Arashifilled, Arashified Dream # 3

Hmmm... might be because of my daily dose of Arashi backstage clips that I dreamed about something like this. haaaa... This is one of the best drams I've had so far.

WHO: Sakurai Sho (yeah baby!! ^_^)
WHERE: I dunno where... But we were inside a bus... guess it's because of watching various backstage clips of these guys.
WHAT: Sweetness!! ^_^ It's just all good I think. We were holding hands. haaaa... Sho!!! 最高だよ !!!

Ohno and Junichi have the same age

I can't believe Junichi Okada of V6 and Satoshi Ohno have the same age... @.@

Ohno does seem young after all...

Happy Birthday Mats'Jun

Know what makes me wanna cry more than Jun's upcoming drama SP on his birthday? The song that they did for him on his 20th birthday.

The moment I watched it, I was near tears... But I ended up crying because there was this part with the video I watched that said it was the last time they made a song for the celebrant because as the youngest, of course, he's the last one to turn 20.

I just love these guys...

I love the friendship more than anything else...

Mats'Jun!!!! Happy birthday!! All the best wishes for you...

Health... great health for this year...
Dramas... quite a selfish wish on my part...
Albums... for all of you guys!!!
Love... love of friends, family... and fangirls!!!

Mats'Jun, お誕生日おめでとう!!!
I lerv you!!!

Arashifilled, Arashified Dreams #2

The first one was with Mats'Jun...

This one's about Sho...

Nothing special, just the fact that one of them just graced my dreams (again...)

Where: In front of a stall... (stall of pirated DVD stuff...yeah!! \m/)
What: Sho was right there in front of me, smiling and asking me whether the stalls sell their stuff too or not... Then I start spitting out nihongo words that I have heard... Yes, random... I can't remember the words I used, but I'm guessing that if I actually said them to Sho, he'd definitely just stare at me and say "Huh?! In english please."

24 Hour TV

If I'm not mistaken, today's the much awaited day for Arashi's hosting 24 hour tv again.

Lounged at youtube last night and saw the countdown with clips of what each one did for the show. Each of them, of course, have their own spotlight... But who stood out among the rest? I think it's Aiba. Man, this guy is so sweet. Sometimes, I just wonder what's going on in Aiba's mind. He's the gentle baka of Arashi. There are times I can't help but laugh at his stupidity (bakaness, I think, is more pleasing to the ears) and there are times I just want to cry and melt because of his sweetness. Then there's Jun's drama with Karina... Which reminds me...


What can I say? This guy is an exceptionally adroit actor.

Onitsuka Chihiro

A non-Arashi rambling...

I love her songs especially "Gekkou" (which was used as soundtrack of Trick 1) and "Arrow of Pain"...

There's something different with the vocal quality of Japanese singers, especially female singers. I think it's the deep vibrato at the end of each phrase. I'm not a big fan of this style of singing.

When I heard Onitsuka's voice, my gosh, I was like floating on top of a cloud enjoying the cool breeze caressing my face. She has her own style, a style that I really like.

Wrote about this just so I'll know when I started liking her.

My own Arashi wish list

Some of the things I'd want Arashi to do... I hope this somehow gets blown by the wind and reaches whoever decides for the guys... nyaha...

1 - Nino does Chihiro Onitsuka ( I like Chihiro's music... and every time I'm listening to her songs, I secretly wish Nino would sing them and play them in his piano.)

2 - Hula dance show down - I have seen Aiba do the hula with grass skirt... I would love to see the whole bunch do it... I don't know if they've done it already though.

3 - An english song remake for each of them on their next concert -- Like Ohno's "Open Arms", which, I think he didn't deliver properly but still made me close my eyes and savor the 4-min (or less? not sure) perf, and Sho's "Can't Take my Eyes Off of You"... Hmmm... Lemme see... How bout
Nino's version of John Mayer's "Your body is a wonderland" with guitar accompaniment,
Jun's version of Maroon 5's "This Love", and
Aiba's version of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours",
Ohno's version of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful", and finally
Sho's version of Bone Thugs and Harmony's "Crossroads"...

Is Arashi gay?

If they are "so what?!"

If they aren't "WHYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!!" haha... How bout the Ohmiya SK happy ending I've been dreaming of?!


I don't really have anything against homosexuality... sexuality is a choice after all...

if any of them is gay, I'd still be supportive of them. They could still sing and act and make us happy even though they are gay right?

It doesn't matter.

But as far as I know... No one in Arashi is gay.

