aiba: It absorbs more that way.
G: Sugar.
Aiba: Sugar?
G: Sprinkle some
Aiba: That much?
G: And then fry it.
Aiba: Okay. Put in the butter
G: Put in the butter and fry the bread
Aiba: It looks quite hard to tell when to flip the bread right? Woah! Cool!
Jun: It looks quite hard to do.
Aiba: Is it better to cook it til it looks a little burnt?
G: Yes.
G: Fry it for about 3-4 minutes
Aiba: That fast huh. That's why it's perfect for breakfast.
G: That's right.
Aiba: Looks delicious!
G: Ah!
Aiba: Huh?
G: It's not yet done.
Aiba: Oh not yet?
G: Lastly, we make our own sauce.
T: Next will be Chef Bran's special sauce recipe that everyone can try doing at home.
Aiba: What's that?
G: Strawberry jam and... Vinegar... balsamic
Aiba: You're gonna put vinegar? Wouldn't it be a little sour?
G: Sour?
Aiba: Isn't it sour?
G: Taste it.
Aiba: This one
Nino: Like he had choices.
Aiba: What's this?! It's delicious!
Aiba: Can I try it?
G: Do you want to?
Aiba: I do! You made it in front of my eyes! Of course I want to try it. Can I?
G: Go ahead.
Sho: Looks delicious!
Aiba: It's delicious!
Abia: It's not too sweet.
G: Yes.
Sho: That's a big one!
Nino: This guy's not thinking. He can't talk with all those stuffed in his mouth!
G: Please try cooking this for the other members of Arashi.
Aiba: Okay. I'll try to make a good one.
Aiba: Let's cooking!
T: Aiba is now in the cooking studio where he's about to make the best french toast in this planet.
T: He dips a 2-day old bread into the milk mixture. Then sprinkles enough sugar to brown the french toast.
Aiba: Okay. Putting them in.
G: The fire should be low from here on.
Aiba: Shit! It's burnt!!!
G: The heat's too high.
Aiba: It smells burnt!
Aiba: This is so hard.
T: The french toast is a bit burnt. After adjusting the fire, he starts mixing the sauce.
Aiba: Balsamic vinegar...
G: Ah! That's too much! It should be just a tablespoon.
Aiba: I added too much vinegar.
T: Aiba's slight carelessness showed through this dish. Definitely a french toast prepared by a man. How does it taste? To taste the dish we invited...
Sho: What's this?
Aiba: Welcome!
T: Sho Sakurai who blends in well with the image of morning in Paris.
Sho: first time I heard that.
Aiba: Thank you for waiting!
Sho: You're welcome!
Aiba: Your breakfast sir.
Sho: Thank you.
Aiba: Ah, please go ahead and open it.
Sho: What could it be?
Aiba: Paa! There you go.
Sho: What's this?
Aiba: It's our special french toast made from french bread.
Sho: Yeey! I love french toast!
Aiba: Right? Right?
Sho: I love french toast but... in this color?!
Aiba: Please try it first.
Sho: Yeah, right.
Aiba: He's going! He's going! Might not be able to stop talking after this... without a single word
Sho: It's good!
Aiba: Is it?
Sho: Maybe it's the balsamic... It was sour at first but the strawberry jam... Kaaaa~! Kaaaaa~! What's this? What's this burnt thing? I think I'm the one exploring the world of the unknown here.
G: By adding more vinegar he was able to conceal the bitterness of the slightly burnt bread.
Aiba: Oh! I see. That could also work huh?
G: I'll give Mr. Aiba 70 points. Please do visit our restaurant and try our delicious french toast and cafe ole.
H: All the other members can now taste Aiba's french toast.
Aiba: I haven't prepared the sauce yet. I'm gonna do it now.
Nino: I don't need the sauce.
Aiba: Nope. You definitely have to put some.
Sho: The balsamic makes it taste like it's from a restaurant
Aiba: That's right.
Jun: the balsamic
Aiba: How do you feel today? I'm gonna base this on how you guys feel today
Sho: Do you remember last time? You put a handful when you should've just added a pinch?
Aiba: Yes. If I had to stick to the recipe, it would be just a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.
Jun: But even that looks a bit too much.
Sho: Yeah it does.
Aiba: 1 tablespoon.
Nino: You won't know if you're not adnevturous.
Aiba: I'll just put some sauce it tastes really good with the sauce. Riida. Okay!
