Mayonaka No Arashi

Number of episodes: 38
Air date: 2001-2002
Title's English translation: Arashi's Midnight

I'm not at all sure about the title. I just looked the meaning of 'mayonaka' in the net.

So the show starts off with all five around a campfire in a tent. Each episode a member is given a task to complete before sunrise. So the task is done at night, hence the title. Some of the episodes ended in scenic views of the orange horizon during sunrise.

Blah Blahs:
I haven't seen the subbed episodes yet. So I just managed to get the sense of each episode. I wasn't able to completely understand all the conversations. But I think I'll gradually understand everything.

This show was shot during the early years of the group. Being shot in 2001, they all looked young and a bit chubby. ^_^ MatsuJun was very cute! When I first saw him in it, I thought to myself "Man, now I know why Johnny called this guy.".

There are a lot of funny and informative scenes here.

It was a little boring for me (compared to their other shows). So I fast forwarded my viewing to the last episode. I'd watch them again later though.

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