My fangirl thoughts... very very random

Sho was born to give justice to clothes.
Jun was born later to follow after Sho's steps.
Jun is one gorgeous accessory rack.
Guitars are for Nino.
Sketching pads are for Ohno.
The funniest guy in the world is Aiba. Followed by the 4 who are equally funny.
Ohno has superpowers. (That's the only thing he hasn't confessed to having yet)
The mic is for Ohno.
The dancefloor is for Ohno.
The stage is for Jun.
Games were invented for Nino.
News was conceptualized for Sho.
Wanna see Aiba? Try the zoo.
Aiba's heart was once melted by a panda named 'Men'. (credits to my CR friend Shidut for showing me this)
Nino is the drama prince.
Nino is the poor prince.
Jun is the drama queen! lolz. Just kidding. But he's a drama prince too.
Sho's thumb is so popular.
Men in suits aren't necessarily formal. They can be baka too.
Scientists aren't always serious. Try watching "A no Arashi".
Arashi's gay. Gay = happy, cheerful, bubbly.
Arashi has terrible concert costumes.
Nino's best role for me is YTM.
Boybands are for suckers. I am a sucker!!
Boys kissing each other - fine! I wish I was a boy then.

There are words that when I hear, read, or see remind me of Arashi. Here's a list:
- leader
- ramen
- onsen
- kiiroi (yellow)
- shukudai (homework)
- yabbai
- baka
- pairing
- au
- kddi
- dame
- purururu
- air bass
- telephone booth
- Meguro
- dome
- binbo
- photobook
- winkup
- myojo
- potato
- Johnny's
- JE
- Japan
- J-pop
- red
- yellow
- blue
- violet
- green
- tensai
- shimura
- fangirl
- fandom
- love
- pneumothorax
- tbs
- keyhole
- tvu

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