Funny Arashi

I was laughing my a** off again last night while watching one of the group's "G no Arashi" episodes in youtube.

Basically 2 clips about a game like "Memory" where in they choose 2 numbers from a matrix, each number having Ohno's and Sho's drawings at the back. The objective is to flip all the numbers 1-16 and whoever flips a pair gets a reward (some were not as rewarding though). Poor Sho, since he's the host, he just stood there and watched the 4 devour the scrumptious meals and rare items each one won.

Funny parts:
- We all know that Sho's the next best painter within Arashi (in the case that all the other three guys get crippled). Each time they flip a number and Sho's drawing pops out, the show suddenly becomes a guessing game. Nino's witty to note how Ohno's drawings become ordinary against Sho's despite of how great the oldest guy's drawings looked.
- Strategy would impose not to choose a number in two consecutive turns, it just spoils your chance. But there was this time when Aiba chose a number just recently flipped. The others were like "is that you being naturally dumb or were you purposely going for it?"... *wasn't able to hear Jun's voice clearly.*

Hai. This made my night.

Here for the youtube links:

Part 2:

Linking because the videos aren't mine and subs aren't mine either.

Arashi vs. HSJ

Atarashi addiction, hajimaruyo!!

I think I'm gonna be addicted to yet another band.

HEY Say Jump!!

This is what I've been afraid of. Another addiction!!

Arashi's more than a handful already. A new addiction is suicide. It means I have to split the time, which I don't really have, to feed my addiction.

But I'm reserving all my fantasizing for Arashi. Little Chinen's too young to be the object of my fantacies. He's like a little brother...

Maybe if he steps into his 20s... Man, he's so cute now, I can't imagine how gorgeous he'll be by that time!!

Ohno's birthday: November 26
Chinen's birthday: November 30
so close. Maybe they can celebrate their birthdays together.

But no, Ohmiya SK will always be my number 1 pairing. Zutto, itsumademo, always, forever.

original post dated August '08
edit dated January '09
I didn't get addicted to the minis. But I was addicted to another band -- KAT-TUN. But it was also a short-lived addiction. Because I came running with arms wide open back to my original addiction - Arashi. (every now and then I check up on KAT-TUN though... but I only go as far as 'checking up' and I don't go into details.)

And it seems that I've learned to like all of Johnny's talents.

Arashi Lyrics and Translations

I have been looking for a site just like this and haaaaah! I'm so thankful to have stumbled upon one while reading recent lj entries.

Jun's Drama for 24 Hour TV

Click me for the snippet from nana-komatsu7's lj.

I just watched a sneak peek of the drama. Sniff. It's kinda sad but I think it'd be an inspiring one. As always, MatsuJun looks like he gave the role more than the justice it deserves. ^_^ No, but really, I think it is yet another hair raising performance from Arashi's drama royalty.

The drama is a true to life story about a father who has a certain kind of disease that takes his ability to walk and stand away from him.

Looking forward to it!

End of year Arashi song

Click Me to vote

As of the last time I have voted, here are the results:
Polls Powered By MicroPoll

This made me think for a while... ^_^

I wanted to vote for "Truth" but ended up voting for "One Love"...

I dunno... I just think the latter is a happier song. It can be also transformed into something Christamasy.

Whatever they play, I don't mind. As long as it's Arashi...

Arashi Message alert tones

I don't have much but I think I'd share it with you guys. (whoever finds their way here, I guess.)

Nino's version of "Pikanchi Double" MF
*I cleaned it up a little bit coz the original file was a bit noisy. and the tags are wrong. sorry. fix it up later*

Hope you guys appreciate it. ^_^
More to come later.

A rundown: How is Truth doing?


It's actually good news for all of us. Despite of the slight bump on the road, it looks like Arashi's back on track. Yappari, there's nothing that could ever pull these guys down. Even the nastiest news won't be able to make them hit rock bottom.

Not now, not ever, not while they have their fangrils!! Ne?!!

I'm so happy for them. I hope this makes them feel better. Actually they deserve this, for working so hard, and for taking every blow without violently fighting back. After all, the people in the fandom did much of the fighting back for them.


Though one of the saddest things that ever happened, I think Ohno's scandal was one of the times when I realized how fangirls aren't just half-brained girls squealing and screaming for their guys. We aren't just that.

We aren't just here to scream, and flail, and die due to massive droolage and heart attack. I think the main role of fangirls is to SUPPORT like what most of us did while Ohno was battling his own storm.

