MatsuJun filled dream

Before I even forget about my wonderful dream!!

Yesterday, I read some stuff about Matsujun's Last Princess premiere at USC.

Maybe that's the reason why I dreamed about him last night.

On to my dream... I saw Matsujun standing against a metal rail watching someone else's photoshoot. There were only three guys, the cameraman, the subject, and Jun. I dunno if the subject was another member of Arashi. So when I saw him, I took my cellphone out then I said, "MatsuJun!! Picture!! Daijobou? Onegaishimasu!!" lol... I was actually thinking about the Japanses word for picture but then I realized I didn't know it. Haha. Then he was thinking for a while, he was hesitant! But then he said yes. We walked away from the area and went to somewhere bright. He also brought his cellphone out. We took our pictures posing like two crazy people. haha.

Then I went back inside (I don't know where I was exactly!). There were people there. I knew them but I can't remember who they were. I was like complaining to them "Arashi's so different now! They used to agree to taking pictures with fans without even thinking.. but now, they're very hesitant to take pictures!" My, my... haha...

I've been a bit fond of Jun since I watched HYD. I don't really have a particualr favorite member as of the moment. Each member of Arashi is unique and there are a lot of things to love about each of them. So it's really difficult to love just one of them. Nino's a bit special though coz I got to know Arashi because of him. But I really don't think I hate any of them or I like any of them less than I like the other members.

Maybe that's the reason why I'm so addicted to the group. Imagine having 5 people whom you love in just one group? Who wouldn't get addicted to that? lol.

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