Guys kissing each other

Errr... if you asked me my opinion on this during my pre-Arashi obsession days, I'd totally freak out. But I don't see anything wrong with male-male relationships. I'm just uncomfortable seeing them all cuddly and mushy with each other.

Okay, so before I met Arashi, a man falling in love with another man was quite weird for me. Honestly, the first time I watched Hana Kimi and Princess Princess D, I'd cringe at the sight of males falling in love with another male.

But ever since I knew of Ohmiya (Ohno and Ninomiya) pairing, I was like *o my gosh they're so cute together!*. I didn't cringe or freak out at the sight of them touching each other's butts, kissing each other (well, just a smack on the lips.. but it's still a kiss!). Instead of throwing up, I fell in love with them! Weird and funny right?

They're not the only pair I like. Actually, I like all the pairings within Arashi. Maybe the reason for this is because I really love the connection and bond between the guys. It's quite rare to see a bunch of people (especially men) care for each other and think of each other the way Arashi does.

Their love is so infectious!!

Guys kissing each other, why not?! As long as it's Arashi.

Arashi guys - the only guys licensed to kiss (at least in my book!)

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Anonymous said...

(^_^) Ohmiya really do leave you wanting more, don't they?

I remember thinking some of the members were gay when I was first getting acquainted with them--us Americans and our need to have our men all...manly. Or if they're gay, then flamboyantly so.

As I got to know them better and saw the HUGE difference in their sense of space and how they can touch each other as friends and not be all weirded out about, I questioned what our problem was with how we view men and how they view themselves. Why did it have to be all weird when a guy touches another guy? Why is a teammate slapping another's rear end a little odd to us? It shouldn't be. With the amount of time they spend with each other practicing, becoming of one mind to work together as a team, why should it be weird?

I love watching the bond that Arashi has with each other and how each fills in any gaps when they occur. I loved watching TFPII and NEP League for this very reason. They're always supporting each other. Even when they poke fun at each other, they never go so far as to be hurtful.

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