Which Arashi Album cover do you like most?

--> she has an awesome compilation of all of Arashi's album/single covers...

what really got my attention was the cover of "Truth and Kaze no Mukou he". I like the colors black and red so yeah, I love the cover. Plus I like subdued Arashi. That's why the "Beautiful Days" album cover comes next...

-- edit --
I just noticed, lately, Ohno looks better in pictures. He always has that awkward look in his face... But now, he seems to get along with the camera pretty well. Maybe that's what Maou has done for him. I think that devilish glare or look he has in his recent pictures suits him better.^^,

Just an addition... I hope no one gets offended by this post... They all looked rather feminine in the "Beautiful Days" album cover... Specially Jun who's got quite a tight belt around his waist revealing how small (and unjust!) his waist is... But Riida looked fantastic in that picture. ^^,

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