Arashi and their girlfriends

I'm really curious about the current status of these guys. I mean regarding whether they are in a relationship with someone or not.

Actually, I read something about Nino crying while singing "Yume". Since Johnny's artists are pretty mysterious like there are some stuff that they can't tell the public, a lot of speculations arose from that crying while singin thing he did. Some said it was because of his parents who got separated while he was still young, which made him cry in one of the earlier appearances of Arashi; and some said it was because of his girlfriend. Whooo... It's so frustrating not to know.

And I read something about him dating Nagasawa Masami. I dunno. I know I'm being selfish as a fan... but I'd really prefer him being single... Than wish for him and his current girlfriend (if he has one) to break up right?

June 14, 2009 - Marks the first year of this blog

My... time passes by so fast. Next month will be the first year of this blog.

I started this blog with one goal in mind - to give back to the fandom.

The fandom has done a lot of things for me. It introduced me to people with whom I can freely share my views and opinions about the group I adore most. People who understand my flailing and squealing because they too flail and squeal. The fandom has inspired me to think of how I can give back to the 'community' that has accepted me and fed my addiction.

I am, still, really amazed at how people gather together to show their support for a group of idols who, good or bad, are accepted and embraced without hesitations. Maybe more than Arashi, I love this fandom the most. Because within the fandom, people go out of their way just to help others feed their addiction.

That's why I'm really doin' my best to at least even in baby steps, give back to the fandom.

Thanks to all our sources. Clubbox Gachapin deserves a special mention.
Thanks to the guys in the fandom. ^^,

Why Matsujun should be Arashi's Leader

This is from Riida's interview with Tetsuko Kuroyanagisan in Tetsuko no Heya aired February 13, 2009.

Tetsukosan mentioned that she and Jun actually saw each other before Ohno guested in the show. She said that when it was time to say goodbye (they saw each other somewhere), Jun approached her and said "Ohno's going to your show, please take care of him.". And she was like "this group's bond is really amazing! Imagine they know those details about their groupmates' personal schedules."

Apparently, Jun was the only one who knew. lol. (Or maybe the rest of Arashi know about each other's schedules... and it was Ohno who didn't!)

Anyways... Ohno said
"I think I'm not fit to be Arashi's leader. Maybe Jun should have been... I don't have any idea about their schedules!"

How Arashi normally call each other

This is from Riida's interview with Tetsuko Kuroyanagisan in Tetsuko no Heya aired February 13, 2009.

Tetsukosan appeared twice in Ohno's "Uta no Oniisan" as, I think Tetsukosan herself where Kenta Yano's dad bumped into her along the hallways of the Tv station where he was working at. And at the end, she appeared again along the hallways of the same tv station bumping into Kenta Yano, I guess.

How do Arashi normally call each other?

Sho - "Shokun"
Jun - "Matsujun"
Nino - "Nino"
Aiba - "Aibachan"

and how do they call him?
Ohno - "Riida", "Captain", "Ochan"

* some trivia: Ohno is called "Satoshi" by his family, and the name means "wisdom, intellect, reason". Hmmm... I'd bet the rest of Arashi will die of laughter before they even say the whole "Satoshi" word to refer to their captain. ^^,

* when they were in Taipei, he (and the others, I suppose) sorta somehow got themselves a new hobby of calling Aibachan just "AIBA!", yeah in capital letters. lol. Coz from what I understood, they didn't actually just call Aiba by his name, but they yelled at him. lol. "AIBA! AIBA!". Awww... poor Aiba. ^^,
During that time too, the other members used "Ochan" to refer to him. ^^,

元気が ない

なんか。。。 今日 は 元気が ない 日 に なちゃったんだ。。。
本当に つまらない 日 に なった だ よ。

朝から 嵐の ビデオを 見てる の に 元気に ならない わ よ。 どうして? うわああああ。。。 会社に 行かない。 でも 行かなきゃ 行かない。 ダメ! ダメ! ダメ! 私は なにも したくない わ。 もう。。。 やめたい!

