Still addicted...

I want to keep this blog alive...

I was thinking yet again yesterday... (I do my thinking while taking a bath... lolz..) That's the only time I get some time for myself!! heheh...

Well, I really love Arashi... And as far as I know, I'm not ready to give them up in the near future. I'd love to fangirl for them for as long as I can...

Fangirl mode update: Right now, I'm so in love with the whole HYD series plus the movie... And of course, no one will love the series without loving Arashi's very own MatsuJun as the notorious "Domyouji Tsukasa". I can say that maybe Jun has taken the number one spot in my heart. ^.^


I don't know if this is new ne...

But I just found out about it maybe 30 mins ago...

For all Arashi fans -->

Ohno's "Take Me Faraway" Solo Perf

OMG! @0@

My fangirl side is screaming once again!!! I saw a very short clip of this in one of the AAA reports (courtesy of Arashi Clubbox) and I just fell lifeless in front of my laptop.

This man is hawt... really hawt!!!

Life is Wonderful

Can't think of a title.. hehe...

Anyway, this is a random post and is not really Arashi related... It's more me-related... ^^,

Okay when I was watching HYD, I realized that I want my own Domyouji... Not a rich guy or a bully... But a guy who would do something even it's not asked from him... Yeah... this post is a bit (or super) mushy...

I realized that I want a guy who would protect me whatever's at stake.

In Love with Hana Yori Dango

The title sort of confused me when I first saw the Taiwanese version. Hana Yori Dango ka? Hmmm... What does it exactly mean? That was about 4 years ago. Now, I've watched the Japanese version and I have finally undesrtood why it was given such title...

It's very significant indeed ne...

Hana means flower right? Then yori means over (more than the other one). And dango means dumplings. In the drama, Makino said that Domyouji liked "hana yori dango"... he likes dumplings over flowers. And the whole drama was about that, a charming prince at the prime of his life falling for a commoner, someone who doesn't really look that good -- in other words, a girl that can't be considered as a flower.

I'm glad to have found out about it... Even though I know that this information is already (or has always been) lurking around the whole of cyberspace, I'm still glad to have understood it on my own.

I have fallen in love with the drama...

And I also like the movie. Even though it was a bit too action packed and it lost the sweet aspect of the drama, I think it was still about Domyouji's love for Makino.

The one who wrote the manga is a genius. The one who chose the actors for the drama is a genius.

Hana Yori Dango was indeed Jun's jackpot prize.

Dou Shou ka na

いま、松本Junーさん がとてもすきです。
きのうとおととい Hana Yori Dango Season 2 を みました。
とても すごい ドラマ ですよ。

I'm so in love with the drama. I'm really glad that I finally decided to watch it. It would have been such a waste.

It's Arashi's Leader's Birthday!!!

お誕生日 おめでとう リーダ!!

I think Ohno's fame came so late ne. It's not that he wasn't loved before but I think all the other members were loved more than he was...

But lately, especially after his drama, everyone seems to have fallen in love with the guy. Which, I think is something good. I'm happy for him.

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ohno Satoshi!!

Best wishes for you!!!

OHNO が すきだよ!!!

Hana Yori Dango

I was not a fan of the drama before. I don't really like joining the majority ne.

But it's a pity that I didn't consider watching "Hana Yori Dango" before...

Or maybe, this is the perfect timing for me to watch it.

Of all the members, Matsujun was the last person I learned to like. I mean I found him cute in Gokusen but then I didn't frequently see him after that. When I got hooked into the fandom, there was like a repulsive force around Jun. Maybe because he's already got a lot of fans. Why bother? Why squeeze in while there's plenty of room in front of all the other members...

When I got to watch HYD 1, I became a follower but not a die hard fan. I even let several months pass by without watching the second season. Now I'm watching the second season and man, I have fallen in love with the drama.

I know I'm late but at least now I'm watching it.

I'll finish the drama before I watch the movie. I'm glad that I gave the drama a try. It's worth the time. ^^, More than worth my time.

I love you Jun!!!

Why do I think this is the perfect timing? It's because now, I seem to know more about Jun based on what the other members say about him. Though I don't know him personally and I'm not a hundred percent sure if his bandmates are saying the truth, I can sense the kindness in his appearance. I think Jun is a nice, gentle, and thoughtful guy.