Arashi-chan!! Ganbare!! I'll be here to support you, itsumademo!!

What their shirts say

I can't help but write something about this. I was looking at some of the pictures I have just dled and here's what I got... a sudden urge to write about what's written on their shirts. With the exception of GAP, Levis, etc. etc.

Impossible is nothing
I got lucky at lucky strike
Four Men a Venus Loved (don't get it)
Refresh your mind, body, and soul
Chippendale Drop-out (not quite sure about this)
I *Heart* You (definitely one of my favorites!!)

Close your eyes play the game (so Nino!! another favorite)
Snow White (at the back Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
Will go for a picnic with you (written backwards, another one of my favorites)

As long as there is music (back of shirt)
My Mind is Set (so is mine. lol)
Fantasy is more important than knowledge (yeah!!)

Saw the potential of all the people (guessing here as his jacket covered the first and last parts of the words)

Super Rat Boy (Okay?)
The Fake (not sure)

Just these for now.

Basing on the few statement shirts I've seen Arashi wear, Ohno, Sho and Nino wear the best ones.

Rant n Rave: Ninomiya Gimmick Game concert perf

O my... I know this is really really really late... But I've been meaning to watch the thing on youtube... and I know that a lot of people have actually commented on this already....

But here goes my random rambling...

I almost died seeing that devious smile after the finger going across his neck. Damn Nino! You know how to play the game!!

He definitely knows what he's doing.

Physically, he's not the sexiest member, he's not even sexy. But Nino sure is oozing with sex appeal...

Raining Cats and Dogs

It's raining cats and dogs today. There's a storm coming so it's so hard to convince myself to go to work. Well, since I've known Arashi, dragging myself out of the house to go to work became more difficult each day. However, skipping 1 workday means 1 paid day less which consequently means less money to spend for cds and magazines of these boys... So they make me go crazy... to go to work or not to go... that is the question.

Huhhhhmmm... Waiting for the rain to subside...

Last entry before I go to work...

Still can't stop thinking about Ohno's tan and his jaws... so sexy...

Waiting for Forever

Well, not quite.

So sleepy but I'm waiting for my Maou Ep. 6 dl to finish... *thanks to aimee at VOX*

yey.. there it's done...

I just wanted to make this last entry before I go to sleep..

Noting Ohno's weight loss... Yeah, I noticed that there was something new with him before Maou even started.. not just the black hair.. something else. It didn't occur to me that he lost weight... At least not until I read from somewhere that he lost 10 kg... A whopping 10 kg... Whew... Anyways, he looks better now. I love staring at his face, the sharper angles of his jaws...

Jaa. Oyasuminasai minna!!

Ninomiya Kazunari Wallie - My Fanart

Something I worked on during the weekend. It's not perfect but I just want to put it here... to track my progress. ^_^

Random Arashi # 2

I'm so happy being a fangirl. This is the first time that I've really taken interest in something and kept at it for quite a while. Though it's true that I get addicted to stuff immediately, I can't really hold on to them for a long time.

I think I've fallen in love not just with Arashi but I've also fallen in love with the fandom. Tanoshii desu. It's fun.

Amazing too. I can't help but get amazed at what the fandom has brought about.

Formerly strangers, now friends, linked by just one group -- Arashi. I'm so happy to have found people whom I can talk to about my thoughts and feelings regarding the group (at first) and then as with normal friendships, the relationship grows deeper and the conversations become more serious and cover more topics (not Arashi related).

I get inspired by how some fans do some wonderful things like graphics, most especially. Whenever I roam around blogs, I see some wonderful graphics that I can't help but admire. Think banners, avatars, wallies, icons...
Piano and vocal renditions of Arashi songs -- great.
Hand drawn stuff
how can I forget?! -- FANFICS -- I'm a fan of a few fanfic writers out there... I enjoy reading their stuff.

Random Arashi #1

3 days off work. Soaking myself on some Arashi love again!!

For days that I don't have much to do, I look through the stuff I have managed to collect -- of course, Arashi related. And I try to organize them, that's my oc self kicking in again.

I just made myself a list of things that I have and things that I don't have yet and where I could get them. I'm talking about pics and links here. I've managed to put in maybe, what, 6 links.

I can't wait for the subbed 6th episode of Maou.. Haven't watched the 5th one yet.

Still sleepy for coming home late last night. I had a lot of fun though. I was planning to spend those hours doing some Arashi stuff but then it's good to go out and have fun even for a while ne? Plus, Arashi won't go anywhere...

