Waratte Koraete - Ohno

It's the first time I watched the show so I don' know if the format is usually like this. They invite a special guest who will be hidden behind a divider. Only the audience can see that person. The other 3 guests behind the divider will have to guess who that person is based on the clues given by random people.

Last October, they invited Ohno to be that secret guest.

**Joji Tokoro - Host**
**Natsume Miku - Host**
**Katoucha - Guest**
**Yoshizawa Hitomi - Guest**
**Kanning Takeyama- Guest**

Some translated parts:
JOJI: Let's all welcome tonight's special guest!
*audience: kyaaaaaaaah!
Hitomi: Huh?!
Joji: Give him a chair.
Joji: I guess that's how popular he is.
Takeyama: Yeah.
Joji: Okay. So let's move on. Attack!
Joji: "What do you think of this guy?"
Joji: "What do you think of this guy?"
Joji: Hold back your laughter! Here's our first VTR
Lady 1: I love him! I so love him! He looks like a health buff though. I imagine him saying "this is actually good for constipation" while he mixes prunes and yoghurt together then eats it.
Hitomi: A health buff I know is... he's a little small but... is it Tsunku san?
Takeyama: Is Tsunkusan a health buff?
Hitomi: He's really a health buff!
Takeyama: Really?
Joji: There's still another hint okay. Hold back your laughter!
Lady 2: *laughs* What's there to say?
Lady 3: "Carbonara"
Lady 3: Well, doesn't he look "creamy" (*I totally agree!*)
Katoucha: What a clue!
Takeyama: One of my juniors eat nothing else but carbonara!
Joji: Oh! Take a stab at it!
Takeyama: Toori Miyuki!
Joji: Wrong. Wrong one.
Takeyama: She eats nothing but carbonara!
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Lady 4: Ah! He shops with his mom! At the department store! (*Scuse me... he's ordering by mail now. lol)
Lady 4: It's a department store so it looks like he's definitely spotted a shop that he likes.
Hitomi: Kojima Yoshiosan?
Hitomi: Wrong one huh?
Takeyama: He's not like that!
Joji: Since he's been mentioned, this guy doesn't do this. (Waves frantically in the air)
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Lady 5: He looks someone who belonged to the farming committee when he was young. Like during summer vacation. He looks like he used to take care of rabbits and turtles.
Guy 1: He also looks like he'll curse the whole world if his turtle dies.
Hitomi: Ishihara Yoshizumi?
Joji: He looks that type right? He looks like he can curse the world.
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Lady 6: Ah, he looks like a guy who goes to the onsen (hot spring)
Lady 7: He looks like someone who goes to Atami.
Takeyama: Atou Kai-san?
Joji: Hold your back your laughter!
Lady 6: He seems like he doesn't go with anyone and that he does it by himself.
Lady 7: He seems to enjoy spending time alone.
(*Ohno gives a nod*)
Joji: Katou-san?
Katoucha: He loves spending time alone? Shimuraken?!
Joji: Wrong.
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Lady 8: His eyes are pretty. He's got some kind of a devilish look. (*Of course! He's MAOU isn't he?)
Takeyama: Hino Shouhei-san?!
Takeyama: No doubt devilish!
Joji: Hold back your laughter!
Announcer: This is our special guest's special hint.
Announcer: May it be in his house or in a hotel room, he doesn't sleep on the bed. He sleeps on the couch. He likes sleeping in quite difficult positions.
Takeyama: Matsuoka Shuusou-san?
Joji: Hold back your laughter.
Lady 9: Dark!
Lady 10: He's dark isn't he?
Lady 10: Especially lately. He's so dark.
Takeyama: Monomonta-san?
Joji: I see... Hold back your laughter!
Lady 11: He's cool.
Lady 12: He's handsome!
Lady 11: I want him to be my boyfriend.
Lady 11: Wouldn't that be great?!
Lady 12: Yes!
Lady 11: Once is good.
Lady 11: I'm gonna suck the energy out of him. (*This is an obaa-san speaking. lol)
Katou: Oguri Shun!
Joji: I see... Wrong!
Joji: Hold back your laughter.
Guy 2: Well, I heard he loves fishing. I was really surprised coz he looked like someone who wasn't interested in anything(*Scuse me again. lol. He drew even before he fished.*)
Lady 13: There are a lot of points leading to that conclusion.
Guy 2: In his group, I think he's the best singer and dancer.
Hitomi: I got it!!! Ohno-san!!! (*Wow!!! The last clue was definitely a give away. I wouldn't have guessed it through the first clues either.)
Joji: You got it!

The divider goes behind the wall and joins the other guests.

Joji: How was it?
Ohno: Well... I often get those... those impressions.
Joji: Someone said that you looked like someone who'll snap off and curse the worl if your turtle died?
Ohno: But I was really in the farming committee.

~~ Whew!!! I loved this!!!

If I were to give a clue... I would've given some really fine details like
1. his birthday is tomorrow... Nov 26... Happy birthday Ohno!!!
2. He's 28 right now so he'll be 29 tomorrow. (I made a little blooper here, original post contained Ohno was 29 turning 30. Ooooopsie. Sorry. ^_^ Thanks to Amy who corrected me.)
3. he's good at painting. in fact he once held an exhibit which featured his crafts and it was named "Freestyle"
4. he was first given the lead role in Maou...
all Ohno fan-girls definitely have more. ^_^

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