Kaze no Mukou e: PV

no more vid too... sadness.

Definitely loving the guy with the guitar.

Aiba's hair is so amazing. I love his hair.

Sho's arms were a tad bit of a distraction. I barely zoomed in on his face to see it... I was focused on those mighty sloped arms... Sho!! You own this pv... you and Nino own this video!!

Jun's curly hair... well, it's his month so I guess I'll say I like it... but it doesn't suit the PV... I would have wanted Sawada's hair on his head..

Oh-chan's ojisan-ish. he looks rather old in the pv... he's like 30+ already. but i don't mind flailing and kyaaaaing for the guy even if he's already a hunched back 60 pluser. *well that's how i feel as of the moment.

Last but not the least... Nino... Kazu-kun!! Dear o dear you... I wish I could be a guitar for one day. I love you o so much!!

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