Sho: What do you think, Matsujun?
Jun: Mmy-yu!!!
** mmy-yu = yummy
Sho: Yummy~!!!
Ohno: It's good!
Aiba: Honestly, what's the difference between this one and the one I made for you before?
Sho: They're totally different dishes!
Aiba: Is that so?
T: Let's head on to our next challenge.
T: Next up
T: Something to wear this winter
Nino: Huh? Something to wear?
T: Let's head on to the world of the unkown!
T: Exploring the world of the unknown
Sho: Hello!
G: Take a seat.
Sho: Thank you.
G: Go ahead.
Sho: Hello sir. I'm Sakurai.
G: Nice to meet you. I'm Toshiyuki Kurosu.
Sho: Very pleased to meet you.
G: Do you know what the word 'ivy' stands for?
Sho: I've heard the word before.
G: But you don't know that it's also a fashion style right?
Sho: Is that what you're wearing right now?
G: Yes
Sho: So you mean it's about duffle coats?
G: Very good.
Sho: Oh thank you. I love duffle coats.
G: Huuuh? Seriously?
Sho: Yes
Sho: I really love them. It's cute.
G: I'm too old to be cute!
Sho: Of course not!
T: Fashion critic Toshiyuki Kurosu... The man behind the Ivy League fashion boom in the 60s. The former Strategic Planning Head of 'VAN'... An expert on duffle coats since the 40s... Let's learn the skills of choosing a good duffle coat
G: You know I bought this in 1972
Sho: Really?!
G: I've been wearing it for 40 years now.
Sho: That long?!
Jun: Still looks brand new.
G: Cuz it doesn't easily wear out.
Sho: If you take care of it
G: I guess we all stop wearing clothes not because they're worn out but because we've grown tired of them. For people like me, I choose clothes that I could wear for 40-50 years cuz if I don't, I might get tired of wearing it. Would you like to know a surefire way on how to choose a good duffle coat?
Sho: I'd be more than glad to know.
G: Really?
Sho: Yes.
Aiba: Surefire way huh?
G: First, you have to be particular about the toggle. The main point of this is the toggle. This is called the toggle. Duffle coats were originally worn by fishermen during the cold seasons. This one's leather but back then, they used ropes. This one is made from carabao horn but back then, they used wood. That was how they made duffle coats back then. During the winter season, fishermen would wear this. And since they're wearing gloves, they'd have an easier time unbuttoning their duffle coats with the help of the toggles.
Sho: So it was rather functional?
G: Exactly.
Sho: Yes. And when the second world war broke out, the English bought that idea and used it as uniform for the navy.
G: It's quite a stylish uniform.
Sho: It's chic.
G: Right? I'd like you to find a duffle coat that you could use for the rest of your life.
Sho: This winter, I'm thinking about having a duffle coat image.
G: That'd be great.
Sho: Aaaah! It's cooo~ld! That's right! I'm gonna go buy a duffle coat! duffle duffle duffle duffle! Aaah! I'm here! duffle duffle duffle
T: Sho's currently at the 'Amber Coat' the shop in Harajuku recommended by Mr. Kurosu.
Nino: Isn't it class?
T: A specialty shop frequented by ivy connoisseurs. Mr. Sakurai's hunt for a timeless duffle coat beings.
Sho: Excuse me.
G: Welcome!
Sho: Do you have a duffle coat?
G: Yes, we do. This way sir.
Sho: Duffle~~
Sho: First, I'd like a camel colored coat please.
G: Yes sir.
Sho: This part right?
G: Yes sir. We also have some over there.
Sho: Oh! Okay I'll take this one first.
G: We can expect great things from this.
Sho: They're both duffle coats but they look different. And... This is the toggle right?
G: Yes sir.
Sho: What's this?
G: This one's made from carabao horn. We also have other kinds. Like this...
Sho: Oh, wood! This! This!
G: Yes sir, it's made from wood.
Sho: This one's also good right?
G: That one's closer to the real one. This is a new model.
Sho: Woah! It's my first time seeing it.
G: Inside is the union flag. It's only available this year.
Sho: I want that.
T: Sho tries on the duffle coat he's completely fallen in love with.
G: The size is also perfect right?
Sho: Yeah it is.
G: He looks good in it.
T: This was used by the navy so they were most of the time on a ship where the wind is strong.
G: so to stop the coat from fluttering, they fastened it to their thighs with this.