いつも、 いつも 同じ パターン だ な あたし の 人生 は。 別な こと が したい です。 でも なにが やりたい か、 わかんない。何が いい か な? 毎日 会社に 行って、 一日 仕事を して、 帰ります。 つまらない じゃない の?

Arashi's Songs - Why are they so addictive?

I don't really have a preference as to what kind of music I listen to. I listen to all types but then I end up liking a certain genre of songs. And since I was in high school, my ears sorta preferred slow rock and alternative music. There was some repulsion when it came to happy and upbeat songs. I don't know why, I don't have any idea why I didn't really like those kinds of songs.

But when I got to know Arashi, my song preference seemed to turn 180 degrees. Not that drastically though. And whenever I listen to their songs for the first time, like Ohno's "Kumori, Nochi Kaisei" and Arashi's "Believe", I say "O I don't really like this song very much...". But my ears grow fond of them and I end up loving them and being addicted to them. Weird.

I really don't know why Arashi's songs are so addictive!

Arashi no Jikken and Shukudaikun Special

A change of set and guests carried out in a golden box with a red ribbon tied around it marked Arashi no Shukudaikun's leveling up to gold. Quoting Matsujun, this is so far their most courteous way of carrying in their guests.

The episode also showcased a mini Odoroki Special lead by Aiba sensei with the continuation of his "Boat Challenge (Lego inspired)" and a lot more.

They had two sets of guests for the night.

The first batch were Tachi Hiroshi, Kanda Masaki, and Tokushige Satoshi who are some of Japan's reputable actors when it comes to police roles.

For the second half, they had Yonekura Ryouko whose drama "Seikei Bijin" (Artificial Beauty) was shown here in the Philippines last year.

Episode Details

Here's a compilation of the episode details for the videos I have uploaded to youtube.


In Love with Ninomiya Kazunari

ニノが 本当に 好きに なった と 思う。 彼の こと、 いつも 考えてるよ。 ニノの 顔が、 私の 頭の なか で よく 見える。

ゆべ、 ひみつ の 嵐ちゃん の 「Child Minder」 って 言う episode が 見たんです。 で ニノは いい お父さん に なる と 思う。 それ で、 いい お父さんと いい おっとと どちら が いい と 思う? いい お父さんの ほうが いい と 思うん だけど。 ニノは そんな イメッジ が ある ね。 だから ニノが もっと 好きに なった。

でも ニノが テレビ しか 見えない ね? 彼に 会う の が ちょっと 無理 だ と 思う。 彼の こと が ぜんぜん 知らない の に 彼が 好き。 ニノが 親切か どう か 分かんない でも 悪くても 大丈夫だよ。 ニノの こと なら 全部 抱き締めたい から。

しかし。。。 彼に 会うの が 無理で も いつも 彼が support を する つもり です。 彼が 幸せ だったら、 私も 幸せに なる。 ニノが 好き だから ね。

Door to Door

"Door to Door" is a drama special with Arashi's very own Ninomiya Kazunari who, once again, showed the world how great an actor he is.

The drama is based on a real-life inspirational story about a guy who, despite of being differently abled, found himself succeeding in a thing that people might have thought he can't even do.

In the drama, Kurazawa Hideo (Nino's character) mentioned 2 phrases that's enough to tell what the drama is all about.

One thing that his father often said was:
" やりたいことと できることは 別だ”
" yaritai koto to dekiru koto ha betsu da"
" The things that you want to do and the things you can do are two different things."

But in the end, he said that his father was wrong and said:
" やりたいことと できることは かならずしも 別じゃない”
" yaritaikototo dekirukotoha kanarazushimo betsujanai"
" The things you want to do and the things you can do aren't necessarily two different things."

I think that the story itself was worth my time. Nino in it is a cherry topping on an already delicious cake. ^^,

The director's cut on DVD will be released August 5, 2009. I think it's worth buying. Check out Door to Door at cdjapan.