[Screencaps] VS Arashi -- Arashi vs Pro Yakyuu OB team

I love this episode because Arashi's +1 member is my number 1 favorite "New Half" -- Haruna Ai!

And this episode's full of Sho's "epic fail" moments, which makes him more adorable!



In the latest VS Arashi episodes that I've watched, I noticed that Sho was either in the control or sidelines during the show's "Cliff Climb" segment. Well, we all know how Sho loves high places! Close to negative infinity! lol.

But in this episode, Sho is paired up with Ohno (Ojii team strikes again!).

The talk before the climb:
Announcer: The pro baseball players showed us a different kind of strength, giving them a big lead of 135 points.
Ohno: We're dead.
Sho: Ohno and I will work together to reach the top and get the 50-point bonus to turn the table around.
Ohno: Mmm...
Harunai: Will it turn out okay?
Nino: It's going to be fine!
Jun: I get your point guys but... Sho , you suck at this, right?
Sho: Well... I've been thinking about this lately but it's like... I don't actually suck at cliff climbing... it's just that... I hate heights! I hate it so much that I can't even motivate myself to go all the way up there!
Nino: Sho, you're going last right?
Sho: I've devised a plan... This person here (referring to Riida) is going for those at the top. So I'll be going sideways instead of upwards.
Jun: If you go all the way up, you'll get the 50-point button right?
Sho: Yes, yes, yes. That's right! This person's going to the top. I'll be taking these 5-point buttons then he'll be in charge of the rest.
Pro Baseball team: I see.
Nino: What the hell is that?
Jun: I get what he's saying. But the question is "Can you guys actually do it"?!
Ohno: We'll work harder! (Serious face, stares at Sho, who stares back with the same serious face)
Jun: Look here (pointing at the right side)... You have up to the pink bar. You just need one more bar to be able to reach the top.
Nino: That's right! It looks possible.
Aiba: Yeah! Riida will go for a hundred seconds and for the remaining 20 seconds, Sho'll go all the way up there (pointing to the right)
(Sho nods and gives a thumbs up)

Announcer: So will Arashi team be able to turn the table around with the opponent leading by 135 points? By the way, you guys can't see this from below but at the top most part of this wall, there are 3 50-point buttons waiting for you. The button that's been pressed by the first climber can not be pressed again by the second climber. That's why if the 2nd climber takes the same route as the first, he'll have to make some adjustments at the end.

Ohno: Oh, I see.
Sho: Are you serious?!
Nino: You'll be fine Sho-chan! The route you just discussed with us is fine!
Jun: Riida's going for the center buttons and you, Sho, are going for the buttons on the right side.
Ohno: I'm going to be in charge of the center right?
Sho: If I get confused with which button to choose, which one will I press? The left or the right?
Ohno: Please just go for the right (migi, button on the right) button!
(Sho's really so adorable here! ^_^)

Announcer: Well then, let's play! Your 120 seconds... starts... now!

Jun: Riida secure that 50-point button please!

Announcer: Arashi team's Ohno-kun is now on the run
2 5-point buttons pressed
4 5-point buttons

Jun: Bar! Bar! Bar!

Announcer: What'll he do? Without any grip he goes on.
10-point button pressed.
What's next? What's next?

Sho: Go!

Announcer: A minute and 20 seconds left.
There's still time!
He takes the 5-point button.
They already have 45 points!
Here's the grip!
Oh he misses the grip from Haruna-san!
Here's another!
Another miss!
1 minute left!
1 minute left!
How about this grip?
He misses it again!

Pro Baseball: This is bad!

Announcer: What'll he do?
There are no grips left.
How about this?
Oh he misses it again!
He drops the grip!
Here's another one.
He catches it!

Nino: Riida, we don't have any grips left!

Announcer: They need one more grip for Sho's plan.
What'll Riida do?
He's on the difficult part of the wall.
(Ohno's shoe almost falls!)

Ohno moves up!

Haruna Ai: Cool!

Announcer: 20 seconds!
What'll he do?

(Riida looks at Nino and Haruna for the last grip. Nino looks at Sho who looks back with a worried face. Nino laughs. Sho's really adorable here!)

Announcer: The last grip!
Riida's going for the 50-point button!
He got it!
Time's up!

Nino: Ah! How bad!

Game over!
(This is the first time I've seen Aiba laugh this way! Sho seems to be in shock!)

Sho's shocked state:

Ohno got 105 points all by himself!

Nino: Riida, it's okay for you to come down! (Scripted game? ^_^ Anyhow, it's cute!)

Announcer: He wasn't able to get all the grips but Riida did a nice job on his own!

Aiba: That was great!
Nino: You did your best!
Jun: Well this is okay. Since you weren't able to get the grips.
Aiba: You did your best!

Annoncer: Riida got 105 points all by himself!

Nino: Even though we sucked at throwing you the grips, you still did your best.

(Here's the cutest part)
Sho: Nino! Nino! (Motioning for Nino to throw him a grip. He looked like he just had a nervous breakdown!)Caption: Nino!
Sho: Nino! (Starts climbing and everyone says "Eeeeee~!)

Nino: Sho-chan, I'm sorry but...
Sho: Aaaaa~! (When he sees the grip Ohno dropped more than a minute ago acting as if he was the one who dropped it! lol, this guy!)Caption: Aaaaa!!

One more grip!
Nino: Sorry... I'm sorry... It's over...
Sho: It's not yet ove~r!
Haruna Ai: It's over.
Sho: It's not yet over!

Caption: It's over

Caption: (Mada owattenai yo!) It's not yet over!

LOL! Sho-chan! You made my tummy hurt from laughing! (^x^)


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