G: It's so close to the real one. The common duffle coats don't have that.
Sho: I'll talk about all those things when I'm drunk. When I'm out drinking. Isn't it perfect?
G: It is.
Sho: The toggle is wood and the color's camel and it's a bit bold. I'll take this. Mr. Kurosu, what do you think of my brand new duffle coat?
G: It's really great to find this kind of duffle coat right? I'm giving you... 100 points. Please wear that for 40-50 years.
T: Before we go on to our next challenger
T: can you please walk a bit to show us your new coat?
Aiba: Commander Sakurai!
Nino: Commander!
Aiba: Commander!
Sho: Do I really have to do this?
Jun: You've been wearing that a lot lately.
Sho: From the moment I bought this one, I've been wearing it a lot cuz I'm really going for a duffle coat image.
Jun: We didn't know you were.
Aiba: Wha? What do you mean? Like you'll also make some duffle jokes?
Nino: Are you?
Sho: Should I?
Aiba: Make one.
Aiba: Okay, here's Commander Sakurai's duffle joke!
Sho: Bob bob
Sho: Aiba's really... a scary person.
G: So, let's head on to our next challenge.
G: Our next challenge is...
G: Something to wear this winter.
Nino: They're the same.
G: Let's explore the world of the unknown!
T: Exploring the world of the unknown
G: Hello!
Jun: Hello!
G: Nice to meet you.
Jun: Nice to meet you.
G: I'm Ayukawa
G: From the band 'Sheena and Rockets'
Jun: Nice to meet you. I'm Matsumoto.
Jun: Glad to meet you.
G: Glad to meet you.
T: Makoto Ayukawa
T: 63 year-old active rock and roller
T: guitarist of the legendary rock band called 'Sheena and Rockets'
T: The band that pulled up the rock and roll scene in Japan
Jun: Amazing guitar. You can tell the age just by looking at it.
T: This was made in 1969
T: **1969 model, more than 40-year old guitar.
Sho: Everyone's taking care of their things.
T: It was born in the year of rock and roll.
Jun: Year of rock and roll?
T: I've been using it since then.
Jun: Cool!
T: But let's not talk about this.
Jun: Not about that?!
T: Today
Jun: Okay?
T: We're gonna talk about leather jackets.
Nino: Leather jacket?
Sho: I see.
T: Let's learn how to choose a timeless leather jacket from the rock and roller, Makoto Ayukawa.
T: If you choose a good one, it'll serve you for the rest of your life.
T: You can also use it during your tours.
Jun: Isn't it hard to play the guitar when you're wearing a leather jacket?
T: It is.
Jun: It is?
T: Everyone would go on stage wearing leather jackets.
T: After 4-5 songs, it becomes like a competition of who can last longer wearing one.
Jun: Competition?
T: But we're there to rock. So after 3-4 songs, I get used to it.
T: I've been wearing this for 30 years now.
T: It's still surprisingly in good condition.
Jun: It is.
T: I wear this during special occassions.
T: I feel protected whenever I'm wearing this.
Jun: Is that so?
T: My first tip for you is
T: to choose beef over lamb.
T: That's my first tip.
Jun: Cow?
Jun: Isn't cow skin a bit hard?
T: But...
T: that's how leather jackets should be.
T: Leather jackets aren't supposed to be comfortable
T: They're supposed to be tough.
T: They should be heavy duty.
T: Leather from cow is good.
T: Now you must choose your own leather jacket.
Jun: So I should go for cow skin huh?
T: Yes. Wear it anytime and anywhere.
Jun: I see, I see.
T: Wear it to the convenience store...
Jun: Do you?
T: I do.
Jun: Even to the convenience store?
T: Yes. I wear it to the coffee shop and while walking the dog.
Jun: While walking the dog?
T: Yes.
Jun: It's cool
Jun: to wear leather jacket every time and everywhere.
Jun: There'd be times that I'd want to take it off... what should I do then? Keep it on?
T: When that happens, you can take it off.
Jun: I can take it off?
Jun: When that time comes, I can take it off right?
Nino: Can this be? (when Jun's VTR starts)
Sho: Everyone's doing the same thing.
Nino: Same as yours.
Jun: Coo~ld
Jun: That's right! I'll go buy a leather jacket!
Jun: Leather! Leather! Leather! Leather!
Jun: Let's go inside!
