Outdoor Fashion

Episode Date: June 11, 2009
Credits for the snapshot: Clubbox Gachapin

Hmmm... Dochi ga ii ka na? I wonder who's got the best style?!

Looking at this bunch of pictures, I'd say I have 2 choices. I like Nino's and Jun's.

Well coz they're like two different things.

I like Nino's because his clothes boast of his simplicity, like it shows how easy it is to spend one whole day with him. I'd go out wearing a shirt, khaki pants and rubbershoes that'll match his clothes. It's like I don't have to exert much effort just to look at least fit for his level. But there's a possibility that the date would end up boring.

I like Jun's coz it looks like you don't have to worry when you're with him. I like the leg warmers not coz they're stylish, no. Because I think it's a sign of how prepared he is for something - mosquito bites and the like. I'd bet on a real date he'll have a first aid kit tucked in his backpack. But there's a possibility that he may become too prepared and make the date awkward and uncomfortable.

Himitsu no Arashi-chan: Manequin 5

I love this segment! Well, first because we get to see the boys choose their own clothes, express their own tastes when it comes to fashion, and of course another venue for comments and opinions for me. ^^,

Outdoor Fashion

They owe it to us

Hey hey hey! Arashi's conquering the charts once again as they hold on to the number 1 and 2 (1 = Believe/Kumori nochi Kaisei, 2 = Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon) spots (no less of course) of the Oricon Charts Top 10 Single Ranking for the first half of 2009. They still reign supreme as they also hold the number 1 spot for the 5 Bestselling DVDs (AAA in Tokyo 2008) for the fist half of this year.

These guys owe it to us who spend every dime, every cent, every single centavo in our piggy banks just to buy their pricey albums and DVDs. But then again, the happiness that they give me --probably they aren't aware of how strong their impact is on my life-- that's priceless. No amount of money can ever be enough to make them feel how good I feel that they are there. Even though I have no personal connection to those guys, even though the only relationship I have with them is a fan-idol relationship, I'm still grateful that I knew them. They bring out all my happy hormones.

Omedetou Arashi no minasan! Ikurademo kakatteru, hontou ni takakutemo, anatatachi no arubamu toka, DVD toka, eiga toka kau tsumori desu. Demo zannen desu ne. Atashi ga nihon ni sundenai kara. Dakara zenbu no Arashi no CD nado ga kaenai. ^,^ Shipping fee toka, handling fee toka, harawanakya ikenai dakara takaku naru ne (Jitsu ha, nanbai ni natte, takai! atashi no saifu ha naiteru yo!). (Yuhu!!! Dareka ga Arashi no CD koko de uru to omotteru?)

Demo ne, Oricon no Ranking de ureshii desu yo. Ichibanme katta Arashi no arubamu ha "Believe/Kumor nochi Kaisei" deshita ne. Dakara sono shinguru ha Oricon de ichiban ni natta to yonde, ureshiin desu ne. De, niban me katta Arashi no arubamu ha "Crazy Moon" datta yo ne. Soremo takai ranking ga atta no de hontou ni yokatta to omou.

Kore ha ii toshi desu ne, Arashi no minasan? Hayai da to omou ne? Kotoshi no hanbun gurai, Arashi ga nanman yen wo moratta? Johnnysan mo ureshiku natta to omou.

Sorosoro anatatachi no 10nen desu ne. Kono toshi ha, yappari, iin da yo ne?

Sono ue, Arashino minasan, hontou ni omedetou gozaimasu!

*arubamu wo katta, tsugi no negai ha == Arashi no konsa-to wo mitai... *_*) tsugi no tsugi no negai == Arashi no tomo ni naru? lol. Sore ha yume da. ^_^

また、 ニノさん に ついて

すいません、 あたし の 日本語は まだ 悪い です ね。

ヤバイ な これ。 ニノの 顔を 見ると、 幸せに なります。 これは いい か な? ニノの ことが もっと 好きに なってる ね。 ヤバイです よ ね? あたしの 頭の 中に、 ニノさん しか 入ってないです。ニノさんが 好きに なって しまった! 本当に。

Something about Nino

From Arashi no Shukudai kun with Mao Kobayashisan and Hatori Shinichi.

