2009's Best Drama Couple Ranking

Here's a yearend ranking from Goo Ranking with the best drama couples of 2009.

1. Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS) * Keiko Kitagawa -- Buzzer Beater
2. Mizushima Hiro * Eikura Nana -- Mei-chan no Shitsuji
3. Hiroshi Tamaki * Nose Karina -- Love Shuffle
4. Matsumoto Jun * Aragaki Yui -- Smile
5. Kimura Takuya * Ayase Haruka -- Mr. Brain

Just took the top 5, the rest could be found here (names are still in Kanji though).


誕生日 おめでとう!!!
to Arashi's funniest guy...
to him who thinks like a 10-year old kid....
to him who has the best smile among Arashi...
to Arashi's best-dresser...
to him who's been hailed as "Dame Arashi" the most number of times...
to him who's been dunked in that pool of freezing cold ice water the most number of times...
to him who I think is the most athletic of the bunch...
to Masamune-kun...

Happy birthday!!!

VS Arashi Up Next

うわぁ~! ヤバイ な これ は! めっちゃ ヤバイ よ!
今度 の 嵐 プラス 1 は 誰?

GACKT様 に なりました!!!
ちょう うれしい!
嵐 は GACKT様 と 一緒 に・・・

そう 言う こと が あったん です けど・・・
前 は GACKT様 (と 誰 だっけ? 忘れちゃって、 ごめん!)
VS 嵐 だった ね?
今 は GACKT と 嵐 に なりました・・・

本当 に すごい!!!

I'm really looking forward to the next VS Arashi!
Coz Arashi's plus 1 member would be no other than Gackt!!!
They've done VS Arashi alraedy before but that time it was
Gackt versus Arashi.
Now it's Gackt plus Arashi versus I think those were comediennes I saw.
I think it's gonna be good!!! ^_^

遅い です けど。。。

誕生日 おめでとう!!!
29歳 で よかった じゃない? (間違って しまいまして、ごめん! 大野さん そして ファン の 皆さん! ごめん! 前 の ポスト は ”30歳” と 書いて ありました けど 本当 は 29歳 です。 ごめん!)

29歳 でも まだ 動ける。。。

あたし は もう 26歳 です ね。。。
3年後、 あたし も 29歳 に なります。。。

結婚 できる か な?!
今 は そんな こと が 考えてない。。。
家族 と くらす こと は まだ 楽しい です から。。。

ところ で。。。
大野さん は どんな こと を 願ってます か な?
恋人 か? 自分 の 家族 か? お金 か な?
時間 か な?
あたし は ね、 ファン と して。。。
大野さん の ため の 願い は。。。
大野さん に 守って 上げる 人 が 多く なります。。。
恋人 とか。。。
友達 とか。。。
家族 とか。。。
ファン とか。。。
多く なった ほう が いい と 思う ね。。。
それ で、 大野さん が 嬉しく なってほしい なぁ~!

Waratte Koraete - Ohno

It's the first time I watched the show so I don' know if the format is usually like this. They invite a special guest who will be hidden behind a divider. Only the audience can see that person. The other 3 guests behind the divider will have to guess who that person is based on the clues given by random people.

Last October, they invited Ohno to be that secret guest.

**Joji Tokoro - Host**
**Natsume Miku - Host**
**Katoucha - Guest**
**Yoshizawa Hitomi - Guest**
**Kanning Takeyama- Guest**

Some translated parts:
JOJI: Let's all welcome tonight's special guest!
*audience: kyaaaaaaaah!
Hitomi: Huh?!
Joji: Give him a chair.
Joji: I guess that's how popular he is.
Takeyama: Yeah.
Joji: Okay. So let's move on. Attack!
Joji: "What do you think of this guy?"
Joji: "What do you think of this guy?"
Joji: Hold back your laughter! Here's our first VTR
Lady 1: I love him! I so love him! He looks like a health buff though. I imagine him saying "this is actually good for constipation" while he mixes prunes and yoghurt together then eats it.
Hitomi: A health buff I know is... he's a little small but... is it Tsunku san?
Takeyama: Is Tsunkusan a health buff?
Hitomi: He's really a health buff!
Takeyama: Really?
Joji: There's still another hint okay. Hold back your laughter!
Lady 2: *laughs* What's there to say?
Lady 3: "Carbonara"
Lady 3: Well, doesn't he look "creamy" (*I totally agree!*)
Katoucha: What a clue!
Takeyama: One of my juniors eat nothing else but carbonara!
Joji: Oh! Take a stab at it!
Takeyama: Toori Miyuki!
Joji: Wrong. Wrong one.
Takeyama: She eats nothing but carbonara!
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Lady 4: Ah! He shops with his mom! At the department store! (*Scuse me... he's ordering by mail now. lol)
Lady 4: It's a department store so it looks like he's definitely spotted a shop that he likes.
Hitomi: Kojima Yoshiosan?
Hitomi: Wrong one huh?
Takeyama: He's not like that!
Joji: Since he's been mentioned, this guy doesn't do this. (Waves frantically in the air)
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Lady 5: He looks someone who belonged to the farming committee when he was young. Like during summer vacation. He looks like he used to take care of rabbits and turtles.
Guy 1: He also looks like he'll curse the whole world if his turtle dies.
Hitomi: Ishihara Yoshizumi?
Joji: He looks that type right? He looks like he can curse the world.
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Lady 6: Ah, he looks like a guy who goes to the onsen (hot spring)
Lady 7: He looks like someone who goes to Atami.
Takeyama: Atou Kai-san?
Joji: Hold your back your laughter!
Lady 6: He seems like he doesn't go with anyone and that he does it by himself.
Lady 7: He seems to enjoy spending time alone.
(*Ohno gives a nod*)
Joji: Katou-san?
Katoucha: He loves spending time alone? Shimuraken?!
Joji: Wrong.
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Lady 8: His eyes are pretty. He's got some kind of a devilish look. (*Of course! He's MAOU isn't he?)
Takeyama: Hino Shouhei-san?!
Takeyama: No doubt devilish!
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Announcer: This is our special guest's special hint.
Announcer: May it be in his house or in a hotel room, he doesn't sleep on the bed. He sleeps on the couch. He likes sleeping in quite difficult positions.
Takeyama: Matsuoka Shuusou-san?
Joji: Hold back your laughter.
Lady 9: Dark!
Lady 10: He's dark isn't he?
Lady 10: Especially lately. He's so dark.
Takeyama: Monomonta-san?
Joji: I see... Hold back your laughter!
Lady 11: He's cool.
Lady 12: He's handsome!
Lady 11: I want him to be my boyfriend.
Lady 11: Wouldn't that be great?!
Lady 12: Yes!
Lady 11: Once is good.
Lady 11: I'm gonna suck the energy out of him. (*This is an obaa-san speaking. lol)
Katou: Oguri Shun!
Joji: I see... Wrong!
Joji: Hold back your laughter.
Guy 2: Well, I heard he loves fishing. I was really surprised coz he looked like someone who wasn't interested in anything(*Scuse me again. lol. He drew even before he fished.*)
Lady 13: There are a lot of points leading to that conclusion.
Guy 2: In his group, I think he's the best singer and dancer.
Hitomi: I got it!!! Ohno-san!!! (*Wow!!! The last clue was definitely a give away. I wouldn't have guessed it through the first clues either.)
Joji: You got it!