O and I love him and Inoue Mao...^^,

Blog Make-over -- Update 1

So I do this in between studying. My mind needs to relax a bit ne.

Doing something related to Arashi is always refreshing.

Right now, I'm looking for a picture that I can use for my banner...

Ryusei no Kizuna Episode 5 -- Rant


Taisuke was positive that the man who they saw at Togami was the man he saw leave their house that night when they found their parents dead. Shi, on the other hand, cries over a dish of hayashi rice that she thinks tastes exactly like her parent's cooking.

They have finally found their parents' assailant.

How is this going to change things? In what way will it change their plans for revenge?


At this rate, I'm really impressed by Nino's acting. I'm saying that without bias. When I watch dramas or whatever, I tend to look at the actors' eyes to judge their acting skills. And with Nino, man, he's really natural... I don't see over done acting... The more I look at him, the more I admire him. The more I know him, the more I think he is such a wonderful man... Aaaah...

二宮が すきだよ。

Which Arashi Album cover do you like most?
--> she has an awesome compilation of all of Arashi's album/single covers...

what really got my attention was the cover of "Truth and Kaze no Mukou he". I like the colors black and red so yeah, I love the cover. Plus I like subdued Arashi. That's why the "Beautiful Days" album cover comes next...

-- edit --
I just noticed, lately, Ohno looks better in pictures. He always has that awkward look in his face... But now, he seems to get along with the camera pretty well. Maybe that's what Maou has done for him. I think that devilish glare or look he has in his recent pictures suits him better.^^,

Just an addition... I hope no one gets offended by this post... They all looked rather feminine in the "Beautiful Days" album cover... Specially Jun who's got quite a tight belt around his waist revealing how small (and unjust!) his waist is... But Riida looked fantastic in that picture. ^^,

Busy Life

まいにち いすがしい です ね。
げつよびから きにょうびまで はたらいて 日本語を べんきょします。

wooo... sigh of relief since it's finally another weekend. I can sleep for as long as I want... This week was really exhausting. I had to juggle studying and working so that I can keep a good balance between the two. Yeah... I juggle just those two things. I think since I'm going to study only for a few months, I can attend to my social life by the time I finish right?... たいへん です ね。

いつ フィリピンスへ きます か?
please do visit the Philippines! I'm sure a lot of fans are looking forward to it ne.

Ryusei no Kizuna Episode 4 -- Rant

Almost episode 5 already. As with the other dramas, this I think, is the start of the drama's climax. New twists and turns pop out everywhere.

In this episode, the three planned to trick yet another victim: Togami Yukinari (Kaname Jun). Little did they know that it was what would lead them to finding their parents' assailant.

Will this be the realization of their dream - to avenge their parents death?

I can't wait for the next episodes.

But it's quite sad ne. We're already almost halfway into the drama.

Hmmmm... I'm wishing for an Aiba drama too... please.

あたらしい Aibaの ドラマを みたいです。

Just the start and I'm already busy

The past week has been ”いすがしい” (busy) and I felt so tired every time I reached home. My day starts earlier than before and I study almost the whole day. Even though my body's not tired it like goes along with my mind and gets tired together with it. My arms hurt coz of the heavy books... My tummy hurts coz of the irregular eating pattern...

Anyways, I still appreciate the busy life I have now coz it makes me look forward to seeing Arashi in the weekends... And I try as much as I could to at least get a glimpse of them whenever I have time...


O and one more important thing that my sensei told us. The tool to learning nihongo is "Memorizing"... Memorize vocabulary, memorize sentence patterns... Just memorize... I don't have a very good memory but I'll try. And I like what I'm learning so it's not really much of an effort on my part.

A bit off topic

I'm so happy! I'm going to take Nihongo training... It's going to be for 5 months and I definitely think I'll be busy these coming days. But I'll try to get updated with Arashi stuff.

So my life will be following a time table now. I'm working on how I'll manage my time. But since Arashi and Nihongo can be mixed, yeah work and pleasure, Arashi will definitely be within the time table...

I'm looking forward to that day that I'd be able to understand them more.

Jaaa... Nihngo benkyou hajimaru yo! (<-- not sure if it's right... it is after all my first day today...)

Blog Rehaul

I've been meaning to change this blog's layout... But I don't have the time... I do have some time but I need more just so I can study more about how I can change it. I know some stuff but I definitely need more knowledge, I guess... And every time I start, there's always a new show to pull me away from it. So this post is going to be a constant reminder of what I'm planning to do...