Hatori: Do you do "ECO" Nino?

Nino: Well, when I'm at home and when the vibe is good, I don't turn even a single light on.

Hatori: When the vibe is good?!

Nino: When the sky's clear you can see things clearly (without lights on).

Hatori: O! About visibility!

Nino: I get my light from the street lights so I just open all my curtains.
*hahahahaha... ECO? or cutting down on eletric bills?! lol.*

この 日 は、 特別 だ ね。。。

 二宮 和也さん へ、 お誕生日 おめでとう!
この 日は 忘れたくなくて 忘れられない。 ^v^...

ニノさん が 分かんない かも しれない けど、 あたしたちの 幸せは 。。。 それ は、 あなた の 笑ってる 顔 です ね。
本当は、 ニノさん の こと が ぜんぜん 分かんない。 本当の ニノは、 誰です か? テレビで 見てる ニノ は カメラが 回ってない 時の ニノ と 同じ です か? そう かも しれない けど、 分かんない。 でも。。。 ニノの こと が 分からなくても、 あたしたちは、 いつも ここ に いる ね。 ニノさん、 心配しないで。 ^v^。

寂しい 時が あったら、 笑う 理由 が なかったら、 ニノさん、 忘れないで。。。元気が なかったら。。。 あたしたち が いる ね。 

二宮 和也 へ

明日、 お誕生日 おめでとう ニノさん!

去年も、 この ポスト と 同じ が 書いた。 だから これ は あたし の 二番目 の Greeting です ね。 その とき ぐらい、 嵐の こと が 知り合った。ね、 この ブログ の 一年目 は 今月です ね?! もう 一年 だ よ ね。。。 本当か?

じゃあ、 もう 決めた、 毎年、 ニノさん の 誕生日に この ブログ の Anniversary を celebrate つもり です。

Compatibilty with Arashi members

The whole article's here: Clicker

So it's my turn:
You’re more sensitive to the heat rather than the cold [O]
This is an issue that my sister and I keep on talking about. Funny though. I grew up in a pretty cold city. But there's no snow here in the Philippines so the 'cold' I'm used to ain't the kind of 'cold' that Arashi's talking about right? But I really am irritable and restless when it's hot. I hate heat! The heat hear is the 'sticky' kind of heat which is unbearable! We shoot up to 36 degrees celsius here. When it's that hot, I stay cooped up in my room enjoying the cold air from the air conditioner.

You eat 3 square meals a day [X]
Well, it depends. It depends on my schedule. There are times I only get the chance to eat 2 full meals a day. I eat breakfast, and lunch, and dinner most of the time but sometimes I only have the chance to eat breakfast and dinner.

Rather than impromptu plans/idea, it is important to plan beforehand [X]
I believe that this is true but I'm not really this kind of person. But I prefer getting informed beforehand about schedules or whatever. In my opinion, planning is like useless if things don't go "as planned". It's funny right? Why is there such thing as "things didn't go as planned". So why bother. I'd rather spend my time now on more important things rather than planning for something that I'm not even sure if it's really going to happen. Of course I'll do things still thinking about what its impact would be on my future. But as I've said, I'd rather enjoy everything as they come rather than waste my getting obsessed about tomorrow.

You prefer quiet places rather than noisy/crowded places [O]
Well I'm kinda used to the hustles and bustles of the city. So I don't really mind if it's quiet or noisy but... I think living in a quiet place, spending time in a quiet place looks nice.

You want to celebrate all the anniversaries properly [O]
Being a woman, I am particular about anniversaries. I like a man who doesn't need to be reminded or constantly bugged about this kind of thing. Because I do think that if the relationship we have is important, all the details about the relationship is important. Like anniversaries! It is a bit impractical, if you think about it but I don't really require extravagant or luxurious ways of celebrating these things. Just knowing that he remembers the special occassion, that's enough. That's celebration enough for me.

You want to have 3 or more children [X]
I think 2 is enough for me. The life we have now ain't that easy you know. Money is a big factor. I would like my kids to enjoy life. I don't want them to experience the hardships of life as much as possible. And I'd like to provide everything from education to toys... Everything!

