June 14, 2009 - Marks the first year of this blog

My... time passes by so fast. Next month will be the first year of this blog.

I started this blog with one goal in mind - to give back to the fandom.

The fandom has done a lot of things for me. It introduced me to people with whom I can freely share my views and opinions about the group I adore most. People who understand my flailing and squealing because they too flail and squeal. The fandom has inspired me to think of how I can give back to the 'community' that has accepted me and fed my addiction.

I am, still, really amazed at how people gather together to show their support for a group of idols who, good or bad, are accepted and embraced without hesitations. Maybe more than Arashi, I love this fandom the most. Because within the fandom, people go out of their way just to help others feed their addiction.

That's why I'm really doin' my best to at least even in baby steps, give back to the fandom.

Thanks to all our sources. Clubbox Gachapin deserves a special mention.
Thanks to the guys in the fandom. ^^,

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