1) I'd like to make a banner that'd wow me... hehe... I've seen several banners that swept me off my feet... I think the best one I've seen <-- hers.
I'm inspired to create one myself but I don't think I have the skills to do so... Anyway, Christmas vacation is fast approaching and I have a lot of free time then. Enough time for me to come up with a good idea and gather much information on how I can pull it off.
2) I'd want a nav bar that'd wow me... lolz...

-- I need to go... I'll do this later...

Utaban 11.08.06 - Rant

Thanks to ArashiCB

Utaban is always a fun show to watch. Nakai's eternal hatred for Ohno seems to be the show's bait (at least for me). I love it when all the other members hold on to Nakai just to restrain him and stop him from shredding our dear Ohno to pieces. And the other host is always pushing Ohno to say things that he knows would tick Nakai off. It's funny that way ne.

The funniest part was when I think they were thinking of the title of Nakai's movie. Real title is "Watashi wa Kani ni Naritai" which means "I want to be Selfish"... So he showed the pamphlet to the guys and let them say the title. The guys were like "are..."... "Watashi.... wa...." and all of them faked thinking hard. Starting from Sho-kun, all they were able to say was the "Watashi wa" part... Then I saw the other host whispering to Ohno. I knew then that Nakai would ask Ohno next. He did. Ohno's answer was:

"Watashi wa... asari wo horitai" which I think means "I want to dig for asari(clams)"... Pffffft... It got me laughing...

I never get tired of Nakai's reaction every time Ohno says something. He'd stand up and charge at Ohno who is always beside the other host, which I think is great for Ohno. Otherwise, he'd already be torn into pieces by now. hehe.

2 New Singles

I have this weird thing about songs.
I used to prefer a specific genre of song meaning I'm only inclined to like a certain type of sound. Like I was so into Chris Daughtry, Lifehouse... Loved the sound of alternative, of soft rock...

But when I learned about Arashi, my taste for music took a 180-degree turn. I don't know which of these two holds true for me:
- I fall in love with a song because it's Arashi's
- or I learn to love Arashi more because they have such great songs.

Their 2 new singles "Beautiful Days" and the one they used for their AU CM have very catchy melodies. I don't like happy tunes! Really, I used to jump to the next song whenever I heard songs that sounded happy or would make you want to move with the groove. BD is actually a bit mellow but it's still quite far from alternative.

Such a contrast ne? I'm actually addicted to the things I used to hate.

How Nino got into magic tricks

I'm currently watching a "Hanamaru Cafe" episode where Nino guested to plug RnK. It's only now that I know how he got into his new hobby -- magic.

He told HC these:
- There was a time he'd go home and realize how busy the other members were while flipping the channels. Ohno had Maou, Jun had Hanadan, Sho did the Beijing olympics (didn't hear Aiba's name...) So one time, he saw some instructional DVDs for magic. And with a lot of free time at hand, he watched the DVDs day in and day out. Being the fast learner that he is, he's already doing great at his tricks by this time.^^,

I admire guys who do stuff (and learn stuff) with passion. I don't care what kinds of things they're into... Just as long as they do it with passion.

Ninoは やっぱ すごい です よ ね。

Aiba has a mole on the left side of his torso

and so do I... lol...

I know, I know it doesn't mean anything.... That doesn't make me a special fangirl for having a mole (actually 2 moles) in the exact same spot where Aiba has his mole...

I just found it funny... hehe...

And it always reminds me of this VSA episode where in one of their games, he showed his mole... after that, he says "this is embarrassing!"... which reminds me of another time when he said that word while covering his face...

yeah. random. ^^,

Daigo related post

Yesterday I spent almost the whole day trying to translate Daigo's song "I Wish" that he made specially for Penpen. So I was staring at the monitor, at cute Penpen, and at cute Daigo while doing my best to match the kanji and the sound...

I liked this part the best:
Chiisana sono tsubasa
Those small wings
Tsuburana sono hitomi
Those round eyes
Itsumademo mamoruto kimettakara
I'll protect you for as long as I can...

Or if that's how it goes. ^^, Not perfect yet...

Ryusei No Kizuna Episode 3: Rant

Episode 3 was a moving episode. It was basically a flashback of what happened 11 years ago.