So, I think the most compatible person for me is....
Ohno!!! hahahahahahahaha.... Just one miss... About the anniversary. Wow! That question weighs a lot for me like it's 10 points while the other questions were 1 point each! hahahaha...

Arashi no Shukudai-kun: How does Arashi smell?

Within the same episode with Matsuura Ayasan, they had this corner where she had to choose who, from Arashi has the best scent. *It gave me an idea how these guys smell. lol*


Sho: Ayasan is going to smell Arashi and Ogusan's nape to see whose scent suits her taste.
Jun: We... Wait a minute! Is this corner.... really appropriate?!

Announcer: With an eyemask on, Ayasan will smell Arashi, Ogusan, and a staff's nape. Afterwards, she'll be choosing the guy who she thinks has the best scent.

Sho: So for this corner, we've already lined everyone up. Ayachan, we'll start with the first guy here.
Aya: Where? Where? Where?
Sho: This person.
Aya: Ok ok ok.... Wow! Such an amazing smell!
Aiba: *butting in* What the?! What the hell is this?!
Jun: *butting in with Aiba* This is really... weird you know!
Aya: This person's scent is very gentle.
Nino: *butting in as response to Jun annd Aiba's complaints* It's okay guys!
Jun: *butting in again* really weird!
Nino: Gentle smell!
Aya: Probably a 5-year old's scent.
Sho: Gentle smell. So next.
Aya: Excuse me.
*Nino headbats Ayachan. They seem to share quite a good relationship there. If I'm not mistaken, I saw Ayachan and the whole Arashi in one of the Nama Arashi episodes where they ate the super spicy curry.*
Aya: Ouch! Wow! How should I say this? I think he's not wearing any perfume right now.
Sho: Yeah I think he's not.
Aya: He smells like a classy person. Yeah! That's it. A classy person's scent!
*loved Nino's reaction*
*Aya goes to the next one, a staff of AnS*
Aya: Excuse me. He smells like he's a person who works in a construction site!
Sho: You mean he smells like sweat?
Aya: It's not really the smell of sweat but it's more like the scent of a person after a long day's work.
Jun: Huuuuh?! So those two are different?
Aya: Yes, those two are different.
Aya: Excuse me. This one's near odorless.
*pffffffft... Aiba's odorless! hahahahahaa... at least he's odorless.*
Nino: Wow, so you're not that interested huh?!
Aya: I barely have any.
Nino: Uninteresting... Odorless...
Aya: Well, I sorta prefer someone who has a scent.
Nino: Next person.
*I loved the transition between Sho and Nino hosting. It was so smooth that I noticed after viewing the video for several times.*
*Next person is JUN*
Aya: Excuse me. Woah... It smells like he's wearing perfume. He smells like aroma candles. It's somewhat a girls' scent.
Nino: So you like it? Hate it? Which one?
Aya: I like it.
Nino: You want that scent?
Aya: Yeah, he smells like a woman, a mother.
*Next person, Sho*
Nino: Next person. Wait, your hands might slide down a bit.
*hahahahahah... Nino!*
Aya: What's this?! He smells like incense! A! He smells like a granny!
Nino: He has a calming scent huh?!
*Next is Ohno!*
Aya: O this one's hard to tell!
Nino: Why is that so?
Aya: Actually, it's not that I don't like it if I can't tell how someone smells but this person's scent is quite strong so, it's just that this person's scent isn't my type.
*poor Riida. Anyways, Nino got to sniff you before this segment. ^^,*
Nino: I see. It must be because of the age.

Sho: Since we're done here, which did you like best? Please tell us the numbers.
Aya: I like the "classy" scent
Sho: that's number 2 (Nino)
Aya: .... or the one who smelled like a mom, the one before that person who smelled like incense.
Sho: that's number 5 (Jun)
Aya: which of the two did I like better? Number 2!(Nino)
*Classy huh?! I wonder how classy smells.*
Sho: Just for everybody's information, which scent did you think was the worst.
Aya: Okay. Well, deep inside me, I didn't really like that odorless one.
*Smells Aiba once again*
Aya: Look! There's really nothing! No scent!
Sho: Boring?
Aya: Bo... yeah, he's quite boring.

