so happy that it's sad

Here I am again.... I love fangirling for Arashi... but sometimes, it's so fun that I get sad. lol. I just realize how Arashi stuff aren't readily available here. But I do owe my addiction to this fact because I think I won't be addicted to them if I had a very easy access to their shows, stuff.... etc.etc....


Free once again!

After Christmas, I still had to go to work... I thought I was going to have 2 more days off... but I didn't lolz... Anyway, I still have today, 31, 1, 2, 3, 4 as my vacation... hmmmm... short...

I left my laptop at the shop. Sad. ^n^. I'm gonna miss it.

I missed Shounen Club last Sunday! Well, not all of it. I was able to watch KAT-TUN's white Christmas and who was that? I don't know him but I still watched anyway.... At the end, once again, for the second time, I saw Arashi on my local cable TV... I have seen Jun before (on local tv) already but seeing all of them is different. It gives me a different kind of high. *_*

Kinokuniya here

Maybe a better plea would be having Popolo, Wink-up, Duet (and all the other magazines that frequently feature Arashi in their magazine) bring their products here.

Yes, not all of us can read or understand what's written on it but maybe we don't need knowledge of the language for us to understand the images right? (*-*)

Anyway... I'm so sad my laptop's gone crazy. I miss it so bad. Tomorrow I'm gonna have it fixed.

Found Myself a new Arashi-related addiction

So I've said that I'm currently taking up Nihongo classes. And I've been listening to Japanese songs all the time (L-Arc n Ciel, Kinki Kids, KAT-TUN, TOKIO...and of course Arashi-- atashi no daisuki!!!)... But I found out that that's just one thing...

So I looked for a way that maybe could help me sharpen my skills and is interesting...

Currently, I'm rough translating (as in translating each word to english first) some of their older magazine interviews.

It's not perfect, I can't barely understand the stuff... but I'm learning...



お誕生日 おめでとう Aiba ちゃん!!!


あなたちの 大ファン、
Arashiphile です。

Game Nikki (x) finished

Another post from this site: CLICK HERE

It says on her blog that Nino's stopped updating his Game Nikki (x) already.

It's quite a sad thing ne? I'm not directly affected by it coz I don't live in Japan (consequently I can't subscribe) but if I were able to I'd feel sad too.

I do hope he starts a new one.

Nikkis are really important ne. Both for the fans and for Nino.

Ryusei no Kizuna Finale -- Rating:

click HERE for the rest of the show's ratings.

Wow. RnK rated well didn't it? It went down the slopes, yes, but it had a good comeback with the final episode rating higher than the first one.

Nino!! You did it ne? Congratulations!!!

I hope Oh-chan manages to get the same ratings. ^^,


Site's up:

Looking forward to the movie. I'd want to see Sho's acting once again. It's been quite a long time since I last saw him on the screen acting... Well the mature Sho, that is. Coz I've been watching some chibi Sho dramas lately like the one with the guy from Tokio (gomen... I forgot his name... but I love him... ) and the one entitled "Otousan" which I think is a mini drama...

Anyway, I'd love to see the movie. Looking forward to it.

NHK Premium: Shounen Club Christmas Special

Last night, I was able to watch the Shounen Club's Christmas Special hosted by Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN) and Keiichiro Koyama (NEWS). I was so ecstatic. I was like in cloud 9 while watching the guys perform. I don't actually know everyone. Aside from the 2 emcees I only knew one more guy. I know his face but I don't know his name. He's part of A.B.C.-Z and is always immitating Jun's "Wish" dance.

Anyway, it was the first time I saw Arashi on local cable TV. Just a glimpse actually coz they appeared as teasers for next week's Shounen Club. They're going to have a report of the successful AAA concert tour.

Another thing... they had a game similar to "Name that tune" except that only a part of the intro was given... the game was divided into two parts. The first part was an easy round. They gave quite a long intro. I remember getting the first artist right but I was not able to guess the title. It was Kinki Kid's "Snow Snow Snow"... After that, I wasn't able to guess anything right already. I was waiting for an ARashi song. I'd seriously bang my head on the wall if I wasn't able to guess an Arashi song right!!
The second round was difficult. The clue they gave was just a tiny bit of the intro. Maybe just one second of it. But I think I've proven myself worthy of being an Arashi fangirl coz I was able to guess their song. That guy from A.B.C.-Z was able to guess it. It was Arashi's "Wish"... And he sang and immitated Jun's way of dancing once again. ^^, I don't find him offensive as Arashi's fangirl.

Looking forward to next Sunday!!

Here's something that'll surley make your day. ^^,

I was once again cleaning up my lj inbox and I stumbled upon this post: PERKMEUP

Yes, Arashi alone cheers me up. Even Arashi doing boring stuff perks me up. But (the link above) is way better. ^^, Somehow it makes me feel good and yeah, it does cheer me up.

Ryuzei no Kizuna 10 - Final?

Sniff sniff... Nino's drama is already going to end. ^n^....
But I am still happy for the success that it got...