The divider goes behind the wall and joins the other guests.

Joji: How was it?
Ohno: Well... I often get those... those impressions.
Joji: Someone said that you looked like someone who'll snap off and curse the worl if your turtle died?
Ohno: But I was really in the farming committee.

~~ Whew!!! I loved this!!!

If I were to give a clue... I would've given some really fine details like
1. his birthday is tomorrow... Nov 26... Happy birthday Ohno!!!
2. He's 28 right now so he'll be 29 tomorrow. (I made a little blooper here, original post contained Ohno was 29 turning 30. Ooooopsie. Sorry. ^_^ Thanks to Amy who corrected me.)
3. he's good at painting. in fact he once held an exhibit which featured his crafts and it was named "Freestyle"
4. he was first given the lead role in Maou...
all Ohno fan-girls definitely have more. ^_^

List of Subbed Clips

My only rule or request: Just don't upload these to any streaming site.

Few warnings/reminders before you start downloading:
1. I only sub clips - not full shows - and they are unfortunately low quality.
2. I sub whatever I find interesting.
3. They are sprinkled here and there with my comments.
4. I added some effects to the videos.
5. I'll only be doing this on my free time so I may sometimes leave this un-updated for several days or weeks.
6. I bet there are teams subbing the full shows but then again, consider my subbed clips as an option. ^_^
7. The videos are in Ipod-MP4 format.
8. Again, if you want the MQ/HQ raw and full versions, you can find them at the Last_of_days LJ community. These videos were originally uploaded by the amazing people from that community. Other sources will also be noted.

0001 - Clip from: Arashi ni Shiyagare 2010-10-23 ~~ Aiba runs around the Imperial Palace

My Collection

Not much I know coz I just started buying their stuff last quarter of last year. But these are some of my treasured possessions.

I'm so happy!

I just received my copy of Arashi's latest single. (Yeah, a bit late coz I'm a thousand miles from Japan).

I enjoyed the PV. I also loved the behind-the-scenes footages. Arashi's so funny! I think they had a hard time containing their laughter! I did! I was smiling all the time.

Parts that I loved... When Jun called Aiba and they talked over the phone. They went like:
Jun: What's up?
Aiba: I'm filming a promotional vid.
Jun: Me too!
(They were sitting next to each other! And they were both filming "My Girl's" PV!lol these two!)

Ohno was also there, spaced out... Staring back at his cellphone. Jun dialled his number and Ohno went like "Oh!" (There's a phonecall for me) but he wasn't able to answer it. Then his phone rang again. When he saw that it was Jun he stood up and playfully hit Jun.

It's funny! And I love it!

[Screencaps] VS Arashi -- Arashi vs Pro Yakyuu OB team

I love this episode because Arashi's +1 member is my number 1 favorite "New Half" -- Haruna Ai!

And this episode's full of Sho's "epic fail" moments, which makes him more adorable!



In the latest VS Arashi episodes that I've watched, I noticed that Sho was either in the control or sidelines during the show's "Cliff Climb" segment. Well, we all know how Sho loves high places! Close to negative infinity! lol.

But in this episode, Sho is paired up with Ohno (Ojii team strikes again!).

The talk before the climb:
Announcer: The pro baseball players showed us a different kind of strength, giving them a big lead of 135 points.
Ohno: We're dead.
Sho: Ohno and I will work together to reach the top and get the 50-point bonus to turn the table around.
Ohno: Mmm...
Harunai: Will it turn out okay?
Nino: It's going to be fine!
Jun: I get your point guys but... Sho , you suck at this, right?
Sho: Well... I've been thinking about this lately but it's like... I don't actually suck at cliff climbing... it's just that... I hate heights! I hate it so much that I can't even motivate myself to go all the way up there!
Nino: Sho, you're going last right?
Sho: I've devised a plan... This person here (referring to Riida) is going for those at the top. So I'll be going sideways instead of upwards.
Jun: If you go all the way up, you'll get the 50-point button right?
Sho: Yes, yes, yes. That's right! This person's going to the top. I'll be taking these 5-point buttons then he'll be in charge of the rest.
Pro Baseball team: I see.
Nino: What the hell is that?
Jun: I get what he's saying. But the question is "Can you guys actually do it"?!
Ohno: We'll work harder! (Serious face, stares at Sho, who stares back with the same serious face)
Jun: Look here (pointing at the right side)... You have up to the pink bar. You just need one more bar to be able to reach the top.
Nino: That's right! It looks possible.
Aiba: Yeah! Riida will go for a hundred seconds and for the remaining 20 seconds, Sho'll go all the way up there (pointing to the right)
(Sho nods and gives a thumbs up)

Announcer: So will Arashi team be able to turn the table around with the opponent leading by 135 points? By the way, you guys can't see this from below but at the top most part of this wall, there are 3 50-point buttons waiting for you. The button that's been pressed by the first climber can not be pressed again by the second climber. That's why if the 2nd climber takes the same route as the first, he'll have to make some adjustments at the end.

Ohno: Oh, I see.
Sho: Are you serious?!
Nino: You'll be fine Sho-chan! The route you just discussed with us is fine!
Jun: Riida's going for the center buttons and you, Sho, are going for the buttons on the right side.
Ohno: I'm going to be in charge of the center right?
Sho: If I get confused with which button to choose, which one will I press? The left or the right?
Ohno: Please just go for the right (migi, button on the right) button!
(Sho's really so adorable here! ^_^)

Announcer: Well then, let's play! Your 120 seconds... starts... now!

Jun: Riida secure that 50-point button please!

Announcer: Arashi team's Ohno-kun is now on the run
2 5-point buttons pressed
4 5-point buttons

Jun: Bar! Bar! Bar!

Announcer: What'll he do? Without any grip he goes on.
10-point button pressed.
What's next? What's next?

Sho: Go!

Announcer: A minute and 20 seconds left.
There's still time!
He takes the 5-point button.
They already have 45 points!
Here's the grip!
Oh he misses the grip from Haruna-san!
Here's another!
Another miss!
1 minute left!
1 minute left!
How about this grip?
He misses it again!

Pro Baseball: This is bad!

Announcer: What'll he do?
There are no grips left.
How about this?
Oh he misses it again!
He drops the grip!
Here's another one.
He catches it!

Nino: Riida, we don't have any grips left!

Announcer: They need one more grip for Sho's plan.
What'll Riida do?
He's on the difficult part of the wall.
(Ohno's shoe almost falls!)

Ohno moves up!

Haruna Ai: Cool!

Announcer: 20 seconds!
What'll he do?

(Riida looks at Nino and Haruna for the last grip. Nino looks at Sho who looks back with a worried face. Nino laughs. Sho's really adorable here!)

Announcer: The last grip!
Riida's going for the 50-point button!
He got it!
Time's up!

Nino: Ah! How bad!

Game over!
(This is the first time I've seen Aiba laugh this way! Sho seems to be in shock!)

Sho's shocked state:

Ohno got 105 points all by himself!

