November 2009 - [Nino] As a husband? and some screencaps on the HnA "Araoke" SP

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Involuntary Proposal!

Nino's image as a husband

The excitement rises with the shooting of "Himitsu no Arashichan! 2-hour Fall Special" as the 5 guys go on location all together after a long time.

Nino: The "Araoke" right? There were salary men who sang Arashi's songs. It was my first time to see employees with their neckties tied around their heads! They really do exist! (In fact Sho said "I only see it in dramas")

We asked Nino about HnA's new segment "On the spot! Dinner Ala Arashi" after he was paired up with Shimai Miyukisan.

Nino: It was fun!

No matter how absurd Shimaisan was, he always had a smile in his face saying "It's okay! It's okay!". What a very lovely husband!

Nino: Thank you very much. Whenever I'm with the guys (other members of Arashi) too, the atmosphere's always that way. The atmosphere's kinda gentle. I can't talk to them harshly that's why. That's how the "carrot and stick" approach is done. (he used 'ame to muchi' that's translated to english as "carrot and stick". I didn't actually know what this meant but I looked around and learned that this approach came from the act of hanging a carrot on a stick to make a horse follow it and consequently move forward. The less literal meaning is that someone's being treated as a child -- Nino's treating them as a child.)

In the future, even though you're already married, you'll still stay this way huh?

Nino: I guess so. I think it'd be good if we just didn't talk about trivial things. We should just enjoy and have fun. I'm not really a fan of arguments. But if I think that it's really necessary for us to talk, I think it'd be best if we talked and settled it all at once.

Lovely! Then go get married!

Nino: Exactly. That's what everyone thinks. But I think that'd be a bit of a trouble.

But what if she accidentally erases your saved games data? Will you get mad?

Nino: It's fine! I'll make sure that she won't be able to delete those data anyway.

Arashi graces Araoke! (Screencaps below)

Everyone from Arashi is looking forward to this shooting because it's been a long time since they went on location with all 5 of them present. (Arashi welcomes everyone to the "Araoke" Karaoke Bar). Arashi hijacks a famous karaoke chain where they offered a "1 food, 1 drink" promo for the customers who gained at least 80 points for any Arashi song that they sang. The 5 stayed on standby while monitoring the customers until the latter made their song choices. Once an Arashi song is chosen, the 5 burst into the rooms while singing the song selection.

Nino: When "Love So Sweet" came out, we were really happy!
Sho: When these office ladies and men sang "A.Ra.Shi", we were really happy.

With their hearts beating against their chests, all 5 looked at the monitor, they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Ohno: "Truth" is a pretty hard song to sing but someone still sang it. So it's really cool!
Jun: It's good to see the excitement rise while people are singing Arashi songs.
Aiba: It's like everyone's embracing Arashi. We rarely get this chance. It was really fun.

Some screencaps on the HnA episode where they hijacked a videoke bar. ^_^ I'm so envious!!! Here's the "Araoke" Nino was talking about

But the real name is "Karaokekan". I think they only turned it into "Araoke" (for Arashi karaoke)

They noticed the building and said "Araokekan?" then Jun said "Isn't it Karaokekan?"

The challenge for Arashi was that they'd stay til all 5 of these songs are chosen. (They stayed past 2 am, they were there at around 6 pm!) They had to run to the room where these songs were chosen.

The first customers for the night. When they entered, one of them noticed the Arashi poster on the wall immediately. She looked like a fan. On the subtitle "Ja Arashi ireru?" (Well, let's go with an Arahsi song)

They mentioned "Hana Yori Dango" because one of them liked Matsujun. So it fired up the guys and the guys started guessing what song they'll sing. Then the girls chose

Which made Jun go

Then the 5 ran to the room to surprise the girls who chose their song.
Here they are outside the room, waiting for the right timing to barge in.

The reaction! I think if I was there, I'd faint right after I saw them. lol Errr... No... Right after they leave the room! I don't want to miss out on that chance!

Here's the next one which shocked Arashi
They had masks on. I don't exactly who were on the masks but I think I saw Nino and Sho... And of course, there was Yamapi. They chose "Happiness" but they sang it with different lyrics. Apparently it was for their friend's birthday? I guess.

Another good reaction, with mouth agape. lol. These guys are definitely jaw-dropping so I don't find their reactions weird.

Finally, here's the one Nino mentioned

A man tying his necktie around his head. He didn't believe that they really existed until he saw this... And this was backed up by Sho who said
"I've only seen it in dramas"

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