Last words from Aiba...
*hahahah... Don't worry Aiba. I'd prefer someone odorless over someone who smells like sweat.. or incense. hahahhahahah...

There! I'm done. Notice that there's no blue text up there? Ohno really doesn't speak up that much.

Ashita no Kioku/ Crazy Moon

I got mine yesterday and man, I love this single! First, the album jacket is so pretty. I love the burnt paper edge effect. And second because the music video of "Ashtia no Kioku" is so wonderful! I really really love it.

Here's a snapshot from the beautiful video

In my humble opinion, I think this music video is their best music video so far. It's because the music video has its own story.

I'm happy I got this. ^^, I wasn't sure if I'd buy this or not at first but then I thought since it's Arashi, I didn't really think that much anymore. And I'm glad that I didn't hold back. Even though I spent extra money to have it shipped here, I don't mind at all! It's worth the wait and the money.

For those who haven't bought the album yet, I recommend you guys to go get yourselves a copy of this. It contains Arashi's 2 different sounds: "Ashita no Kioku" which is a little slow and somewhat similar to "Tabidachi no Asa", and "Crazy Moon" which is upbeat and is quite the same as their recently released single as OST for Yattaman "Believe".

A little translation of the chorus:

明日の 記憶 (Memories Of Tomorrow)

めぐりめぐる 季節の 途中で
何色の 明日を 描きます か?
強く強く 信じあえた なら
何色の 未来が 待っていますか?

megurimeguru kisetsu no tochuu de
nani iro no ashita wo egakimasu ka?
tsuyoku tsuyoku shinjiaeta nara
nani iro ni mirai ga matte imasu ka?

Amidst the seasons that come and go
What color shall we paint tomorrow?
If we just had a stronger faith
What will be the color of our fate?

Arashi no Shukudaikun with Matsuura Aya

Matsuura Aya - a singer, actress, and a model who's done some projects with Arashi. *When I looked her up in the net, I couldn't believe that she's just 22 years old. She looked a bit old with her short and permed hair when she guested in AnS. The first time I saw it, I thought she was a mature actress and I thought that she was one of Arashi's seniors in the business. I didn't know that she was younger than them.@.@*

So Matsuurasan has had the privilege of working with the guys.

Nino: I was the first one you worked with right?
Aya: The first year after my debut, we met each other when we filmed the movie "Ao no Honou (Blue flame)". It was there that we got introduced to each other.
Sho: Did you like have a name for him?
Aya: He was actually like a small old man that time.
Nino: Hey we don't need to bring that up!
Sho: What do you mean?!
Aya: Well, he doesn't do old men's jokes but he does that impersonation of Lou Oshibasan.
Sho and Jun: We haven't seen that one yet!
Nino: All I did was say "I'm Lou.". That's all.
Aya: Yeah, that's all though.
Sho: How was it at the set?
Aya: I'm really sorry about this but... It was really not fun.
Sho: (You've worked with) Jun too right?
Aya: Yes. Well, Jun, I've watched him many times in Hana Yori Dango. And everytime I see him, the person I see isn't Matsujun, but Domyouji! So I thought it was just because of his drama. But even when the camera's not rolling, like when we meet up for appointments, he still looks like Domyouji!
Sho: He's not Matsujun anymore?!
Aya: No he's not.
Matsujun: That's how you see me huh?

*I couldn't help but notice the sly grin that didn't, even for once, disappear from Jun's face. It's like he was enjoying having a pretty girl fangirl for him and right in front of him.*

Aya: There was one time when we saw each other at a certain music show's special right. When I found Nino, I walked up to him and talked to him right away. I asked "Matsujun isn't here?". Then he (Nino) said "Oh, our prince?". At that moment, I looked back and saw Matsujun arriving in a long coat with buttons from top to bottom. He was really wearing Domyouji's style! Then I thought to myself "Man, this guy is really perfect isn't he?".

Ogusan: How bout Riida?
Aya: He's an ON-OFF person. That's what I feel.
Sho: His description is different from Jun's right?
Aya: Yeah. Well, he looks like he's a spontaneous guy.
Jun: But I think he's always OFF.

