Time to rest. Time to Arashi some more!! lol

Work finally took over my body. I have developed some kind of allergy due to stress. The moment the doctor saw my skin, she asked whether or not I've been stressed lately. *I wanted to say "Hell yeah!!"* but I managed to just nod a little.

She looked at the condition of my hands, maximum tension!! lol. "My, you really are stressed" she said. "I wonder how you were able to tolerate these". Man, if she only knew. I was there coz I can't tolerate it anymore.

I have what they call Dyshydrotic Eczema, a skin condition with an unknown cause. But based on the different articles I've read on the net, it is aggravated by stress. Emotionally stressed people are more prone to this kind of dermatitis or allergy.

Hmmmm... The doctor advised me to take a leave from work. Just to relieve myself of the stress. I guess being put under stress might worsen the break out.

It's worst as it is right now. I don't want it to worsen.

Every inch of my palm is itchy! I want to scratch it. I want to dip my hands in boiling water just to relieve it of its itchiness. But scratching it makes it even worse. That's what happened. I've read that scratching it worsens the itchiness.

So the allergy doesn't just cause that. A person can develop secondary bacterial infection, I did. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics.

So I asked for a 3-day rest from work. I have more Arashi time now. ^_^

I'm strictly following my doctor's advice. Live a stress-free life even for the time being.

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