Nino: Riida, it's okay for you to come down! (Scripted game? ^_^ Anyhow, it's cute!)

Announcer: He wasn't able to get all the grips but Riida did a nice job on his own!

Aiba: That was great!
Nino: You did your best!
Jun: Well this is okay. Since you weren't able to get the grips.
Aiba: You did your best!

Annoncer: Riida got 105 points all by himself!

Nino: Even though we sucked at throwing you the grips, you still did your best.

(Here's the cutest part)
Sho: Nino! Nino! (Motioning for Nino to throw him a grip. He looked like he just had a nervous breakdown!)Caption: Nino!
Sho: Nino! (Starts climbing and everyone says "Eeeeee~!)

Nino: Sho-chan, I'm sorry but...
Sho: Aaaaa~! (When he sees the grip Ohno dropped more than a minute ago acting as if he was the one who dropped it! lol, this guy!)Caption: Aaaaa!!

One more grip!
Nino: Sorry... I'm sorry... It's over...
Sho: It's not yet ove~r!
Haruna Ai: It's over.
Sho: It's not yet over!

Caption: It's over

Caption: (Mada owattenai yo!) It's not yet over!

LOL! Sho-chan! You made my tummy hurt from laughing! (^x^)


いま まで、 大好き なんです!

最近 に あったん です けど。。。

夢 の 中 に、 嵐 が ずっと 入ってたん だ よ。。。

まず は 相葉さん でした ね。。。

で 昨夜、 嵐 の みなさん が いた。。。

起きてる か 寝てる か、 嵐 が ずっと あたし の 頭 の 中 に 入ってます。

ところ で。。。

私 が 買った ”5x10 Arashi! All the Best!Clips" って いう アルバム が とどきました!

本当 に うれしい です よ!

やっぱ。。。 今 まで 嵐 が すごい 好き。。。

明日 も 嵐 が 好き。。。

明後日 も 嵐 が 好き。。。

来月 も。。。

来年 も。。。

再来年 も。。。


Arashi All the Best 5x10 Clips (Review and some translation)

First, I was having problems with playing the DVD. It said something like "copyright protection"... I know I have an original copy. I bought it through CDJapan. Windows Media player doesn't want to play it. The versatile VLCplayer doesn't want to play it. Only POWERDVD played it. Whatever, I just wanted to play it.

I translated some parts and commented on some parts, which I decided to post here.

I don't keep a collection of their PVs. I have watched these videos before already but I don't keep a copy. I'm glad that I bought the clips collection coz at least now, I have a collection.

I'll start with Disc 2.
Kitto Daijoubu
- Ohno talks about the PV and how they managed to shoot a scene where Nino took off his hat/cap then threw it to Ohno then Ohno threw it back to Nino who managed to catch the cap with his head.
- This PV was so "flashy" or in Japanese "hade".

Aozora Pedaru
- Ohno talks about the moment he and Aiba almost accidentally kissed on the lips - the part where they both jumped onto the platform (I don't know what it's called but it's that platform they use to jump over during Physical ed class)(^_^)
- It feels warm inside, hearing this song coz I think this was the very first Arashi song I fell in love with. And in the PV, Sho's quite a heartbreaker huh. (^_^)

Love So Sweet
- This song is my alarm tone. I wake up everyday to this song. When I heard the intro, my heart jumped. (^w^) All I can say is that this video is so pretty. I like the colors, the way it was shot, the concept. I love everything. If I had to give it an award, I'll go with "Classiest PV". Jun talks about how meaningful the song is and how different it was coz there were other people who appeared in the PV.

We Can Make It
- Aiba talks about this PV... Well, I think this is an ordinary one. I didn't like it so much. Even when I watched it before, white background, lines and planes of colors... It wasn't that interesting. But I noticed how good Riida danced compared to everyone. Especially the last part. I didn't know that someone could do those steps in a manly manner -- which Riida perfectly executed. Man! That guy's amazing! He's really talented!

- I love how Ohno recalls the best details of their PV shootings. Like I think if I heard correctly, he was trying to recall the circumstances while they were doing the PV of "Happiness". Before he introduced the song, he put on the headphone and sang to "Kumori Nochi Kaisei" and says (funnily) "This ain't the song! This is my song!" (^_^)
I've said this many times already before but I'm gonna say it again -- my all time favorite Arashi PV would be "Happiness". I love it! The colors are so bright, the house where they shot the PV was amazing. The sunlight was wonderful. And it's baka baka Arashi. Like they weren't shooting a PV, they were just playing, goofing around! There were a lot of Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Aini, ShoxOhno... I really love it!

Step and Go
- There was a Juntoshi at the end of the talk! <3> "Kimi ha boku no subete sa" - You're my everything
> "Kimi ga ireba nanimo iranai" - I don't need anything else as long as you're with me.

- Ohno: "During this time I was really dark. It was when I started fishing. And everything looked so bright compared to me. I was really surprised that there was an orchestra. Then when the song started, it was like "jajan-jajan" and those in the orchestra did this (demonstrating a violinist dragging the bow downards), it was really cool! I was the only who didn't see it from the start. But when I finally watched it, I was really surprised. And in that orchestra, all the women had their legs like this (together, knees to the side) and only one person whose legs are spread this way (spreading his legs to demonstrate). I asked myself "Why is that person the only one with legs spread?" I was thinking about that all the time. We took the dancing scene several times. Aiba and Sho weren't in sync. So we had to stop a lot of times. The next day I still had to shoot for Maou. So I begged them! I was like "I'm begging you!" We had a lot of mistakes but when we finally got it I think it was the best scene (in that PV). During the filming of Maou, I was really thin and (he said something about his hair).
Maou was the first drama I had that I was the lead actor. 2008 was really hectic you know. People are still listening to it and a lot of people say that it's pretty cool. It's a success after all, wasn't it?"
- This song was released during the height of my fanaticism. Yeah! Late bloomer here. lol. So it sorta brings back a lot of memories. I'd tag this as their "Coolest PV". Coz the song is cool, the orchestra was cool, the drama was cool... But I didn't see that person with her/his legs spread wide. I was looking for it. lol

Kaze no Mukou He
- Aiba: "Right... I remember this song very well. I remember that day vividly. Everyone was really excited when we arrived at the set. Then we shot the PV. How long was it? (I thought you could remember it pretty well? ^_^) 3 to 4 hours? About 3 to 4 hours. After we took the PV, we still had another song - "Truth" (That explains why Aiba and Sho weren't in sync! Maybe they're tired.) I was already sweating bullets coz after "Kaze", we had "Truth"... I was thinking "Am I this bad at dancing?!". It was the first time I made that much mistakes. Really! If I saw a hole, I would've stuffed my head in there! (That bad Aiba? Aww...) Eeee... What am I talking about?! I'm supposed to talk about "Kaze no Mukou He" right?! Why am I talking about "Truth"?! I'm not introducing "Truth" right?! I'm really very sorry. But I want you to watch this with max excitement because we did it with max excitement!"
- This is another one of the songs falling under the "I'm not so fond of it" list. ^..^ I don't know why but it ain't really my type of music. Or maybe, it's under the "sometimes I love it, sometimes I don't" list.

