Nino's got a new drama!!

First heard here:

Don't know any details yet but I'm gonna bet against life, he's gonna make us fall for him all over again.

My take on this:
First, it's yet another Nino drama. I think his dramas are great. Putting bias aside, I really think Nino is a great actor. He gives justice to his dramas. I haven't seen him act in a regular drama so this is something I'm looking forward to. Seeing Ohno in Maou makes me ache for Nino and Jun dramas.

Second, Ryo's "1 Litre of Tears" was also great. I also think Ryo's a good actor, not as good as Jun and Nino though.

Third, I think they both look alike. They fit the role as brothers.

Fourth, I'm curious bout Erika Toda. Yes, my J-Entertainment knowledge is limited to Arashi and a little of Ikuta Toma and Yamapi.

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