The part I liked most was the flashback where the 3 were about to leave and go to the orphanage. It was presented creatively. And it moved me. I liked the concept they had, the 3 children were packing their things. Little Shi was crying coz Koichi told them to take just the important things. Shi clung to her dolls and cried while saying that all of them were important to her. When chibi Koichi walked over to where she was, chibi Shi became Erika and chibi Koichi became Nino. The concept was brilliant, I think. I wouldn't have expected that. But at that moment, I didn't really get why they had to do that.

Then there was this part where they went to their parents' room and Koichi instructed them to take an important item. Shi took their mother's make up, Taisuke their father's watch, and Koichi the notebook where their most treasured recipes were written.

Like last week, the episode was still mainly about their parents' death and of course the hayashi rice.

What is hayashi rice you say? Nothing special. It's simply beef stew, only it was given a Japanese name.

Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen

Date: 20081011
from: ArashiCB

I love this episode!

The first time I saw Daigo was in another, an earlier, episode of TSD. I know he looks good but of course, Aiba's better looking than him (in my eyes but in reality yeah he does look waaaaaaay better than our Aiba... but again, I'm a fan...).

Who is Daigo anyway?
Daigo is the lead singer of a 3-member band named BREAKERZ that made its way into the Japanese entertainment scene in 2007.

Anyhoo, in this episode, Aiba and the others went to a water-side animal zoo (I don't know where). When they arrived, Daigo was already there. Remembering the episode where I saw Daigo, he was tasked to care for a little penguin named PENPEN . So in this episode, Aiba and Daigo (actually the other guy host also, gomennasai! I'm so bad with names!!) fed the penguins, beavers, and the sealion.
soooo... I'm like that ne? Every time I find something or someone interesting, I search the whole of cyberspace (errr... make that LiveJournal) and here's a number of posts about Diago's blog entries abut Pen-pen... He's so sweet! How could this Daigo who's so in love with cute chubby little Pen-pen be the same Daigo rockstar?
- Post 1
- Post 2
- Post 3

At the end, Daigo sang (with his o so wonderful husky voice. I love it.) to PENPEN... I didn't understand everything but it's saying like "I'll take care of you, forever..." which was a little moving for me especially because together with the song was a VTR of PENPEN as a little penguin with Daigo.

Yappari, even rockstars become soft when they're around cute fluffy animals.

Why I write so much in this blog

I've been trying to keep a blog that would run for months. Something that I can stick to and with for maybe longer than 1 month. I've had so many blogs already before and I ended up forgetting my password, even my username because I ran out of things to write.

This is the first time I've gotten this far.

So why do I write so much about these guys? Is anybody even benefiting from this?

I realized that no one's gonna benefit from this more than I do.

I intend to be a fangirl for as long as I'd want and I can. And being the person that I am, I tend to stray away from my hobbies. I get tired of things fast because I gain interest easily. So one minute I like this, the other minute you'll see me drooling over a new thing or hobby. That's who I am. But those hobbies usually just get buried in my thoughts, they never disappear. So I guess this blog just makes Arashi as a hobby resurface in my mind.

I went through all the entries I have here and yappari, I'll find this blog useful someday once my fanaticism starts dwindling. It's like a reinforcement. It's a constant reminder of how I started as a fangirl, what I love most about Arashi, the things that have happened...

I love all the memories here. ^^,

Funny Arashi

From D no Arashi
Title: Udan Udan Special
uploaded @ Youtube
by: sallychew89


Ohno is really funny most of the time. I liked the hypnotism part of the episode. I was covering my face while watching it coz I was the one who felt embarrassed by Ohno's actions. Aiba's too. They were funny riding along with the guy. (If they were)

I found MatsuJun's part funny too.
Sensei: I'm going to press your thumb. And once I do, you're not going to say anything other than "I like it". (Looks at other Arashi members) Ask him whatever.
Nino: Ask him something he doesn't like. Ask him if it's okay for him to work for free. (This got me laughing.
Sensei: Do you like to work for free?
JUN: KIRAI JANAI. (I don't hate it) (haha. Good one Jun! Still fighting it huh?)

And Nino's part was also interesting because he wasn't affected by any of Sensei's actions. He wasn't hypnotized at all. lol.