Beautiful Days
- (With the first few words, you'll be able to get what PV Nino's talking about.)
- Nino: Well... there were a lot... of stuff like stars and lines coming out... They told us to give life to these shapes. So everyone did it... Everyone did it... (Some stuff missing... I didn't understand what he was saying.) This is quite a good package. "Beautiful Days... Wasurerarenai... Boku ga boku de aru tame ni..." (He hesitates.. Did he really forget?! He looks at whatever it was then says) "A! It's "Boku ga Boku no Subete". I really forgot! (Takes the CD) Let me say it one more time, correctly. "Beautiful Days, Boku ga Boku no Subete, Wasurerarenai"... "Boku ga Boku no Subete?" "Boku ga Boku no Subete"? Which one? "Boku ga..." "Boku ga Boku no Subete"? "Boku ga Boku no Subete"...." (Lol funny Nino!")
- I love this song. It brings back all the good memories of my fangirlism (I just saw "Ashita no Kioku" on Channel V!! Watching them on tv makes me happy! Really! Imagine how hyper I'd be if we had TBS, NTV, FujiTV, TVAsahi on our local cable!) Anyway, back to "Beautiful Days"... This brings back good memories. Arashi's songs are like time-stamped, memory loaded entries. They bring back memories of the days they were released. Even thoughts of non-Arashi related things come rushing in.
- Sho: Well, "Believe" you know is this year's first best-seller. (for Arashi, and this is the first Arashi album I bought!) It's already 2009?! We're already in year 2009. This was used as the soundtrack of the movie I did called "Yattaman". And the place where we shot this is the same place where we shot the scenes from the movie. About my impression on the PV... Well I guess it's a cool PV. So, please watch "Yatta..." o sorry, wrong one... "Believe".

Ashita no Kioku
- Sho: (While thinking deeply, sees the camera) You again?! Well then, let me introduce myself again. I'm Sakurai Sho. Hmmm... About "Ashita no Kioku" huh? This was also taken in the same studio where we shot "Believe". We all sang while we were seated. While doing the PV, we took pictures of ourselves. We placed those pictures on the wall. And those memories that we stuck on the wall became a flower in the end. Like a flower, treasured memories are capable of blossoming. I don't know if this was shown in the PV but while all 5 of us were sticking the pictures on the wall, the moment we get past the camera frame we kept on doing foolish things. The song strongly reminds me of "The Quiz Show". (It was the theme of Sho's drama) - This is yet another song that I love. I love the melody and the meaning of the song. And I love subdued Arashi. I love how Arashi transforms from a pack of foolish kids to subdued and grown up artists.

Crazy Moon/ Kimi ha Muteki
- This had a long intro... Because they practically showed the making of the PV.
- Details of the intro:
> Nino and Aiba were wearing masks. It seems that they both had colds. But Aiba was worse
> Ohno made a mistake which makes him and Sho laugh at the end of that take.
> Nino was singing "Kumori Nochi Kaisei" while Ohno was busy memorizing the dance for "Crazy Moon"... Nino's such a nughty kid!
> Aiba says to the cameraman "I'll do it in one shot". But ends up not hearing his cue to start singing because he gets carried away so he misses the cue and asks for another take.
> Ohno used to (mukashi, back in the old days) go to night clubs in Shibuya. If I heard it right, they had like time brackets? Or names for the days. "Monday/Sunday, Friday Far Away (lolz)". It's funny.^_^

After the song "Crazy no Muteki", they appeared once again, doing a "Not so secret talk XP". Then these stuff came up:
What's your favorite PV?
Aiba - Happiness (sou ne? atashi mo sou omou yo)
Riida - Hadashi no Mirai (because the filming finished early)
Jun - Naiso no Kokoroiki
Nino - Believe
Sho - ... i don't know what he said.

Speaking of PVs they liked, the conversation went to the PV they wanted. Of course everyone liked going out to shoot PVs (roke- location):
Nino: Where do you want to have it (PV filming)
Aiba: Abroad.
Nino: Abroad?
Aiba: Abroad.
Aiba: Shooting PVs abroad makes me feel like I'm an artist.
Nino: I see.
Aiba: That's just what I imagine.
Ohno: But we haven't yet.
Aiba: No overseas PV.
Jun: If we were to shoot overseas, where would you want to go?
Aiba: I'd like to try L.A.
Sho: Why?
Aiba: Nothing, I just have that image in my head.
Nino: Well then if you really want to feel like an artist, New York's the place to go.
Jun: I wanna go to Hawaii.
Aiba: I wanna go too.
Jun: No I mean, I wanna go to Hawaii and do what we did when we just started and shoot a PV. Like what we did 10 years ago. (I think he means they'll do exactly what they did 10 years ago then put that on a PV together with their 10-year old videos and pictures. It'll be more like a compilation. I think he's got a good idea. Jun has a lot of good ideas, I think)

In the end, someone from the staff brings in a cake. Arashi sings "happy bitrhday" to themselves and blow the candles. There's a cardboard bus in the center of the cake so when they blew the candles, the bus fell. The funny part is Jun shouts "Oh my God!" hahaha. It was cute how he said it. I listened to it over and over.

This is the first time I watched the animated version of "Believe". It's amazing! I was showing it to my sister and I was saying "Look! This is Jun! This is Sho! This is Ohno! This is Aiba! This is Nino! (これ 続いて ほしい なぁ~。。。)

November 2009 - [Nino] As a husband? and some screencaps on the HnA "Araoke" SP

Scans: Caramelbox
Re-upload: Freyka@ArashixDream

Involuntary Proposal!

Nino's image as a husband

The excitement rises with the shooting of "Himitsu no Arashichan! 2-hour Fall Special" as the 5 guys go on location all together after a long time.

Nino: The "Araoke" right? There were salary men who sang Arashi's songs. It was my first time to see employees with their neckties tied around their heads! They really do exist! (In fact Sho said "I only see it in dramas")

We asked Nino about HnA's new segment "On the spot! Dinner Ala Arashi" after he was paired up with Shimai Miyukisan.

Nino: It was fun!

No matter how absurd Shimaisan was, he always had a smile in his face saying "It's okay! It's okay!". What a very lovely husband!

Nino: Thank you very much. Whenever I'm with the guys (other members of Arashi) too, the atmosphere's always that way. The atmosphere's kinda gentle. I can't talk to them harshly that's why. That's how the "carrot and stick" approach is done. (he used 'ame to muchi' that's translated to english as "carrot and stick". I didn't actually know what this meant but I looked around and learned that this approach came from the act of hanging a carrot on a stick to make a horse follow it and consequently move forward. The less literal meaning is that someone's being treated as a child -- Nino's treating them as a child.)

In the future, even though you're already married, you'll still stay this way huh?

Nino: I guess so. I think it'd be good if we just didn't talk about trivial things. We should just enjoy and have fun. I'm not really a fan of arguments. But if I think that it's really necessary for us to talk, I think it'd be best if we talked and settled it all at once.

Lovely! Then go get married!

Nino: Exactly. That's what everyone thinks. But I think that'd be a bit of a trouble.

But what if she accidentally erases your saved games data? Will you get mad?