Really random right? lol.

So I was also looking at some pictures... And I remembered this thread discussing which member is most photogenic. A lot said that Aiba is photogenic.. Nino mo.. Of course I had to say MatsuJun coz he really knows how to work with the cameras. But as I was looking at the pictures, I realized Aiba does look good in pictures.

Well, here's what I think... I think during photoshoots, MatsuJun easily adapts to the lights and the cameras. Guess he's been born to smile and project in front of the camera. Aiba, on the otherhand looks like he's having difficulties but the finished products are always perfect. I dunno.

Random enough?

But Ohno doesn't really know how to communicate with the lenses... so he comes out always looking awkward in his pictures. However, lately, I think he improved a lot. Maybe doing a drama helped him a lot in improving his projection. Think Oricon... major nose bleed.

Nino.. knows he could make someone fall for him by doing what he's doing. Get what I mean? I was watching the making of Aozora Pedal just the other day. I caught a glimpse of him looking so cool, knows very well that the camera's on him. Just perfect.

Sho isn't as dramatic as Jun and Nino but he looks good in most of his pictures. I love pictures of him showing off the corners of his face. Good lighting helps him look good in his pictures. His pictures are normal and safe, yeah... But they can be oozing with smexiness sometimes.

So most photogenic for me, Aiba... Next will be Nino... Then Jun, then Sho, then Ohno.

Maou Episode 4

here for subbed episode:

*that's if you haven't watched the episode yet.*

Compared to the first 3 episodes, this episode is less thrilling. It's basically a 45-minute long flashback of episode three and the incident that happened 11 years ago.

Midway into the drama, I think it's the best time to stir up the viewer's minds.

In this episode, confusion dominates the air.

As he sees the monster of his past rise above him, Nauto decides to leave the force as he feels that he has been a failure. 11 years isn't enough time for him to totally forget what happened between him and Hideo.

Desperate to pin down his friends' killer, he blindly points at Yamano.

Yamano, 11 years ago, was the friend of the kid who died in Nauto's hands.

Nauto's hopes now lie on little Sora's hands. Wanting to know who's behind Yousuke's death, the police decide to show Yamano to Sora. But as Yamano had asked, the child didn't admit to knowing the man. This crushes the detective's hopes.

New characters rise as a reporter in search of vengeance attempts to team up with Naruse. He asks Naruse to turn down Serizawa's offer to be his late adviser's replacement. But Naruse has better things in mind and goes the opposite way.

After their failed attempt to prove Yamano's guilt, they narrow their search down to Hideo's family. Nauto is pretty sure that this has something to do with the death of his classmate in high school.

Tracking the family down is another failed attempt as the only link they had already died. Hideo's mother died not long after he did. Not being able to cope up with the stress and sadness brought by her son's early death, she gave up just like that. The other one, Hideo's brother died the year after he did -- or at least in paper.


I'm really really confused. I don't know what's happening. Who the real killer is. I thought that all I had to do for the rest of the drama was to see how Naruse's mind works. But at this point, I don't know who's who anymore.

For episode 5's teaser, I saw Ohno holding up one of his red envelops and taking out a tarot card. Based on his reaction, I'm guessing it was not from his set of cards. Someone had sent him one too.

Time to laugh - Cracksubs of O no Arashi

I have watched this episode unsubbed.. It was funny the first time and I think it's a whole lot funnier with the cracksub..

Here's what got me laughing tonight.
Credits to the uploader *possibly the tensai subber*: hannahinjapan

How about it? I'm so in love with Arashi and Arashi fans... everybody's just so creative, funny, and resourceful. I'm enjoying every minute of my fanaticism...

"Truth" - PV

Maou's soundtrack performed by Arashi.

Thanks to the uploader: mentos230

Linked to the video right at this spot.. but the video's gone now...

2 pvs in one night. First the Kaze no Mukou e, now this.

I'm so loving being a fangirl right now.

After the series of batteries the group has received, I'm finally relieved that now, everything's going great.

Nothing can ever affect my admiration for these guys...

