Maou Episode 3

I'm dying to see this. After a stressful week from work (well it's not as stressful as the past weeks) I can finally indulge in some Ohno evilness. lol.

Updates later.

Funny that "Maou" has been a stress reliever for me. Arashi is a great relief for me. Just laughing and watching these guys do normal stuff, weird stuff... everything!! Just doing anything... I love these guys!!

- edit -
Finally, I got to watch Maou with english subs. It's amazing. I'm loving every episode.

So how's Ohno's acting:
I can actually describe now what I think and feel about Ohno's acting. This is the first time I've actually seen him act. His role is really 180 degrees apart from his usual self.
The usual Ohno is most of the time quiet. He's usually speechless when they do interviews. Yeah, he's pretty much just enjoying himself watching and laughing along with the other guys. It's usually Nino, Aiba, or Sho who do the talking. Jun and Ohno are most of the time just observing. He's also a goofball. So far from Naruse Ryo's character right? No baka moment for Ryo coz he's evil. lol.
So I think the first impression I had was more like an act of denial. lol. This isn't Ohno I'm seeing. It's somebody else. Maybe that's what my mind tells me.
For the third time, I've seen Naruse Ryo in action again. This man, I tell you, gives me the shivers. As I've said, no trace of Ohno. He's totally into his character. Haaa. I'm loving this man to pieces. (Even more!)
I'm taking my words back. The awkward smile, it's Ohno. I just realized that's the way he smiles. The reason why I think it's fake is because I rarely see him smile. How can I say it's fake when I don't even know how the real one looks? Most of the time I see him, he's not smiling. He's either staring blankly at something or someone or just laughing --> this he doesn't do in the drama.

O man! He's getting better by the minute.

So how about the drama?
The dramas really great. Whoever wrote the story, he or she's amazing. I like the fluidity and coherence. I would want to know how Naruse controls everything.

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