Nino: It's fine! I'll make sure that she won't be able to delete those data anyway.

Arashi graces Araoke! (Screencaps below)

Everyone from Arashi is looking forward to this shooting because it's been a long time since they went on location with all 5 of them present. (Arashi welcomes everyone to the "Araoke" Karaoke Bar). Arashi hijacks a famous karaoke chain where they offered a "1 food, 1 drink" promo for the customers who gained at least 80 points for any Arashi song that they sang. The 5 stayed on standby while monitoring the customers until the latter made their song choices. Once an Arashi song is chosen, the 5 burst into the rooms while singing the song selection.

Nino: When "Love So Sweet" came out, we were really happy!
Sho: When these office ladies and men sang "A.Ra.Shi", we were really happy.

With their hearts beating against their chests, all 5 looked at the monitor, they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Ohno: "Truth" is a pretty hard song to sing but someone still sang it. So it's really cool!
Jun: It's good to see the excitement rise while people are singing Arashi songs.
Aiba: It's like everyone's embracing Arashi. We rarely get this chance. It was really fun.

Some screencaps on the HnA episode where they hijacked a videoke bar. ^_^ I'm so envious!!! Here's the "Araoke" Nino was talking about

But the real name is "Karaokekan". I think they only turned it into "Araoke" (for Arashi karaoke)

They noticed the building and said "Araokekan?" then Jun said "Isn't it Karaokekan?"

The challenge for Arashi was that they'd stay til all 5 of these songs are chosen. (They stayed past 2 am, they were there at around 6 pm!) They had to run to the room where these songs were chosen.

The first customers for the night. When they entered, one of them noticed the Arashi poster on the wall immediately. She looked like a fan. On the subtitle "Ja Arashi ireru?" (Well, let's go with an Arahsi song)

They mentioned "Hana Yori Dango" because one of them liked Matsujun. So it fired up the guys and the guys started guessing what song they'll sing. Then the girls chose

Which made Jun go

Then the 5 ran to the room to surprise the girls who chose their song.
Here they are outside the room, waiting for the right timing to barge in.

The reaction! I think if I was there, I'd faint right after I saw them. lol Errr... No... Right after they leave the room! I don't want to miss out on that chance!

Here's the next one which shocked Arashi
They had masks on. I don't exactly who were on the masks but I think I saw Nino and Sho... And of course, there was Yamapi. They chose "Happiness" but they sang it with different lyrics. Apparently it was for their friend's birthday? I guess.

Another good reaction, with mouth agape. lol. These guys are definitely jaw-dropping so I don't find their reactions weird.

Finally, here's the one Nino mentioned

A man tying his necktie around his head. He didn't believe that they really existed until he saw this... And this was backed up by Sho who said
"I've only seen it in dramas"

Another fun translation. <3 You guys are free to translate the article to your own language, and you're free to re-post this but please don't leave out the credits. I'd appreciate it if you credited the guys I credited. And I guess it won't hurt to include arashiphile@blogspot in the credits. <3 Thanks!

Hna Fall Special

今、 HnA の 秋 SP を  見てます。。。

超 うらやましい なぁ~ 

どうして 日本 に 住んでない の?!

あたし も。。。
カラオケ に 行く とき
嵐 が 入って来て ほしい なぁ~
ラキー な 女性たち だった ね?
近くに 嵐 を 見たり、
手 を さわる チャンス も あったり。。。
その 女性たち は うれしそう なぁ~

もし あたし は 嵐 を 見たら (ライブ で、 そして その きょり で?)
その 後 に 死んで も いい!


昨日 の 夜、 最近 の 「ひみつ の 嵐ちゃん」 を 見てました。

それ で、 あの。。。 いろんな ランキング を した。。。

最後 の ランキング は あやせ はるか さん が 決めた。。。

さんまさん と 嵐 の なか で、 誰 と 結婚したい と いう こと に なった。。。

で あやせさん の 答え は、 さんまさん でした。

でも ねんれい が 知らなかった から そう いう チョイス を した。

さんまさん は 一番 だった。。。 二番 は 相葉さん だった。。。

スタッフ の 人 が ”ねんれい は どう? さんまさん は 54歳 です” (です か?)

さんまさん の ねんれい が 聞いたら、 あやせさん は ちょっと。。。 カルタ を スワップ した。 相葉さん は 一番 に した。。。

たぶん、 その 番組 を 見た から 私 の 夢 の 中 に 相葉さん が 入ってた。
その 夢 で、 私 は 相葉さん の 彼女 でした!!! うれしい!!!
最高 です よ!
一番 好き な 夢 です。
相葉さん は タガロゴ語 で 話した。


I'm so envious of Arashi's fanclub members. I saw from their latest Shukudai-kun that they signed exactly 5000 special card boards that they will give out to the fans who are enlisted in their fansclub.

They showed how they signed the last piece. The members were like "Riida, why don't you go ahead? Take the center part, the very important center part." Which he followed so he wrote on the center of the board.

I want one!!!
But I guess it's limited for those in the fanclub. I hope Johnny opens an overseas fansclub or something. I'm willing to save money and spend for them!!!

Or I may be wrong! ^_^ It's a bit impossible right? That there are exactly 5000 FC members... Hmmm... Just hoping. lol

My Girl Episode 2 - Review

Warning: Contains spoilers for those who haven't watched it yet.

I really really love this drama.

In this episode, Masamunekun has already accepted that little Koharuchan is his daughter. The episode starts off with him welcoming the kid in his house.
It's kind of cute how the kid calls him "Masamunekun". ^^,

Then he hears his landlord say that he doesn't want children in his apartment, which forces Masamunekun to hide his child from them.

At work, he gets an offer that could make or break his career. He is chosen as the assistant to a famous photographer. This chance is good for his career but bad for his daughter. He ends up going home late at night leaving Koharuchan alone. While alone, Koharuchan sings a song Yoko taught her. So while waiting for her dad to come home or before she falls asleep (whichever comes first) she opens the window and reaches out to the moon while singnig the moon song. She told this to her dad but Masamunekun told her to stop talking about her mom coz it made him sad. Apparently, he didn't want to cry in front of his daughter.

Little did they know that Koharu's singing in the night was already scaring some people. The people were thinking that it was a ghost. A tenant (or a neighbor) went to Masamunekun's landlady and told her this. So she went and checked. She found out that the little voice they were hearing wasn't a ghost, but it was a kid in Masamunekun's room. After she found out, she decided to stay with the little girl until Masamune came home.

His landlady volunteered to take care of his child while he's at work and promised to keep this from her husband.

But they weren't able to keep the secret that long. One time, the landlady decided to bring Koharu dinner. Her husband heard her go out the door and followed her. Masamunekun sees his landlord leaning against his unit's door. This forces him to admit that he was, in fact, living with a child. He was worried that the landlord will kick him out for having a child live with him but the landlord was cool with it.

He wasn't ready to tell his boss about his daughter yet. But they needed a fresh face for a photo shoot, he thought that it was the right time to tell them about his daughter. He dashes off to fetch Koharu from school and takes her to work. The photographer agrees that she was, indeed, the model he was looking for. It was then that he admitted that he had a daughter.

