Random Arashi #1

3 days off work. Soaking myself on some Arashi love again!!

For days that I don't have much to do, I look through the stuff I have managed to collect -- of course, Arashi related. And I try to organize them, that's my oc self kicking in again.

I just made myself a list of things that I have and things that I don't have yet and where I could get them. I'm talking about pics and links here. I've managed to put in maybe, what, 6 links.

I can't wait for the subbed 6th episode of Maou.. Haven't watched the 5th one yet.

Still sleepy for coming home late last night. I had a lot of fun though. I was planning to spend those hours doing some Arashi stuff but then it's good to go out and have fun even for a while ne? Plus, Arashi won't go anywhere...

Really random right? lol.

So I was also looking at some pictures... And I remembered this thread discussing which member is most photogenic. A lot said that Aiba is photogenic.. Nino mo.. Of course I had to say MatsuJun coz he really knows how to work with the cameras. But as I was looking at the pictures, I realized Aiba does look good in pictures.

Well, here's what I think... I think during photoshoots, MatsuJun easily adapts to the lights and the cameras. Guess he's been born to smile and project in front of the camera. Aiba, on the otherhand looks like he's having difficulties but the finished products are always perfect. I dunno.

Random enough?

But Ohno doesn't really know how to communicate with the lenses... so he comes out always looking awkward in his pictures. However, lately, I think he improved a lot. Maybe doing a drama helped him a lot in improving his projection. Think Oricon... major nose bleed.

Nino.. knows he could make someone fall for him by doing what he's doing. Get what I mean? I was watching the making of Aozora Pedal just the other day. I caught a glimpse of him looking so cool, knows very well that the camera's on him. Just perfect.

Sho isn't as dramatic as Jun and Nino but he looks good in most of his pictures. I love pictures of him showing off the corners of his face. Good lighting helps him look good in his pictures. His pictures are normal and safe, yeah... But they can be oozing with smexiness sometimes.

So most photogenic for me, Aiba... Next will be Nino... Then Jun, then Sho, then Ohno.

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