Aiba has Greenfingers?

Aiba's Arashi's nature man... lol.

Anyway, aside from being an animal tensai or an animal genius in his regular "Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen" he is soon going to set the stage on fire with his butai (play) "Greenfingers"

The play is based on a film shown last 2000 about a guy who discovers that he has greenfingers while he's in prison. It started as a task that he should finish but he soon discovers that gardening is more than just a task and that he had what it takes to show his products off in the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. (Credits to: Wikipedia)

I wonder how Aiba's gonna pull this off. ^^, Imagining him in a play like this is a bit difficult... Aiba and plants... hmmmm... lol...

I miss fangirling...

I've been quite busy with stuff lately... I have work and school to attend to so I barely have time to do other things anymore... I could afford to squeeze my addiction into my schedule but the next day, I'd be good as dead... lethargic and unable to think... Plus Christmas is really a very busy season... Gift-buying, shopping... snaking your way through crowded malls...

Haaaaa!!! That's why I'm so looking forward to the Christmas break... but I think I only have 24,25,and 26 for the Christmas break then 28,29,30,31,1,2,3,4 for the New year... not bad... I have enough neh? I'm going to drown myself (once more) with a lot of Arashi goodness... After all, I deserve a break don't I?

Petition: Kinokuniya in the Philippines please!!

Just joining the bandwagon (although I don't know if it's still in hehe).

But I do want a Kinokuniya franchise here in the Philippines.


Quoting Nino's Interview

When do you think a woman is sexy?

I guess when she is working? Doing her best in whatever she does?
Like when she is concentrating on something. [laughs]
hen she is working? Doing her best in whatever she does?

CREDITS TO: this post

Funny... I was so happy after reading this. Coz I've mentioned it a number of times already that I look up to guys who do things with passion. That's when guys become --not sexy-- but more attractive. ^^, Nino... yappari... among all the members, I think you're the most matured member. Aside from Sho.

Aiba month

Flooding my own blog. ^^,

I almost forgot, it's Aiba's month!!!

My first Christmas fangirling for Arashi. ^^, So far, I've been able to say happy birthday to Nino on his birthday, Jun on his birthday, Ohno on his... Aiba on his upcoming birthday... and Sho on his upcoming birthday too...

What's your favorite Arashi show?

Arashi has had quite a number of shows already. Mago Mago Arashi, D no Arashi, GRA, VS Arashi, Arashi no Shukudai-kun, Himitsu no Arashi Chan plus some of their older shows that I may have forgotten to mention. And among all their shows, I think the best one that I've watched is ANS...

ANS because it's the only show I've watched at least from start to finish... And every episode is really laughter packed. I just love it.

Ohno's New Drama: Uta no Onii-san

Where have I been?! I was just away for 4 days and here comes a new Ohno drama?!!! 3 days...

Anyway I'm so looking forward to Ohno's drama... Thank you to whoever conceptualized this... I was wishing for a light and funny Ohno drama, here it is...

I don't know the details yet but I've seen a promo trailer... here

I'm sad but happy at the same time... sad coz Nino's drama is going to end soon already but I'm happy coz Ohno's gonna dominate the drama scene after him.

But I'd also want to see a Jun, Aiba, or Sho drama.

I'm back...

The previous week was definitely exhausting... Everything happened so fast that I can't even remember what happened...

Be away for the next few days...

I'm gonna leave the fandom for a while. Maybe just for three days. I may not be able to do anything Arashi related from now until the week ends. But I'm looking forward to this weekend. ^^,


Some Arashi AAA Picspam

I think Jun's bangs doesn't suit him. lol. He looks great (drop dead awesome) with his bangs swept away from his forehead.

Be picspammed

thanks to the original uploader too. ^^,

An Arashi Profile

I'm thinking of making an Arashi profile post once I have the time. And maybe another blog rehaul. But that's when I have the time already. ^^, I miss Arashi. I don't know what I've been up to that I barely have the time to do the things I used to do then. O yeah, I've been a bit busy with studying.

Watching Sho's Drama

I'm currently watching an old drama of Sho... "Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Otoko 2" with Tokio's Matsuoka Masahiro. Based on the first few episodes that I've watched, I think the drama is good. And looking at a rather young Sho is a bit refreshing ne. He looks cute rather than hunky.


I'm in love with the melody of "Boku Ga Boku no Subete" (僕が僕のすべて). I've been listening to it since I got it...

How's life.

Arashi in the Philippines

Just one day, that's all I'm wishing for. (And if it's not too much, how bout they stay here for a while? or visit again some other time?) I hope they do visit the Philippines. I'd be glad to see them in person.

Proof of Ohmiya love

or Arashi love.

If you're a big fan of Ohmiya, this is worth a few seconds of your time. It's like a dream come true for us. ^^, Nino's birthday message for Ohno through his Game Nikki. And please before reading the post, be reminded that "anata" doesn't just mean "you"... it could also mean "my dear" or "darling"... I personally think that he meant it that way... *sly grin spreading across face*