It was liberating... But could Masamunekun's admission to having a child be the end of his career? After his boss says "Do you think he can go on with his career because of his kid?"

Arashi - Getting to know them more

*This was a long article. Whew!*

Scans: Jesychan@livejournal

On the cover, the interview was done simultaneously with the photo shoot. During the interview, the guys had Italian food delivered to them. Riida had [Hot (Spicy) tomato sauce pasta], Sho had [Raw ham and mushroom pasta], Aiba had [Mullet roe pasta], Nino asked for [Margherita (pizza base made with tomato, sliced mozzarella, basil, and extra virgin olive oil -- in case you didn't know coz I didn't. xP)pizza] while Jun had [Tomato mozzarella pasta]. Very likely choices. With everyone's stomachs full and while the staff change the set, let's head on to the fun part!

Part 1
Backstage stories about their nationwide concert
Opening day event: Sho's fear of heights attacks!
As per tradition, let's decide who the master of ceremony will be through the JANKEN!!!
Everyone's OK! Let's go! Saisho ha gu! Jankenpon! The MC for today based on the janken is... Nino! [A~~!] a roar came out from the guy but what was that for? Lucky? Unlucky? What kind of wail was that?

Nino: This will have 3 parts and I will be the one in charge all throughout.
Sho: (Casually) Whew! What a relief!
Nino: So shall we start? National stadium, 3 days... 1st month, how was it?
Jun: The weather was really great, right? The scene we had while the sun was setting, it was also beautiful. The feeling was great.
Nino: Yeah. We were also blessed with a wonderful weather.
Ohno: (According to weather forecasts) The first month was cloudy right?
Sho: If I'm not mistaken, the 2nd month was rainy right? The first day's forecast?
Nino: But I think it wasn't raining that time.
Jun: The original forecast for those 3 months wasn't good.
Aiba: The 1st month was really hot (sunny) during daytime.
Nino: The previous day, while rehearsing there was still grass (on the field).
Aiba: That's right. There was no stage hahaha.
Sho: The staff's great right? (Nice one Sho. ^^, Plus pogi (charm) points!)
Nino: It was impressive! The next day, when we arrived at the stadium, the grass turned into chairs! It was early! The staff checked everything out without sleeping.
Jun: Aside from being early, how many people were involved?
Nino: Whatever you say, the first day was still...
Sho: The most difficult thing on the first day was the 'air cabbage' (pechay). (^_^)
(* In the song "Allergy", all expect Sho were carrying vegetables with them while they sang and danced.) (I think, though I'm not that sure, what he meant by 'air cabbage' was like 'air guitar' wherein he acted as if he was carrying a cabbage but he didn't actually have one.)
Aiba: But that was a blast. (^_^) In the last part of the song, we all threw our vegetables out right?
Sho: Ye~s.
Aiba: There, we all threw the cabbages up in the air perfectly. (^_^)
Ohno: Then, when we looked at the pictures, we were all smiles!
Sho: I've said this a lot of times already, but the hardest time was when everybody didn't tell me. When I met Jun's eyes, he noticed that I wasn't holding anything. Somehow, my embarrassment was alleviated but during the time that no one was laughing (from the members) I went through it alone. That was pretty tough! (^_^)
Aiba: I really didn't notice when we started.
Nino: I was looking at Jun then. He was all smiles and he looked like he was enjoying what we were doing.
Sho: He likes "Allergy" that much (^_^)?
Nino: That's why I also had to join in and do it properly.
Aiba: Yes, yes. It was like he made sure that we didn't forget the objective. (*This was a performance they had even before they debuted. A lot of fans haven't seen this yet.)
Nino: Right? Jun was all smiles so I thought... There was someone without a vegetable. (^_^)
Ohno: I noticed when we were in a line already. I was thinking "Did the staff forget?". So that's what happened.
Jun: Actually, the spot where I was, Sho looked like he was holding a vegetable.
Sho: That explains it...
Aiba: It would've been better if you threw it out.
Sho: Inside me, everything was happening in slow motion... When the staff realized... I wasn't holding anything... I looked down... Nothing! Everything stopped. (^_^)
Nino: The song was playing...
Sho: I was dancing (^_^)
Ohno: (Laughs)
Aiba: (His perception is) it was that slow huh?
Sho: I'm just letting the "air" series live on. "Air Guitar", "Air Keyboard"... (in "G no Arashi's" USO corner. Acting like they were carrying instruments)
Aiba: Air drum right?
Nino: Air vocals too (^_^) (That was funny. lol) Next one, when talking about "happening", we still have Sho's fear...
Sho: (Flying, stopping while in the air) is a joke! I was saying that high places are my weakness that's why. The staff got it from that and did an improvised joke that's what it is!
Nino: It wasn't a joke. (^_^)
Sho: Huh?! Really? (^_^)
Aiba: You were really frightened weren't you?
Sho: (With a soft voice) That was... It was more frightening when I wasn't moving. What'll happen? At the back of my mind I was thinking, "what if I stayed this way til the audience left?!" I was really thinking about a lot of stuff that time. (^_^)
Aiba: That's right huh. When you weren't moving.
Sho: (Concert end) "Thank you very much for coming today. The audience may now exit starting with Block A..." If the announcer starts off with that, what'll I do?! (^_^)
Ohno: Uh-huh! It's really hard when you stayed immobile all that time.
Jun: I was Sho's symmetry (I think, again, though not that sure, they were talking about that time when they were suspended in mid-air while singing) I was saying "Let's do our best!" for him. With eyes wide open, I tried to open my arms wider. (^_^)
Sho: Impressive!
Aiba: Really impressive.
Sho: I appeciated that.
Aiba: We all did it side by side.
Jun: Due to that symmetry, whenever I looked at Sho I couldn't move. I thought that it would end. But while being helpless, I just danced til I dropped.
Sho: Everyone beside me was really dancing. I was like "I wanna dance that way too~~".
Nino: That accident was really epoch-making. Stopping right in the middle would've been great for a picture though. Then at the end, he'll go down...
Jun: It was extremely funny, Sho walks handsomely to the center then goes back (^_^). That'd be very funny.
Sho: While suspended in mid-air like that, I thought about a lot of things. Everyone was already on the stage, beautifully lined up. At that point, I was thinking "How will I go back?". Then the result: "While greeting the audience I'll walk back to the stage." (^_^) There was also one during the MC. While I was flying, I saw the staff from "Shukudaikun" right below me, they were laughing their asses off. Pointing, holding their stomachs while laughing. (^_^)
Nino: On Potato's concert memo says something like: "Sho forgets to take his costume off, Jun points it out to him"
Sho: Aa... That?! I didn't forget to take it off. I just wanted to be noticed. (Attention whore! ^^,) (^_^)
Nino: Of course, your memory's good right?
Aiba: He also has the strength not to admit (that he forgot).(^_^)
Nino: So you mean you didn't take it off coz you wanted to get noticed right? (Isn't it because of old age?^^,)
Jun: Well, he was excited.
Nino: You did it that way?! Moving on, the balloon part was beautiful.
Sho: On the 2nd month we had balloons and released them the same time as the fireworks went off. The fireworks were set up in the Jingu Stadium next to us. The timing was perfect.
Nino: The fireworks went off just behind the Olympic cauldron that's why it was a lot prettier.
Sho: That was also another one of Arashi's performances, right (^_^)?
Nino: Of course. I wished for that at the shrine. (^_^)
Ohno: Cool! The fireworks were so near.
Jun: The people whose seats were near the Olympic cauldrons had the same view as I did, they could see the fireworks, the fireworks were really beautiful, but those guys looked somewhat scared you know.

