Yet another Maou drama review

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So I'm not a drama expert... sue me... but before that, hear me out.

I'm a big Arashi fan. But I haven't, even once, said Kame's not a good actor just because he's KAT-TUN, Yamapi sucks - just because he's NEWS... I can even say yeah, they're great actors.

Was that an honest remark I just read? Or was it yet another tactless comment?

Watchability - what is it exactly.

I think watchability is subjective. We all have our own criteria for judging.

How about I make my own review?!

Maou is one of the most-awaited dramas to hit (not only) Japanese tv screens this '08. The Jdorama is a remake of the Korean "The Devil" starred by no less than Ikuta Toma and Arashi's main man Ohno Satoshi with Kobayashi Ryoko as the leading lady.

IT revovlves around Naruse Ryo (Ohno) and Serizawa Naoto's (Ikuta) story whose pasts are linked by one tragic incident that made them who they are today. Naruse Ryo a lawyer in search of his brother's killer and Serizawa Naoto a detective who wants to be on the side of justice because of his past.

Ryo, being the brilliant man that he is, makes use of his mind as his primary weapon against the man who killed his brother. When the two meet again, Naoto's life becomes a frustrating game of chess -- and he is a chess piece. One by one, Naoto's friends and family die because of Ryo's doing. This enrages him and gives him the determination to find and pin down the man behind this.

- For my own review, the drama has an interesting plot. But it doesn't amaze me because it is a remake after all. Being an avid viewer of Jdoramas, I think the Jdorama is a breath of fresh air. Not just because of the new plot but also because of Ohno Satoshi's appearance as a regular. As we all know, this is the first time Arashi's main man (Satoshi) embarks in a drama on his own and as a lead character.
- After watching episode 2 of the drama, I can say that the drama really has an interesting plot. The fluidity and coherence of the story is great.
- Toma, as always, is a good actor. Not a surprise.
- Ohno's acting still has a lot of room for improvement. But I have yet to see all the other episodes before I can say this conclusively.
- Kobayashi's acting is superb.
- My watchability rating for this: 10 out of 10. Since I'm vowing to watch this til the drama ends. If the drama doesn't feature Ohno in it, I wouldn't have cared to wait and watch out for it. I would have watched it after it has finished airing.

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