Ogusan: How bout Aiba?
Aya: I'm really sorry for this but... I don't really find anything interesting about him.
Aiba: *I think he was pissed off. lol. His face was really serious.* Ayachan, well you see... It's okay to think that way... but... THERE'S NO NEED TO SAY IT ON TV RIGHT?!

I only got to finish til this part. The next installment will come as soon as I finish doing it.

Nino - From Mezamashi News

This was when Nino won an award at the "My Best Terebi" (not so sure) awards for individual category.

He was asked how it was like to shift between acting and singing.

Nino: When I'm with Arashi, we can talk about anyting! When I'm in a drama, I'm usually quiet coz there are a lot of heavy drama scenes. With that, I naturally shift from one person to another.

MC: Which do you like better? Arashi or acting?

Nino: Well, I like Arashi better. Arashi comes first you know (we know!^^,)

There's Nino's fanboy side again. This guy has his own pack of fans *eherm-- proud to be one of 'em* but he still doesn't fail to let the world know that he, like us, is also a fan of his own band. lol. But a big congratulations to the guy who didn't only prove himself as an idol, a face, a dancer, and a singer, but also proved himself as a real actor.

ニノさん の 世界中の FANS から、 本当に おめでとう ございます!やっぱり、 嵐の みなさんは 本当の ”ヤッタマン” だ ね。 

Sho - One of the best husbands-to-be

Here for the complete post Click

Who do I think, is the best husband-to-be among Arashi?

This is a question of who's most mentally capable of being that guy who decides for a whole group of people - his own family. So I think the more level headed a person is, the better husband he'd become. But I'm not saying that that's the only criteria one must consider.

Among Arashi... hmmm... If I had to rank according to my personal choice.

1 - Ninomiya Kazunari
Of course! I love the guy to pieces! But aside from that, I think Nino's the most level headed person in Arashi. And he has this aura that says "I'm in command". I like that. I want my future husband to be able to decide for his own, and for his family. I don't want someone who, when asked "What do you want?", will answer back with the same question like "What do you want?". And from watching a couple of HnA Child Minder episodes, I think Nino's gonna be the sweetest father.

2 - Sakurai Sho
Sho has that image you know. Like the most elligible bachelor appeal. He's a news caster, he appears to be the most intelligent guy Johnny has, he finished college, he's obviously the person you can boast to the whole world when he becomes your husband. That's the image he has. So it's quite obvious why Sho's gonna be chosen as the best husband-to-be.

3 - Matsumoto Jun
Obviously, the 3 most serious persons on top of the list. As I've said, I like my husband to be a person who shows he's in control. Jun seems to be this person. He has the capacity to lead. I think Nino and Jun both have this appeal. All the other members don't have this. And I would like a husband who seems to take life seriously but also knows how to have fun. The only thing, I think that I don't really appreciate about Jun is, he's not the type of person whom you can keep inside the house. A big advantage Nino has. Nino seems to be a person who can stay at home the whole day.

4 - Ohno Satoshi
Because he's older than Aiba. ^^, The last two both seem to lack the "leadership" skills. Although Ohno's Arashi's leader, he doesn't usually speak up and say "This is what I want, and I think this is what we should do.". Something that a husband should be able to say right? Maybe he has his own ways on how to make this known, but I don't see it so I'm placing him on 4th place. But I think the most important thing Ohno has is loyalty. I in that aspect he's going to be tied with Nino at first place. I'm borrowing Aiba's concept on this. Ohno can stick to a hobby for as long as he likes. And for that duration, he spends all the time he's got on that hobby. That's what we call dedication, which I can also say loyalty. One thing that I think a husband should have. Coz he'll need that dedication to be able to stick to his family and to his marriage.

5- Aiba Masaki
Aiba has this carefree image that makes it difficult for me to imagine how he'd be as a husband. He'd be an ideal boyfriend but somehow, it seems impossible for him to be a husband. ^^ lol.

Anyway, it's just me. What's written in here is just my opinion. Everyone's entitled to his or her own opinion right?

Himitsu no Arashichan -- Human Beatbox

嵐の ”Human Beatbox”って 言う episodeは 超 カッコいいわ! 考えた 人は 天才 だ と 思うね。 参加した 人たち を さがす 部分は 面白かった。 一人一人で あの 人たちの VTRを 取った。 で 私は ”Human Beatbox? どう やって?!”。 Finished product を 見て、 スゴイと 思う!

