Maou Episode 4

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Compared to the first 3 episodes, this episode is less thrilling. It's basically a 45-minute long flashback of episode three and the incident that happened 11 years ago.

Midway into the drama, I think it's the best time to stir up the viewer's minds.

In this episode, confusion dominates the air.

As he sees the monster of his past rise above him, Nauto decides to leave the force as he feels that he has been a failure. 11 years isn't enough time for him to totally forget what happened between him and Hideo.

Desperate to pin down his friends' killer, he blindly points at Yamano.

Yamano, 11 years ago, was the friend of the kid who died in Nauto's hands.

Nauto's hopes now lie on little Sora's hands. Wanting to know who's behind Yousuke's death, the police decide to show Yamano to Sora. But as Yamano had asked, the child didn't admit to knowing the man. This crushes the detective's hopes.

New characters rise as a reporter in search of vengeance attempts to team up with Naruse. He asks Naruse to turn down Serizawa's offer to be his late adviser's replacement. But Naruse has better things in mind and goes the opposite way.

After their failed attempt to prove Yamano's guilt, they narrow their search down to Hideo's family. Nauto is pretty sure that this has something to do with the death of his classmate in high school.

Tracking the family down is another failed attempt as the only link they had already died. Hideo's mother died not long after he did. Not being able to cope up with the stress and sadness brought by her son's early death, she gave up just like that. The other one, Hideo's brother died the year after he did -- or at least in paper.


I'm really really confused. I don't know what's happening. Who the real killer is. I thought that all I had to do for the rest of the drama was to see how Naruse's mind works. But at this point, I don't know who's who anymore.

For episode 5's teaser, I saw Ohno holding up one of his red envelops and taking out a tarot card. Based on his reaction, I'm guessing it was not from his set of cards. Someone had sent him one too.

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