Is Arashi still famous?

I asked my friend who just came back from Japan if Arashi is still famous. She answered no and said that SMAP's famous. haha.

Somehow the statement didn't make me feel bad at all. Instead, it made me feel excited to see Arashi a few years from now. There's no denying that Arashi's having a great start for this year. They have so many projects, concerts, dome tours, dramas, movies, shows... name it, they have it! lol. This is their (almost) 9th year. If they managed to maintain their status for that long, Arashi's fall won't be happening in the near future.

The only show I know that's SMAP's is UTABAN. I know coz Arashi has been guesting for like n times already. Nakai is how old? I don't know. I'll look it up later. But I know he's in his early or mid-30s. They still have a career right? Ohno's 28? So there's still a long way to go!! I still have a long way to go too!!

I promise that on the first year of my being a fangirl, I'd already be familiar with Arashi's whole 9 years in the industry.

I just remembered. I know why they're releasing so much photobooks this September!! How can I forget?!!! It's their 9th anniv!!!!!

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