D no Arashi - Episode 26 - Contest: Contortionists/Ultra-Thin Guys

Probably one of the funniest episodes I've watched (next to Meguro's). This time, I laughed at the gang and not at the guest.
*I don't find Meguro's figure funny. I don't think his weight is something to laugh at either. I love the guy. Such a funny person. ^_^*
The other half of the portion, they played hide-and-seek. Arashi versus the contortionists, the former being the it. They declared the 4th contortionist as winner. My pick too! But the young girl was so cute! ^_^ She deserves a special award.

Ultra-thin guys:
1 - Guy who can slide a hanger down his body.
- I bet Arashi's members can do that too!! Little difficulty with Sho's body but I guess the other four can do that too!!
2 - Guy who can fit into a tennis racquet
- No doubt, Nino and Jun will fit that thing too.
3 - Prob'ly the funniest guy out of the bunch
- His ribs were coming out. He basically made music with his ribs by tapping them. haha. Ohno cringed at the sight. My dear Ohno, now I know. We squirm at those things. I know how it feels. I bet you'd faint at the sight of broken bones and stuff.
4 - an ordinarily thin guy

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