Funny Arashi

I was laughing my a** off again last night while watching one of the group's "G no Arashi" episodes in youtube.

Basically 2 clips about a game like "Memory" where in they choose 2 numbers from a matrix, each number having Ohno's and Sho's drawings at the back. The objective is to flip all the numbers 1-16 and whoever flips a pair gets a reward (some were not as rewarding though). Poor Sho, since he's the host, he just stood there and watched the 4 devour the scrumptious meals and rare items each one won.

Funny parts:
- We all know that Sho's the next best painter within Arashi (in the case that all the other three guys get crippled). Each time they flip a number and Sho's drawing pops out, the show suddenly becomes a guessing game. Nino's witty to note how Ohno's drawings become ordinary against Sho's despite of how great the oldest guy's drawings looked.
- Strategy would impose not to choose a number in two consecutive turns, it just spoils your chance. But there was this time when Aiba chose a number just recently flipped. The others were like "is that you being naturally dumb or were you purposely going for it?"... *wasn't able to hear Jun's voice clearly.*

Hai. This made my night.

Here for the youtube links:

Part 2:

Linking because the videos aren't mine and subs aren't mine either.

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