- I'm so loving Ohno's face. I can and would definitely melt under his gaze...
- I love the pv... perfect. The orchestra and the suits, and the darkness that encompasses the pv... they all melted together and formed one great and tasteful pv.
- hands down to the person who planned their suits... you hit the bull's eye... I'm so having major nose bleed just by looking at them.
- Johnny... do you hate us that much that you kill us all the time and revive us just the same?

inspired by the pv:
Nino - can you not look like that? lol. You make my heart go doki doki... I'm afraid I'm gonna need help running after it once it jumps out of my throat...
Aiba - you keep on stealing the spotlight ne? But I don't mind. You, given your height, stayed at the center and up front -- while Nino and Ohno looked like dwarves behind you and Matsujun...But I love you still..
Ohno - you're so evil... you make me want to stop breathing. Yo're so confident that you can revive me no?
MatsuJun - can you please stop slithering?! I've lost a pint of blood already just by looking at your face.
Sho - my precious hunk!! I didn't see much of you in the pv... maybe not your moment... but you own Kaze no Mukou e!!

can't not love Arashi... I love you guys to pieces!!

*excuses self to go find a corner where I can cry and melt*
*before that, this is the first time I've virtually squealed, kyaaaaaad, and flailed simultaneously so it just means i'm so happy, joyful, excited, hopeful, and proud of the guys.

Arashi-chan!! Yatta ne!! You've surpassed your own storm, now on to your tenth year!! Ganbare!! Fight-o!!

Kaze no Mukou e: PV

no more vid too... sadness.

Definitely loving the guy with the guitar.

Aiba's hair is so amazing. I love his hair.

Sho's arms were a tad bit of a distraction. I barely zoomed in on his face to see it... I was focused on those mighty sloped arms... Sho!! You own this pv... you and Nino own this video!!

Jun's curly hair... well, it's his month so I guess I'll say I like it... but it doesn't suit the PV... I would have wanted Sawada's hair on his head..

Oh-chan's ojisan-ish. he looks rather old in the pv... he's like 30+ already. but i don't mind flailing and kyaaaaing for the guy even if he's already a hunched back 60 pluser. *well that's how i feel as of the moment.

Last but not the least... Nino... Kazu-kun!! Dear o dear you... I wish I could be a guitar for one day. I love you o so much!!

Ohno's Stage Play: Tensei Kunpu

No exact details about the play here but I have watched at least 30 minutes of it.

It's pretty much the same with Jackie Chan's "The Tuxedo" but with a different twist. He wears a white coat controlled by his wrist watch known to give the bearer the abilitiy to dance, engage in a skillful fight and a lot more. He travels through time and finds himself amongst people who existed in the past.

So far, that's what I've managed to watch. No subs so I'm quite struggling to get the sense of the drama.

I think butais were made for Ohno.

Stage plays require actors to move big and talk big. It's the first time I've seen Ohno do a play. I say, he owns the stage!

It makes me wanna see "West Side Story" and all his other stage plays.

Ohno does Arashi

I love this love this love this so much!!!!

Ohno impersonates the 4 guys.

Credits to the uploader! vanguardde

Riida's impersonation of:

Aiba - I loved the way he ended it. ^_^ the one when he faces the camera and looks so ooo... smexy!!

Nino - the best! I can tell how much he watches Nino perform! haha. coz he definitely can do the "Nino move"... O my gosh!! I can see Nino in him if not only for his hair. But the wriggling, it's so Nino. I can also feel how much he likes what he's doing...

Sho - Liked the clap and the gesture to the audience like he's "Sakurai's in the house yo!!" and the cane movements, amazingly funny!!!


I may be loving this guy...

I just found a youtube video of this kid singing Arashi's A. Ra. Shi... and I guess his version of the ballad part is quite good.

Plus, he's a fellow Arashi fan. I love all those who love Arashi...

This may be a start of another addiction. Cute little Chinen might be the next person I'm gonna be adoring these following days... He's soooo cute.. as in kiddy kind of cute.

Hey Say Jump!!

Arashi's 2007 Summer Concert

O so left behind. Last night, I got to watch the '07 concert of Arashi for the second time. Well, it was pretty much like how I watched or "listened" to it the first time.

I was busy doing something else so I just put it on and listened to it while taking a look every once in a while.

I saw the part where they were hanging on bungee cords. They were so happy like kids. What if one cord tripped and one of them fell? Lucky fans!! No amount of pain due to broken bones can ever distract me when Nino, Ohno, Jun, Aiba, or Sho falls on top of me. lol.

I just feel so happy watching them hook on to each other in mid-air. So Jun was the fifth wheel again... but I was thrilled to see Sho hooked on to Aiba. So sweet... Nino hooked on to Oh-chan...

Arashi is love... definitely!

Problem signing in to Clubbox

After trying several times to register to club box here at home, I just gave up.