I'm curious about the Italian Canon. I wonder what that is. I just found Aiba and Riida funny doing it.

Ryusei no Kizuna: Ratings

saladesu @ LJ
Audience Rating: Here

The ratings were high, as expected. Good start. All they have to do is keep it at that.

Next to Ryusei no Kizuna (RnK) is Kaze no Garden (KnG). (Comparing)

Rnk is shown every Friday - 10:00 PM (JST) @ TBS
KnG is shown every Thursday - 10:00 PM (JST) @ FujiTV

as we all know:
Rnk is starred by:
- Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)
- Nishikido Ryo (NEWS, Kanjani8)
- Erika Toda
KnG is starred by
- Nakai Kiichi

Rnk started Oct 17, 2008 and is now on its 3rd episode
KnG started Oct 9, 2008 and is now on its 5th (I think) episode

I think they belong to two completely different genres and they cater to different generations. RnK being most appealing to youngsters (ehermm... like us?) and the other one to a more matured audience.

Anyhoo, I'm still happy to know that RnK's doing great.

Ganbare minasan!! ^^,

Sidetracked no more

My head hurts. So I thought I'd be on hiatus. But here I am, writing and thinking more about Arashi.

I just realized that I may not be able to find a band greater than Arashi.

I don't know if other people experienced these things. But during the first few months of my addiction, I was so hungry for information, for stuff related to them. I traded sleep for youtube vids of these guys. I spent money to buy a laptop and a new hard disk just to feed my addiction anywhere, anytime. Seriously, I didn't want to part with my computer. The feeling was "can't get enough of them."

But it seems I grew tired or maybe I mellowed as a fan girl. Lately, I've been able to do other stuff. Meaning it's not Arashi time all the time for me anymore. Although I still spend hours joyfully wandering the cyberspace for their stuff, at least I'm not trading it for sleep anymore. And I've given other JE bands a try. Which made me realize that Arashi's still number one.

I won't be sidetracked anymore. Arashi will always be number 1 for me.

Arashi's Kizuna

Err... hehe... Can't think of a better title.

Anyhoo... I love their bond. Really. I think the reason why I got hooked to them is because of their relationship with each other. I mean they are like 5 soulmates who were destined to meet each other even if Johnny wasn't around.

Here's an Oricon post containing the top 10 bands with strongest bonds: Clicker

Well, for number 1, I think yeah. Kinki Kids should have snagged that spot. If not, I'd feel sorry for them. KK only has two members. And they've been around for ages! I think it'd be true for everybody: It's impossible not to develop a deep platonic relationship with someone you're stuck with for more than 10 years. And you both understand each other because you're going through the same things right? So this fact isn't a surprise. I'd be surprised if I learned that they didn't hang out at all.

Arashi... It's not that the poll was decided on by geniuses whose comments have sceintific proof (whatever).... But I'm so happy that people see the group as such, a bonded, a closely knit group. Actually the reason why I love watching their shows is because I love seeing them together.

I have watched a number of Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes already and I must say that Arashi really has a tighter bond.

-- Edit --
In the latest Utaban episode (the one with "Watashi wa Asari wo Horitai") they were talking about Arashi's kizuna or Arashi's bond. Yappari, the group has been together for almost 10 years now. And it's quite an amazing fact ne? Anyhoo, how tight is Arashi's bond?

When they were starting, they all used one shaver. Yeah, they had a conjugal shaver. (Quite sweet ne?) But that's just because they had no money. lolz.

But since now, they're practically earning tons of money, tey can buy their own shavers. Demo, there are two members who still use and share the same shaver...

I would think that one would be Nino, since, among all of them, he's the stingiest. But I laughed when I learned that it was Aiba and Riida. Haha. Riida-Aiba pairing never entered my mind!! haha. I'm a fan of every pairing...
I've thought of almost every possible pairing already (as friends huh)... And Aiba-Riida never entered my mind... But it seems that they share a special relationship ne. They both can't let go of the shaver...

But it's a good thing... If they treasure things such as old shavers that much, I bet they treasue each other (and I hope fans too) more than that.

I love seeing them love each other.

O and I also chanced upon a Hanamaru Cafe interview of Ohno during the Maou promo days and he tagged Jun as the "heart man". According to him, Jun is "suteki"... I'd translate that as Jun being a nice guy. Coz he said that Jun was the only one who said good luck for his drama.