T: This shop was recommended by Makoto Ayukawa
T: and it's called 'Roll' located in Shibuya.
T: The shop has 150 items from the famous leather jacket brand 'Lewis Leathers'
T: Definitely a shop for men.
T: Jun can now choose his own timeless jacket from this wide array of leather jackets.
Jun: Look for my lifetime partner huh?
Jun: There's a lot. I don't know what to choose!
Jun: This one's soft.
T: These are sheep skin.
Jun: But I was told that cow leather is better.
T: That's right. Choose cow skin.
T: Cow skin is flexible
T: this one's beautifully done.
T: He tries on the leather jacket he likes.
Jun: It's stiff!
T: Cow leather is stiff that's why it's good.
T: This one's 34 inches.
T: ** Material: Cow leather
T: ** Color: Navy
T: ** Size: 34 inches
Jun: Should the size be like this?
T: Some guys wear tighter leather jackets.
T: He should try on something tighter.
T: That one's really small. It's 32 inches.
Sho: It's a lot smaller.
Ohno: It looks good on him.
Jun: I think this is how it should be.
T: I think this is great.
T: Tight rock!
T: After choosing for 30 minutes...
Jun: I'm going with this one.
T: Matsujun chose a leather jacket made from cow skin, size 32 which is quite tight, in black.
Jun: I love the material they used for the underside and it's red.
Jun: And then it ends where my belt is so I think this one's okay.
Jun: I choose this jacket.
T: I think it's really good. I'll give you 96 points for that.
T: If you have time, you can wear that leather jacket to our concert
T: so that we can rock together!
T: Mr. Matsumoto's wearing his brand new leather jacket.
Jun: Don't give me that look. I'm not really going for this image.
Nino: It's pretty.
Jun: It's really tight and it's stiff cuz it's still new.
Nino: It does look good on you.
Sho: Among the 5 of us, it's Matsujun who looks best in a leather jacket.
Sho: Next would be... Ohno perhaps?
Ohno: Why me?!
Nino: Good luck!
Nino: Huh?
Aiba: Huh?
Aiba: Have you thought of one?
Nino: Please, go ahead.
Ohno: Ah! Isn't this a leather rider?
Ohno: Isn't this a leather rider too?
Ohno: This is leather right'a!?
Ohno: Shut up!!!
T: Let's head on to our next challenge.
T: Please watch this.
T: Something to eat this winter
T: Let's explore the world of the unknown.
T: Exploring the world of the unknown.
T: Waah! Hao chi~!
T: **Hao chi = delicious
T: Please take a seat.
Ohno: Thank you.
T: Hello!
T: Hello!
T: Please try this before I introduce myself.
Ohno: Is this sweet tofu?
T: Yes it is.
Ohno: Hao chi!!!
T: I'm Chou You. Sorry for the late introduction.
T: Chef Chou You used to be the ambassador banquet head chef at the Kingyu Restaurant who specializes in Chinese cuisines. He is said to be the man who set the hotpot boom on fire. Chef You will be teaching us how to cook a real hotpot.
T: I'm sorry but do you like shotpot?
Ohno: Jackpot?
Ohno: Shotpot?
T: Shotpot... shotpot, the one with white soup. Shotpot.
Ohno: Shotpot?
T: A soup that has 2 kinds - red and white.
Ohno: Shotpot?
T: Yes. You don't know what it is? Shotpot?
Ohno: I don't know what a shotpot is.
T: Shotpot is a soup that has 2 kinds - red and white.
Ohno: Aaaah!!!! Hotpot!
T: Yes! Shotpot!
Ohno: You were saying something different!
T: Sorry!
T: Later on, Chef You will be teaching us a simple hotpot recipe that anyone can easily follow.
Ohno: This is amazing!
T: After that would be Nino's winter tour around Tokyo.
Nino: Ah! This is great. Cool! We're really compatible! Me and this camera.
T: Let's learn how to cook a restaurant grade hotpot from the hotpot genius himself.
T: Did you know that hotpots are just ordinary homemade dishes in China.
Ohno: Really?
T: Yes. You can put in any kind of leftover.
Ohno: Anything?
T: That's right. I'll be teaching you how to make a simple hotpot.
Ohno: Seriously?
T: Yes.
Ohno: I'd be glad to learn!
T: We are now going to learn a simple recipe on how to cook hotpot at home.
T: First is...
Ohno: Yes?
