Jun's new drama special with Bambino costar Karina

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This guy's acting talent has amazed me all through out. He does have the talent to act. I'm not saying this because I'm Arashi's fan but I'm saying this because I have long been a fan of his acting before I became a fangirl of the group.

Based on tenjostyle's post, the drama will be about a father who has some kind of a disease. Just read her blog for the details.

First thing that caught my attention:
Jun as a father -- hmmmm... it makes me soft inside. ^_^ I think he's too young for such role but I think it's about time.

Is it bad that he's doing a father role? 25 (since the airdate will be his birthday) is a bit young but I think there it's the normal age to become a father. But will it affect Jun's future roles? Will he be able to pull another Domyouji role after this? Of course, this is just a one-time event but it marks a beginning right? It marks something. It marks a first. *Which reminds me, he was a father at the end of Kiiroi Namida* lol. Just some thoughts.

Is he fit for the role? Jun doesn't fit roles, the roles fit Jun. This guy's amazing talent makes all roles portrayable. He has been a chef, a pet, a ballet dancer, a high school charmer, a rich spoiled brat, a dork, and a lot of things already. It wouldn't be a surprise how this guy will play this role like he's just eating some short cake!

Haaaaay. Can't wait for the special.
Jun, you make my fangirling world so much happier. Seeing your face just.. just.. just.. melts me.
Arashi rocks my world.

I never thought I'd be this kind of fangirl. I can't wait to see them personally for a status check. I can't tell whether I'm already a rabid fangirl or not yet.

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