D no Arashi - Episode 24 - Jun and Sho visit highschool mom

This is one of the episodes I love most. *Not just because 2 of the best-dressed Arashi members are in it and that this is the first time I actually told myself "finally! a jun*sho pairing!"

Sho and Jun's portion: They visit a high school mom.
For this part, I was inspired by the strength displayed by the girl they visited. At 18, she gives birth to her first child and weds her child's father.
Marriage shouldn't supposedly strip someone of her freedom. But for an 18-year old, a lot of things are sacrificed to be able to do the responsibilities as a wife and a mother (and a student).
I remember when I was 18, I'd go out with friends, spend more time outside than at home, do things without thinking of anything else.
But for someone with such responsibilities, a carefree attitude can't be tolerated. There's no time for spending extra hours with friends coz there's a baby at home waiting to be taken care of. Selfish thoughts won't be possible either coz now, she's responsible not just for her own life but she's also respoinsible for her child's and husband's lives.
This isn't a sad story for me. In fact, it's a happy story. I think the girl, despite of the early motherhood, is blessed to have found a good man and to have given birth to a blessing.

funny parts:
- Jun walks the girl home. When they reached the girl's house, Sho was there standing up front. Jun doesn't acknowledge his presence. He doesn't introduce Sho to the girl either. They walk up to her door, Sho was last. When Sho was about to enter, Jun closes the door like he wasn't there at all.
- When they brought the baby to the doctor just for check up, the doctor asked Jun "Otosan?" . ^_^ Jun as dad influx.

Aiba: Stalking a man with a basket over his head.
Aiba's portion was dang hilarious once again. He was stalking a man who was playing flute while he had a basket over his head. I think this is part of the Japanese culture. I'm not aware of what they call it. Aiba was interested in finding out who that man is so he stalks him and follows him around.

funny parts:
- There's this box hanging on the man's neck. It's like a donation box. Aiba went near the man and dropped his donation. He was trying to get a glimpse of the man's face but he fails.
- Second time he goes near the man, the man's cellphone rings. It was funny. The man had traditional clothes on then his phone rings.

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