T: the base. The base is really important so I made one before going here.
Ohno: You did?
T: Yes. Please watch this VTR on how I made the base.
Ohno: Wait a sec!
T: For the soup base, you'll need chicken bones, spring onion, and ginger
T: ** Ingerdients: Chicken bones (500 grams), spring onion (1 piece), ginger (60 grams).
T: Put it into 50cc of Japanese wine and 4 liters of water. Leave it for 30 minutes and your soup base is done.
T: Okay! Here it is!
Ohno: Is that it?
T: Yes.
T: So, shall we start? First point.... Let's make the 'paitan' soup!
Ohno: Paitan soup?
T: The paitan soup is the white one. You'll be using the very nutritious ginseng to make a delicious soup. The ginseng is a bit bitter so you have to tone down the bitterness by cooking it in water and 2 tablespoons of honey first.
T: ** cook the ginseng for 3 minutes
T: Chef You added 10 pieces of dried shrimps, 300 cc of soy milk, 1.5 tablespoons of salt, and 1200 cc of the base.
T: This is goji berry. The white soup is done.
Ohno: This one is finished?
T: It's done.
Ohno: Smells good.
T: The next point is to make the mala soup. The red one is called the mala soup.
Ohno: The spicy one?
T: Yes. It smells good, it's spicy, and it's delicious.
Ohno: I see.
T: Chef You puts in 1.5 tablespoons of salad oil, 1.5 tablespoons of sesame oil, 10 pieces of red pepper, 20 pieces of Japanese pepper, 2 pieces of star anise, cinammon skin and leaves.
T: I'm gonna put in chili paste but it's important to watch how you cook it. If you do it wrong, it might not be spicy enough
Ohno: I see.
T: or the soup may taste burnt.
Ohno: Yeah.
T: Put everything in.
Ohno: Smells good! It really smells good! This looks good! I really like this kind of cooking. Ohhh! This looks spicy!
T: It would be great for winter cuz it'd warm up your body.
Ohno: Yeah it'd be perfect for winter.
T: Let's put it into the empty half of the pot.
Ohno: Cool! It looks delicious!
T: I prepared different stuff.
Ohno: Wow! This looks great! This looks delicious!
T: Put in the last ingredients and bring it to a boil.
T: Please go ahead and taste it.
Aiba: It looks good!
Ohno: Thank you. Ahhh! This tastes good!
Sho: It looks good!
Ohno: It's something new to me. This tastes healthy. This is amazing.
T: The guys will be having a hotpot Christmas party at the studio.
T: Ohno will be preparing a simple hotpot recipe for you guys.
Jun: Sounds great.
Nino: What are you putting in?
Ohno: This is ginseng.
Nino: To where?
Jun: Do they usually sell ginseng that big?
Ohno: Are you talking to me?
Nino: We won't talk to you then.
Ohno: This is the base.
T: Next to the white soup is... the red soup.
Aiba: I don't hear any sizzling sound at all! It's not sizzling!!! Are you still doing okay? I'll do the sizzling sound for you if you want.
Nino: But it's looking good.
Ohno: Last would be the chili paste.
Sho: You're adding that?
Ohno: Yes.
Aiba: Ah! This is good. This is good.
Nino: This is what we've been waiting for.
T: Ohno pours the soup into the pot and the hotpot's done.
Jun: This looks delicious Riida!
T: Then he adds some secret ingredients
Ohno: I have here leftovers that you'd usually find inside the ref. Deep fried chicken, sausage, fish paste, and fried tofu.
Jun: I don't think the fried chicken will work.
Ohno: You'd be surprised.
T: The fried chicken really goes well with this dish.
Ohno: Trust me it's good!
Nino: Mr. Ohno, the soup's already mixed over here. Is this okay?
Sho: Making this kind of soup won't make sense if the 2 end up mixed together right?
T: While we leave the hotpot to simmer, let's first watch Mr. Ninomiya's VTR.
Ohno: Ah! I'll stay here?
T: Yes, please. This is the last challenge. Ninomiya goes on a tour this winter.
Jun: Tour?
T: Mr. Ninomiya will now explore the world of the unknown.
T: Exploring the world of the unknown
G: This bus is really great.
Nino: Hello.
T: Hello! Please take a seat.
Nino: Thank you!
G: My name is Asato Izumi and I'm a columnist.
Nino: Hello. I'm Kazunari Ninomiya.