The reason why all 4 guys panicked over Matsujun's birthday present
Nino: Having the same view of the fireworks was near impossible. Ohno, what can you say about the 2nd month?
Ohno: ... The second month was cloudy.
Sho: Ohno's just concerned with the weather.
Nino: Do you want to be a weather forcaster? (^_^) I wasn't asking about the weather. I was asking about the things that we did during the concert.
Ohno: On the second month, (Ikuta) Toma came?
Jun: He came on the 3rd month? Didn't he? (Jun and Ohno sharing Toma.~<3)
Aiba: I think he was there on our 2nd month.
Ohno: No... It was on the opening day.
Nino: Aiba, what can you say? (jealous Nino~~<3>
Aiba: On the 2nd month, actually Kazama Shunsuke came.
Sho: No one knew.
Aiba: He did.
Jun: How'd you know?
Aiba: "I came to watch" he said. He called me up.
Sho: He bought his own tickets (the normal way)?(^_^)
Nino: He entered our fanclub? (^_^) (Nyahaha, Nino!)
Aiba: He didn't come to greet us. He went home without even showing his face to us.
Nino: That guy's got that kind of coolness.
Sho: He's full of aesthetics you know. In those 2 months, seniors, juniors, a lot of people came.
Nino: Yeah. Kanjani8 was there too...
Jun: Who from Kanjani8 came?
Aiba: Nishikido (yiheee!!! ~<3<3<3), Ookura, Yasuda...
Sho: Is that so...
Jun: Maru?
Ohno: Maru wasn't able to come. (Why?! He didn't want to watch his Uta no Oniisan co-star?!)
Sho: Too bad, I really wanted him to be there. Then V6's Sakamoto (Masayuki) and (Miyake) Ken came.
Jun: Chinen Yuri and Nakashima Yuuto came too. (~<3)
Sho: Everyone from Kis-MyFt2 came. We'll still have a concert at the Tokyo Dome, everyone, please come again. (^_^)
Nino: Aiba's brother came too. (Even though I saw him all the way from the stage) I knew immediately that it was Aiba's brother. (~<3)
Sho: Well, I looked at him one time then looked at the same spot again. (sakuraiba)
Aiba: hahaha.
Sho: Nino and I had a talk about this but Aiba's brother and dad are exactly the same!
Nino: Their figures right?
Sho: His dad was like saying "Hey! Do your best!" while the brother was also a bit... (^_^) "Hey, Shokun, well... Do your best k!". Even though I was already doing my utmost best.
Jun: Riida, did your parents come?
Ohno:... they didn't. (aaaaw)
Everyone: (In chorus) They didn't?!
Nino: Were they busy?
Ohno: Coz it was hot.
Everyone: (While forcing a smile on their faces)
Sho: It's likely...
Ohno: Even I was shocked.
Sho: Right? It was our 10th year and we were doing a nation wide concert but...
Ohno: They came to watch all our concerts up until last year. Maybe the concert last year was unbearably hot.
Sho: I get it (^_^)
Jun: Who? Your old man?
Ohno: My mom!
Jun: My family was really excited you know coz they went on the last day. They were really excited about the rain and the fountain but in the end they told me they had fun.
Nino: My sister also came on a rainy day.
Jun: My older sister looked like she had colds then but until the end, she was there. They told me they had fun. That's my family, you know... (looks at Riida with a smile on his face)
Aiba: My dad couldn't come because of work but my mom came.
Sho: Everyone from my family came.
Nino: My mom came on the first day while my sis made it on our last day. Riida, your sister came right?
Ohno: No... My mom and my sister couldn't make it. Coz it was hot (^_^) (Somehow I don't believe this one. I think they went to the concert.)
Sho: They should, by all means, come to the dome concert then.
Aiba: The air conditioning is better there. (^_^)
Sho: If you like, it'll be winter inside the dome. Which reminds me, Nino's mom used to give us pickled plum. Those were really delicious. But why didn't we get some when we had our concert at the Yokohama arena?
Nino: That's right...
Sho: That was the only time we didn't get some.
Nino: We also didn't have some at Tokyo Dome.
Ohno: Yeah... The pickled plum image is only for the Yokohama arena.
Jun: Well, maybe because while we were at the Yokohama arena, we really wanted to eat those. (^_^)
Nino: Then, let's go to Part 1's last theme! Jun just turned 26 last August 30 on the 3rd month of our concert!
Sho: Isn't that great? In the midst of that rain, we were able to celebrate.
Jun: Yes. But it almost didn't happen right?
Nino: Initially, we were supposed to be in the dressing room ahead of Jun.
Sho: But the first one who got there was... Jun! Of course we panicked. We were supposed to be there first but it was Jun who arrived first (^_^)
Jun: Huh?! That explains it!
Aiba: All 4 of us were in the next room. "Aa, but we don't have any other choice." I thought.
Jun: It was some kind of a backroom right? A secret room? Who was that? He went out of the dressing room with that innocent face but I felt that there was something going on in the other room. (^_^)
Sho: He smelled something fishy.
Aiba: Yeah he did.
Sho: He's so kind, pretending that he didn't notice.
Nino: I agree.
Aiba: That was really fun.
Ohno: It was funny! When we got back to the dressing room, it became totally awkward! (^_^)
Nino: We didn't talk to him (Jun). (^_^) This time, we gave him a shiny (spangled) jersey. Aiba and I saw it one time on our way home from work. There's no one else who can wear that kind of (Nino used the word "hade" which could mean "loud, gaudy, gay, flashy" and a lot more...) jersey but Jun right?! (hahahah... I think so too...)
Jun: They gave the jersey to me while we were doing the MC. I immediately wore it then wore it again during the encore.
Nino: He dried it right away in the dressing room.
Jun: When I went home, our manager dried it in the bathroom's drying room. (He/she put it in the spin dryer and the shiny stuff fell off)
Nino: That was something (^_^)

