Ohno's New hair and new drama

The hair first. Seriously, I want the dyed hair back. He looks younger and more vibrant with colored hair rather than black boring hair. Or maybe he can cut it and make it stand like his old hair. I'm not a fan of his new hairdo. I love Ohno but he just lost some pogi points with his new hair.

To the drama!!
I'm not shocked. Toma's a good actor! I love the way his whole body acts. Afterall, he's already tried and tested.
Ohno as an actor, is a little new to me. I'm so used to seeing Ohno dance and sing but this is the very first time I'm going to see him act regularly.

In the first episode of Maou, I couldn't help but compare Ohno's acting to Jun and Nino's acting. Since the two have been doing dramas for a long time already, I know that it's not fair to compare him to them. Of course, the two will come out better actors since they have had more experience in this field.

But the role suits Ohno very well. Watching him terrorizes me. He conveys a certain kind of kindness-- more of a devilish type of kindness.

-edit- (Today's November 1)
Actually, after the drama, I expected Ohno to be a bit more confident. But based on the few AnS and VsA episodes I've watched, it's like he didn't change at all. He even became more aloof (or at least for me...)
And the hair, it's not that bad. He still has black hair right now. I've also noticed that he's growing a beard. Rough Ohno huh? But I hope he shaves it off soon. lol. I like it but it makes him look older. (And it reminds me of Koki's mustache, which I despise. haha)

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