Speak no evil,Hear no Evil, See no Evil

First, my thoughts about the Ohno scandal:
- the scandal is a virus and we are all infected. The only antivirus to this is the truth. If only it was made into a movie, I imagine a deserted town, rusty cars with broken windows parked on the streets. Paper, leaves, plastic, pieces of torn clothing fly as the wind blows them away. No people on the street. There's just a huge dome of plastic filled with people in astronaut-like unform, with about thousands of beds occupied by coughing patients. Everyone's ill.

I'm so tired of this. I won't be updating the news as of now.

I have nothing more to say.

I just want to sit down, watch old Arashi shows, and listen to their songs as if nothing's happening.

If we all truly want to support Arashi, let's vent out our anger and calm ourselves afterwards then continue doing the things we loved doing before the scandal.

I just want to rest.

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