Part 2:
A member produces another member!
Ohno's "Easy Talk" show
Nino: "Producing a member's show" through "amidakuji"
Sho: O! Everyone loves "amidakuji".
Aiba: Let me do it (after writing the initials, while drawing the lines he makes the announcement) Nino will do me, Ohno will do Nino, Jun will do Sho and Sho will do Jun. (Woooh! Nice pairs!) And I will do Ohno. Who'll go first?!
Nino: It says "something original", so let's do it that way. I'll go first. Everyone's in this too, not just Aiba... Aiba's doing a home drama.
Aiba: I was given an offer, shall we go with "My Girl" (^_^)?
Nino: That's right. He chooses "My Girl" over a historical drama.
Sho: Hahahaha... It's okay!
Ohno: But while shooting "My Girl", Aiba gets an offer to do Jun's role "Bernardo" in "West Side".
Aiba: Right, right.
Nino: This must be an original concept right?!
Sho: I want to see Aiba as "Bernardo"! He lifts both his hands up in the air, lifts them higher, and does the famous dance step he'll definitely look he's about to fall.
Ohno: I'll laugh. Once he falls. (^_^)
Nino: He'll pay a fine every time he performs. (^_^)
Aiba: I'll say sorry.
Nino: That's fine, Aiba, "My Girl"'s good right?
Aiba: I haven't done it yet, that's why.
Nino: If a miracle happens, it'll be a family show. Being a show host alone is already a miracle so let's make it a family show. It'll be great if we did it like "Inaka ni Tomarou" (a show in Japan).
Sho: I want Jun to do a funny short play for me. Recently, it's become a trend right?
Jun: I think that's great. I'll do that.
Sho: You'll be bald, well that kind of image.
Aiba: Arashi's never done that before right?
Sho: It'll be like he'll be an evil magistrate "Echigoya, you're evil too aren't you?!" (^_^)
Jun: I'll do it! Everything's fine by me.
Sho: I think that'll be funny.
Jun: Afterall, (10 years ago) I was Arashi's "Owarai" (Comedy) leader right?
Nino: Thank God you changed course.
Jun: It was for the better right? (^_^)
Nino: Yeah. If you didn't, Aiba would've done "Hana Yori Dango". (hahahaha... Nino's such a funny guy isn't he?!)
Aiba: I agree.
Nino: Huh, Aiba what leader were you again?
Aiba: Idol leader. (^_^) I didn't know why though...
Sho: Coz he had this "spaced out" image. (exactly! That's why Riida's their leader right?!)
Nino: Okay let's do it the other way around. Jun, you try thinking of something for Sho.
Jun: Okay it'll be a photobook.
Sho: Is nude alright? (Sho?! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT ^^,)
Jun: Ok (^_^). I'll be the cameraman. And I'll be like the art director.
Sho: (Insistent) With my clothes off? (^_^) (I said yes! Sho! Yes!)
Jun: Well, it's okay if you showed just half of your bum. (O men!)
Sho: But they've seen that in "Kiiroi Namida"... (that's why I said take it off! Take everything off!)
Aiba: That's why it should be a whole butt exposure! (^_^) (See... Even Aiba agrees with me!)
Nino: I agree! The whole butt! (Naughty guys!)
Jun: Sho's got a lot of sides, right? That's the reason why I wanna see the unseen side of Sho. (The whole butt?!) I want the world to see that through the photobook.
Sho: Yes! I'll do my best! I think it'll be fun (^_^) (Jun's pretty creative don't you think? And I do want to see an artistic photoshoot of the 5. I think that'd be awesome!)
Nino: Sho, you'll do Ohno...
Aiba: Riida huh... What do you want to do? O, I know! What about a talk show?!
Sho: I want to see that! It'll be like "Satoshi no Heya" (Patterned after the famous Japanese one-on-one talk show "Tetsuko no Heya") right?
Aiba: Ru-ruru ru-ruru (hums "Tetsuko no Heya's" theme song). What do you think, Riida?
Ohno: ... The conversation won't go smoothly you know! (^_^)
Nino: Hey, do you have someone in mind, someone you'd like to do a one-on-one with?
Aiba: Hey, Riida, do you like conversations?
Nino: What do you think about having a one-on-one with someone?
Ohno: One-on-one? I don't hate that!
Sho: You don't. You don't hate it right?
Ohno: But if I'm not interested with the guest, that'd spell trouble. (^_^)
Nino: I know. That's why we'll think of something new. You're the host of your own show but... the guest will be the one who'll do the talking. (^_^)
Sho: That's right! The guest will think of ways on how to entertain him.
Aiba: That'd be awesome! Let's do it with Ohno very near to the guest.
Jun: It'd be great if they did it in a food stall.
Aiba: Great! Later it'll be inside a car.
Jun: It won't be allowed if you don't have a driver's license. (Ohno doesn't have one, I think.)
Aiba: The guest'll drive? (^_^)
Sho: Yeah! It'll be entitled "Inside Satoshi's Car" with a subtitle "Satoshi at the passenger's seat". (^_^)
Ohno: Sometimes I'll be at the back seat. (^_^)
Nino: While you're there, the guest will be talking to you from the driver's seat.
Aiba: I wanna see that!
Nino: Do you have any new concepts in mind?
Ohno: An experiment on Nino... (Ohmiya!!<3<3<3)
Everyone: (Choral) What do you mean?!
Ohno: Nino's the most seasick person so...
Nino: (has a doubtful expression on his face while holding his laughter)
Ohno: After being seasick, I wanna see how stressed he's become...
Sho: So it's an experiment on the human body...
Ohno: That's right. We'll take his picture and make him smile despite of the stress he just went through. (hidoi yo Ohnosan! Poor Nino!)
Nino: Hey, Ohno, that concept's really interesting you know. (^_^) (I'm sensing some sarcasm in that.)
Ohno: That'll be the first stage.
Sho: Well, before that let's think of a title. We'll be able to construct a framework from that.
Jun: Yeah. The concept is?
Ohno: (Ohno struggles to think for an answer) It won't be "Iyagaru Nino" but it'd be "Iyagari-no" (Riida+Nino=ri-no? Just a product of my Ohmiya crazed mind).
Nino: If we'll go with that... my name changes to "Riino"! (See... Riida+Nino=Riino)
Ohno: We're aiming for... ill humor. (^_^)
Nino: Okay. So the first one would be about my seasickness, you'll be taking a picture of me after that... The 2nd one would be?
Ohno: If the 1st one gets aired people will think "He did great! Of course! It's Nino!". The 2nd one will be... I can't think anymore so I'll try to think of it later.

Part 3
A thourough analysis according to the members
"Despite being a performer, still a middle-class"
Nino: Finally, the last part. A thorough look at Arashi, everyone, what do you think?
Sho: It's about the "Best" album we recenlty released. My mom went to the CD shop to buy one but "There's no first press eidition..." she said through text. (^_^). I told her I had no idea about that.
Jun: She can't buy her son's CD. What sort of thing is that? (^_^)
Nino: I heard the same thing from friends.
Jun: Yeah, me too. I received a lot of mails asking where to buy the album. That's why I already made a template saying "I think they're selling it at the CD shop" (^_^)
Sho: I heard that from a lot of people.
Jun: The first press limited edition was... (I had a hard time getting a copy myself!)
Ohno: My family told me they bought a copy.
Nino: We sold a million copies... 1 million people bought our album! I'm very grateful! When you hear that we just crossed the million record, how did you feel?
Ohno: I was honestly happy.
Sho: I was happy.
Ohno: I was happy when I read that we just passed the million mark from a certain newspaper.
P: Today's (September 15, Hawaii time) the day you were presented to the public as Arashi. right? In Hawaii?
Jun: That's right. 10 years ago. When I think of that, I can't help but be amazed. We've been together for 10 years huh? (speaking with deep emotions)
Sho: If I'm not mistaken, we were here in this very studio when we got back from Hawaii.
P: Through simple calculations, 365 daysx10 is 3650 days.
Sho: When you say it that way, it feels so short.