"Truth" - PV

Maou's soundtrack performed by Arashi.

Thanks to the uploader: mentos230

Linked to the video right at this spot.. but the video's gone now...

2 pvs in one night. First the Kaze no Mukou e, now this.

I'm so loving being a fangirl right now.

After the series of batteries the group has received, I'm finally relieved that now, everything's going great.

Nothing can ever affect my admiration for these guys...

- I'm so loving Ohno's face. I can and would definitely melt under his gaze...
- I love the pv... perfect. The orchestra and the suits, and the darkness that encompasses the pv... they all melted together and formed one great and tasteful pv.
- hands down to the person who planned their suits... you hit the bull's eye... I'm so having major nose bleed just by looking at them.
- Johnny... do you hate us that much that you kill us all the time and revive us just the same?

inspired by the pv:
Nino - can you not look like that? lol. You make my heart go doki doki... I'm afraid I'm gonna need help running after it once it jumps out of my throat...
Aiba - you keep on stealing the spotlight ne? But I don't mind. You, given your height, stayed at the center and up front -- while Nino and Ohno looked like dwarves behind you and Matsujun...But I love you still..
Ohno - you're so evil... you make me want to stop breathing. Yo're so confident that you can revive me no?
MatsuJun - can you please stop slithering?! I've lost a pint of blood already just by looking at your face.
Sho - my precious hunk!! I didn't see much of you in the pv... maybe not your moment... but you own Kaze no Mukou e!!

can't not love Arashi... I love you guys to pieces!!

*excuses self to go find a corner where I can cry and melt*
*before that, this is the first time I've virtually squealed, kyaaaaaad, and flailed simultaneously so it just means i'm so happy, joyful, excited, hopeful, and proud of the guys.

Arashi-chan!! Yatta ne!! You've surpassed your own storm, now on to your tenth year!! Ganbare!! Fight-o!!

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