2 New Singles

I have this weird thing about songs.
I used to prefer a specific genre of song meaning I'm only inclined to like a certain type of sound. Like I was so into Chris Daughtry, Lifehouse... Loved the sound of alternative, of soft rock...

But when I learned about Arashi, my taste for music took a 180-degree turn. I don't know which of these two holds true for me:
- I fall in love with a song because it's Arashi's
- or I learn to love Arashi more because they have such great songs.

Their 2 new singles "Beautiful Days" and the one they used for their AU CM have very catchy melodies. I don't like happy tunes! Really, I used to jump to the next song whenever I heard songs that sounded happy or would make you want to move with the groove. BD is actually a bit mellow but it's still quite far from alternative.

Such a contrast ne? I'm actually addicted to the things I used to hate.

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