But I thought I could try creating an account somewhere else..

Now I already have one.

Problems encountered on my computer:
- There's always an internal server error when I click on the "submit button". I tried following each of the steps provided in tutorials. I tried looking for several tutorials but all of them where pretty much the same.

My hunch:
- I'm using xp sp1 on my computer. The computer I used to register with was using xp sp2. I don't know if the problem lies there but I think it has something to do with my version of internet explorer too. But they're both IE v.6 .. hmmm.. makes me think more.
- I also think the one I used uses a different ISP so that could be another thing.

I don't know. It's just that if you're trying to register to clubbox and after how many attempts, you're still failing to get past the registration page.. try another computer. That's the only solution I know and have proven to work.

I now have my clubbox. yipee!!

Now to hunt for Arashi only clubboxes....

Nino's Version of "Fight Song"

I was randomly surfing through some ljs once again and I found this piece of treasure waiting to be discovered.

"Rakuen"... This is not the download link as I'm not the owner of the file being shared. It's just the link to the journal posting a download link to the song.

If you care to read the comments posted, it isn't the "Fight Song" they released. It's actually Nino's song that Arashi re-wrote and became "Fight Song"...

I don't know much about the song either but it's another piece of heaven for me. ^_^

Random Arashi blabbing

I wasn't able to concentrate at work because of this addiction. I've been thinking about the plot of my Ohmiya story. lolz.

Built in earphones inside my ears

There something wrong with me?! Or is it but normal to hear Arashi songs all over the place? I keep on hearing their songs even thought it's a different song playing Weird...

Do I need to consult a psychologist already?!

Arashi Fanfics

I love reading fanfics as much as I love trying to write new ones.

But I think I still lack the skills and experience so I sometimes find it hard to write a good coherent story. Sometimes I reread my work and get disappointed.

Here's a link to one of my favorite journals devoted to Arashi fanfics.
Not for the porn or for the hot sizzling smex.. I love this --> [info]honooko
She's got a great selection of Ohmiya love. The best ones I've seen so far.

My Fanfics:

The First of Snow
Type: One Shot
Rating: G
Theme: Ohmiya love

Life is Hard but it's Happy
Type: One Shot (Possible follow ups)
Rating: G
Theme: Sakuraiba friendship

Credits Page

Thanks to all these links. They have helped me satisfy my Arashi pic cravings.

Go on. Indulge. (as I did. ^_^)

As I find downloading zipped files more convenient, Ill be listing all sites offering zipped files only.

They are arranged according to the order of my download. I'll be sorting the list out later and try to provide a more orderly list.

To you guys whose sites are listed up there and somehow got lost and found your way in here:
Honto ni arigato gozaimasu!

Thanks for sharing it with us. I do understand that scanning takes time especially if you're
scanning a photobooklet with hundreds of pages. (that fall off after being

Massive Droolage

Oh my!

I just can't get over these guys!

Popolo 2008/08 scans at [info]wingist 's lj.

The moment I saw their black sleeveless tops, I almost cried. lol.

I know I'm quite weird adoring and drooling over their thin arms but I can't help it!!

"The Storm" strikes back.

Go Arashi! Fight-o!!

Arashi's like wine

Satoshi and Sho are definitely sizzling as of the moment. They're like wine. Not just because they're intoxicating but man, they get better as time passes by.

I was going through my picture collection of these guys. I found this picture of Sho and I think it's oozing with S-ho-tness... If Jun's my royal hotness, this guy's my perfect hunk. no body involved. just his face.

I realized Sho and Jun are the most beautiful members of Arashi.

Of course, the other three are also perfect in my eyes. It's just that Sho and Jun are really perfect in my eyes right now.

Speak no evil,Hear no Evil, See no Evil

First, my thoughts about the Ohno scandal:
- the scandal is a virus and we are all infected. The only antivirus to this is the truth. If only it was made into a movie, I imagine a deserted town, rusty cars with broken windows parked on the streets. Paper, leaves, plastic, pieces of torn clothing fly as the wind blows them away. No people on the street. There's just a huge dome of plastic filled with people in astronaut-like unform, with about thousands of beds occupied by coughing patients. Everyone's ill.

I'm so tired of this. I won't be updating the news as of now.

I have nothing more to say.

I just want to sit down, watch old Arashi shows, and listen to their songs as if nothing's happening.

If we all truly want to support Arashi, let's vent out our anger and calm ourselves afterwards then continue doing the things we loved doing before the scandal.

I just want to rest.