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Lots of entries in one day. Haha. I can only do this every weekend that's coz I work for almost 12 hours from Monday to Friday. I still have time when I get home but I need to sleep too. So everything gets piled up and I end up not knowing what to do on weekends.

Plus, I'm 10 years late into the fandom. So catching up is pretty much a difficult thing to do. The only new Arashi related thing I know about right now is Maou. lol.

Even this blog will be mixed with old and new stuff.

So here's an My Favorite Arashi meme:

Who's your favorite member and why?
- It's hard to choose a favorite. Rather, it's hard to choose a permanent favorite. I love all these guys and I think they all have different things to love about them. So my favorite member would probably vary week after week. As of the moment, I don't have any though. I love them all equally. But if you'd ask me who's the most special member, I'd have to say that it's Nino. I was baited by Nino into the fandom. Nino's leading me to this Arashi madness makes him soooo special.

What's your favorite song?
- I love "Koe". I love listening to it. I even tried to memorize the song. But I still haven't.

What's your favorite solo?
- Nino: Niji. Of course. That's Nino's bait. lol. It's one of my favorite songs.
- Ohno: Take Me Faraway. It did Ohno's voice justice.
- Sho: Can't Let You Go. I love the way he sang it.
- Aiba: Friendship and Hello Goodbye. I think Aiba's voice s rather ordinary. It's not exceptional like Nino's and Ohno's voices. But I really love listening to it. So when you ask me, who has the best voice among the members I'd say Ohno. But if you ask me whose voice do I love listening to so much, I'd say Aiba's.
- Jun: La Familia. I love the melody. Some people might say that Jun's voice isn't album material. But I do hope he doesn't stop singing. I know Jun feels that a lot of people don't consider him as a singer (he isn't) but I really have learned to love listening to his voice. Arashi's songs won't be complete without his voice.

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