G: Hello.
T: Asato Izumi is a columnist who wrote the 'Nau no Shikumi' collection based on the culture of the younger generations of the year 1984. At present, he's the man who has all that is to know about touring Tokyo. He writes about 200 articles in a year. Mr. Asato Izumi will be teaching us how to enjoy the sights Tokyo has to offer through the city bus.
Ohno: I see.
G: I suppose you've ridden the city bus a few times?
Nino: Yes... when I was small.
G: Did you know that the city bus runs through 139 routes?
Nino: That many?
G: And there are 3984 city bus stops.
Nino: That many?
G: It goes around Tokyo. For just 200 yen, it will take you around Tokyo as if it was a tour bus.
Nino: So you can go wherever you'd like just by riding it?
G: You can go to a lot of places. It offers top class entertainment.
Nino: Are you sure about that?
G: I'm very very sure. The first point is to have the '3 sacred treasures'.
Nino: '3 sacred treasures'? Do I need to have all 3?
G: Having this alone won't do. First of which is this backpack.
Nino: Okay? Is it better?
G: With this, both hands will be free.
Nino: So that I can use both hands.
G: You can use both hands.
Nino: Oh I see. Both hands should be free.
G: This is the second sacred treasure.
Nino: Is that a map?
G: That's right. This has all the city bus stops. And then the last one is a camera.
Nino: Camera?
G: Yes. You can take pictures of everything that catches your attention - buildings, the bus itself. Speaking of which, I have here a picture that I've taken myself.
Nino: Does it go through the town center?
G: Yes it does.
Nino: It does?
G: This is a picture of the rear part of the bus. I waited for the chance to take a good shot of the rear part.
Nino: You waited?
G: Yes I did.
Nino: That must've been difficult. You had to wait.
G: You have to be serious in this next point. You have to ride the 'Nari 10'.
Nino: 'Nari 10'?!
G: This one. The Nari 10 goes through Ginza where you'd be able to see the buildings and you can also see the lower parts of the town where houses and shops stand side by side. It would be like going on a timeslip in Tokyo.
Nino: You can see both right?
** You can see both sides of Tokyo: one with tall buildings and the other with blocks of houese standing side by side with narrow alleys.
G: This is for a beginner.
Nino: I see. This is for the neophytes huh.
G: Yes. For you, we rented out the whole bus.
Nino: It won't be like a tour bus then!
G: Yes.
T: Nino is now in front of the Shinbashi Station where he'll be starting his trip.
Nino: Hello everyone! I'm Kazunari Ninomiya and I'm about to go on my very first solitary trip via the city bus. Let's wait for the bus here.
G: This is the very first stop.
Nino: Is that the one? See! It's the Nari 10!
G: Yes, definitely the Nari 10. This goes to Narihirabashi. Good luck!
T: Thank you for waiting. This bus goes to Narihirabashi.
Nino: Good afternoon!
T: Nino goes on a Tokyo timeslip through the city bus.
Nino: Are we leaving?
T: We are now ready to depart.
Nino: Thank you.
Sho: This is great.
T: This bus starts at Shinbashi and goes through Ginza. Tsukiji, Kachidoki, Harumi, and stops at Narihirabashi where the Sky Tree is. The tour is 60 minutes long. I hope you enjoy your trip!
Nino: We're now in Ginza. It feels like... Ginza.
G: Cuz you're in Ginza.
Nino: I don't feel anything special though. It just feels like Ginza. We're now entering Ginza high street. I'll take a picture here. The bus isn't going to stop. It's a proof that I was here. Huh? We're in Kachidoki already? That was fast!
T: This classic bridge was constructed as a symbol of the olympics and the world fair and was set to be opened in the 15th year of the Showa Period. The bridge opens in the middle. There's a structure built right in the middle of this bridge. Will Nino be able to find it?
Nino: That's the one right? Right in the middle.
T: Oh! He found it.
Nino: Now I understand how you cameramen feel. That truck's in the way! Okay! Okay! Let's take a picture together Mr. Cameraman. Together! Ah! This looks like an ordinary building. That truck's in the way! Did I do number 1 right? Next would be the Sky Tree. Are we going there now? I'm quite excited about taking a photo there. Oh! We're almost there! This is great! This is great! Thank you! The Tokyo Sky Tree! I took a picture.
