Aiba has Greenfingers?

Aiba's Arashi's nature man... lol.

Anyway, aside from being an animal tensai or an animal genius in his regular "Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen" he is soon going to set the stage on fire with his butai (play) "Greenfingers"

The play is based on a film shown last 2000 about a guy who discovers that he has greenfingers while he's in prison. It started as a task that he should finish but he soon discovers that gardening is more than just a task and that he had what it takes to show his products off in the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. (Credits to: Wikipedia)

I wonder how Aiba's gonna pull this off. ^^, Imagining him in a play like this is a bit difficult... Aiba and plants... hmmmm... lol...

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