Ohno Scandal Part 3: Link compilation of the Ohno Scandal

Now I'm in the mood to compile all the links related to the Ohno scandal spreading all over the world.

- The alleged Ohno threesome
- Ohno holding a girl pointing at her butt
- Report translation at vampyrRep's vox
- Updates on Ohno's scandal here
- If you wanna do your own thing and support Ohno, here's a list of links of Arashi Sponsors

My take on this:
If you've read the articles linked above, you won't have any problems understanding my ranting and raving here.
According to someone, the pictures (first two links) were taken 3 years ago. (Does it mean those pictures are real and not tampered?)
If the pictures were taken 3 years ago, why didn't they publish and spread it the same year they were taken? Do they hate Ohno and Arashi so much that they have to do this? The only clear thing to me right now is that Ohno has reached the status of being news, gossip, and scandal worthy. Which just means that he's gained more popularity.

*according to a fan*
according to a fan who attended the music lover filming, Ohno DENIED the allegations but ADMITS to JOKING AROUND FOR THAT PICTURE...

Me without being biased:

The story has two sides.

The magazine could be telling the truth. The pictures might be true. I don't know Ohno personally so I can't tell whether he's capable of doing such things. Ohno denying these things could just be some sort of damage control so that his name and Arashi's name will be saved.

BUT Ohno could also be saying the truth. The magazine could be targeting Ohno to ride with his popularity. See what happened. I'm sure not a lot of people know of the magazine and the publication. So I think it's pretty logical to think that it wants to be known by sticking to someone hot right now. Ohno's hot right now isn't he?

Me as a biased fan
- Beijing Olympics
- Ohno's new drama: Maou
- endorsements
- hot, sizzling pictures in magazines
- successful dome tour
- nearing their 10th year in the business
* Arashi's so up there that some people are trying to pull them down. As I've said, without being biased or anything, I don't know Ohno. But I have faith in him. If he says that he didn't do anything and that he was just doing those for the camera, I totally believe him. Blind faith -- yes, of course I'm a fan.*

more later. I'll also keep my eyes peeled for some updates on this topic.

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