T: The Sky Tree that we can see from the Haruumi Bridge stands 634 meters tall. It was based on the name of Musashi which also means '634'. It's the tallest independent pole in the world.
T: Arriving at Enagawa.
Nino: There's nothing special here. There's nothing special here based on the map.
T: Nothing's really special here. But if he looks closely, I'm sure he'd be able to find one.
Nino: Ah!!!
Sho: A cowboy on the street?
Nino: I don't usually see cowboys. Honestly, I don't usually see cowboys like that. What an encounter!
T: 60 minutes later, Nino finally arrives at Narihirabashi where the Sky Tree stands.
Nino: I'm here! This is so cool! I'm finally here! This is so amazing!!!
T: Can he take a good picture of the Sky Tree?
Jun: Cool! It's so tall!
Nino: Cool! We're totally compatible... this camera and I!
T: I marked a coffee shop that I want him to try out. I hope he goes and tries it out.
T: And so...
Nino: Is this the one? I'm here. Kado. I'll go in now.
T: He's gonna try it huh?
Nino: Excuse me!
T: Welcome!
T: Nino is now at the coffee shop recommended by Mr. Asato Izumi. This shop is named after its location, on a corner of the street.
**Kado = corner.
T: This coffee shop is known mostly by locals.
Nino: Do you have any recommendations?
T: Our bestseller is the 'active fresh juice'. It's a mixture of honey, aloe, celery, parsley, green asparagus, lemon, and apple. It's very good for the body. And we have creamy blueberry bread stuffed with eggplant and mozorella. I suggest you try those.
Nino: Is that so? You mentioned a loooot of ingredients there.
T: The 'active fresh juice' and the eggplant mozorella sandwich are this shop's bestsellers.
T: The juice here tastes really healthy.
Nino: Oh it's good! I wanna go home already~!
T: Let's ask Nino if there's something he won't ever forget about this trip.
Nino: Uhmmm... the... yeah, seeing that cowboy.
T: You were able to enjoy top class entertainment with just 200 yen right? I'm giving Nino 96 points for just letting go and enjoying the trip. Why not try going to Okutama next time?
T: Shall we all look back at Nino's VTR?
Sho: This picture's amazing considering that you took it yourself.
Nino: With just one try.
Sho: It's really amazing.
Nino: It's really tall!
Aiba: I wanna go with you next time.
Nino: I think it was aroung 190 yen?
Ohno: Guys!
Jun: It was great! It was really great. Thank you very much!
T: Goodbye guys!
Aiba: Thank you!
Ohno: Hey!!! You idiots! I know you can see me!
Nino: Pardon?
Ohno: The hotpot's done! EAT!!!
T: After this, Arashi has a Merry Hotpot Christmas party.
Sho: Ah! It's delicious!
Nino: It's good!
Nino: I give you... 2 points. Congratulations!
T: Ohno's special hotpot is already done.
Ohno: Eat up guys.
Nino: I'm gonna try it now.
Sho: Ah! It's delicious!
Ohno: It is, right?
Nino: It's good!
Ohno: How's the fried chicken?
Aiba: I love it!
T: Remember, those are just leftovers.
Aiba: Riida! It's really 'hao chi'!
Ohno: Of course it's 'hao chi'!
Jun: I guess the red soup spilling over was a good thing cuz the white soup got a little spicy which makes this hotpot taste a little different from the usual ones.
Ohno: It was a good thing then.
Aiba: It looks spicy.
Sho: I'll try the spicy one.
T: It looks a little spicy though.
Jun: The spicy one's good too.
Sho: How spicy is it?
Aiba: It's very spicy.
Nino: Mr. Masu are you all right?
T: If you were to rate Ohno's dish. How many points will you give him out of 100?
Nino: The dish was great. Can I rate him now? Everyone said that the hotpot is delicious. So... I give you... 2 points. Congratulations!
Aiba: It was delicious.
Ohno: Chef Chou You! He gave me 2 points!!!
T: As I said, the fried chicken was delicious right? I'll give you 98 points. Next time you do it, you can put in anything that's in your refrigerator. Next week on Arashi ni Shiyagare... Arashi gets attacked by the Gay Army. Please watch out for this huge special!
T: Next week, the Scary Gay Army will be gracing the show.
T: Please don't think that we're all the same just because we're all gay.
T: Arashi gets pinned down and spends their Christmas in hell.
Nino: Have you seen a lady with all those muscles?!
T: Muscles?!!!

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