Something for those who are viewing my uploads

First, about the videos. The videos are not mine, nor am I claiming that they are. They were recorded and uploaded by the sources which I give credit to at the beginning and at the end of the clip or segment.

About my uploads:
1 - I'll try to translate and upload as often as I can. But, of course, there are also some things that I have to attend to like work - which takes up 10 or even longer hours of my daily life except for the days that I don't have work like some weekends and some holidays. Yeah, in short I'm a slave. lol. So uploading as often as I can may seem forever for everyone else.

2- I'm not a native English or Japanese speaker. But I have been studying English for like my whole life and I took up Nihongo classes under a Japanese instructor. My English or Nihongo may not be perfect as of now, but at least I try to give the best possible tranlation I can. Of course I need to exert extra effort just to give correct translations.

To the viewers:
Thank you so much for leaving comments and appreaciating the videos I upload. Doing this thing is tough as it makes my nose bleed (lol) but I just love doing it for everyone. After all, I also started out as a fan who relied on translations. Please keep on watching the videos and let's all spread the Arashi passion! ^_^

Something for those who are viewing my uploads

Notice to everyone:
I'm sorry that I had to delete all the videos. As I've said many times, the videos aren't mine. I only do translations and subs. Really sorry for the inconvenience because I shouldn't have uploaded them in the first place. Rules are rules. Rules are to be respected and followed. My bad.

This could mean a youtube activity hiatus... or not. But to everyone who's been leaving comments and who subscribed... Thank you soooo much!

For those who are interested, I'm planning to put up my translations at "Quoting Arashi" once I have the time.

Again, I'm really sorry for this.

Nino and Masami - Reality Bites... really

I still can't get over the thing I read about Nino openly admitting to a relationship with his "Yasashii Jikan" leading lady Masami Nagasawa.

I know I'm being totally irrational by saying this or even posting something about this but it bites. What I read, like, left a bite mark on me. It's been a while since I heard about this news. But I still can't get over it. And Nino's a normal guy, who like us, has the capacity to love and has the right to be loved right? But all this time, I was left with the impression that these guys were single.

Why should I be affected?! Shouldn't I be happy because Nino is happy?

Well, I think more than that fact (if Nino's really dating Masami) I think the main issue is that I don't think they should keep such things from the public. I don't know who's at fault here. Is it Johnny who made the rule that these guys aren't allowed to date anybody unless they are 30? Or is this even a fault? When a celebrity says he wants to keep his private life away from the public, how much does he have to keep from the public? What is the scope of his private life? Or when he embraced his celebrity status, wasn't he stripped off his right to a private life? I mean celebrities can't help it. People will probe into their lives. And as much as they'd want a private life, they just can't have that. That's the sad truth right?

Here's my take:

If Nino's really dating Masami:
Just what I said, Nino is a normal guy. He has the right to love and be loved. He's 25 years old and a normal 25-year old guy should already be thinking of settling down, having his own family, and planning the future he has ahead of him.
I have nothing against the two dating. Coz who am I to oppose?! I'm just a fan. I'm not Johnny, I'm not his parents, I'm not even his friend or family. I didn't even know him until last year. And he doesn't even know that a person like me exists. lol. So I don't really have the right to oppose right?
It's just that I was really shocked to hear the news. First because, I know that Johnny doesn't agree to his talents dating girls. Or maybe he allows them to see girls but he advises them not to admit it to the public. Sure, Nino admitting to the relationship was the greatest shock of my life. And second because there's no sign or whatever that any of the 5 members of Arashi is dating someone. Like they do have some situtational questions in their shows right? I haven't even once heard of him mentioning anything about seeing someone. Or atleast he should've given us a clue right?
It makes me think.... Who else in Arashi is dating someone? Hmmmm....

If Nino's not really dating Masami
If it was just a rumor, maybe I should say "Yokatta".
I know that they do have their own lives and they are entitled to having their own realitonships or whatever.
They have the right to be happy.
But it's still better to flail and squeal for single guys.
I'm being selfish, I know... But eventually I'd be able to say "I'm happy that he is happy with her". lol.