I love this guy!

Here's a picture I love looking at... It's from Arashi no Shukudai-kun aired Jan. 26, 2009. There's no trace of Kenta Yano's aggressive nature and Naruse Ryo's evilness right? He looks like a grade schooler who just got scolded.

What's written: sonna okonnakutatte...
I think it means 'you don't have to get mad.'

as usual no video no picture so credits to Gachapin's box. ^^,

Ohno's leading lady

This is the first time I knew of this.

Yano Kenta's ex in the drama "UnO", Akane (Chisa in real life), is the vocalist of a Japanese band named "Girl Next Door". They debuted September (same month as Arashi's debut) last year under Avex Trax label.

Now, if I'm not mistaken, the whole band is in the drama right? Kenta Yano was with Girl Next Door in the beginning, well before they kicked him out. And in the drama, the band's name is "Giselle". But I'm not that sure. Coz I can't make out their faces in the drama. lol. Maybe I'll check later.

Here's the band's Official Site.

Uta no Oniisan Episode 5 (Rant)

Episode 5 already? Wow... fast.

Hmmm... here's where I usually stop watching a drama. I don't know what's with me but I usually stop at the 5th or 6th episode. I haven't finished Maou and RnK yet. I stopped at about the 6th episode for both of them. But if had more time, I'd definitely watch them again.

Will I stop watching UnO too? hmmm... I don't know. I find the drama great.

I guess what made me stop watching the 2 dramas is having to wait for them to be uploaded plus waiting til I completely download them all. It's just that the episodes after the 5th get really good and pauses ruin my apetite for watching the drama. lol.

Anyhow, episode 5 was great. It was heart warming. I liked Urara in this episode. I think she's better now. lol. The preview of the next episode made me all the more curious as to what will happen.

Will Kenta and his ex get back together? (I envy her. ^^, )
Will Kenta and his dad be okay from now on?
Can Urara keep her positive attitude?
Will the manager leave the show?
What will happen to the show?

I just realized

I was under the impression that Ohno's song goes "down down down..." lol...

But I found it funny when I realized that it's "dan dan dang" haha... but I really love the song! The melody's so catchy. And it always cheers me up.

Anyway, something happened this morning that made me think... I realized... Well, other people find Matsujun handsome. I don't think he is though. I mean Matsujun isn't handsome per se but I think he is oozing with charm and appeal. Sometimes he's cute. But most of the time, he's beyond that but he's still not handsome. lol.... I think he has his own category! lol. he's under the "there's something about him that's super attractive" category.

Matsujun は、 ハンサム じゃない と 思う。 でも かれ は、 スゴク Attractive です ね。

Uta no Oniisan Episode 4 (Rant)

I get my HQ Uta no Oniisan episodes from Gachapin's box, I don't reupload so it'd be better if we all go to her box and credit her for the hard work she's done to process the data she uploads. ^^,

Anyway, for episode 4, I had mixed emotions. But the emotion that was always at the top, at the surface was JEALOUSY. Damn I'm so jealous with Kenta Yano's ex-girlfriend. Yeah I know I might be a little irrational by saying the following coz it's not even real!!! I mean the relationship isn't even real. I really am jealous of the girl! (Not envious). Anyhoo, I think I've fallen for Kenta Yano (yes of course, Ohno Satoshi included). The character is just great don't you think? He's cool, he's not that goody two-shoed guy but he's not evil, he's an m&m (tough outside but soft inside). And man do I love guys who fit that description!!!

Okay on to the drama...

I like the Kenta Yano-Michiru angle. It brings out the caring and loving side of Kenta Yano. It's the main reason why I think Yano is so lovable. He's a self-confessed child hater (kodomo daikirai) but Michiru seems to have touched his soft spot. And they look good as brother and sister.

I can't wait for the next episodes!!^^,

The drama isn't rating any higher. But it has held its place and is almost always playing around 10%. And I think that's good. Anyway, the drama is really good. It's a good stress reliever.

O, and I love the connected eyebrows!!! ^^,

Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO) in Arashi no Shukudai-kun

This was aired on Feb. 2, 2009.

Okay, so first, I was waiting for the HQ upload from Gachapin's box. This episode was worth the wait! ^^, It's fun seeing Arashi interacting with their senpais in their own show.

(tama ni, Arashi ha Johnny's no senpai to issho ni Arashi no Shukudai kun o yaranakereba naranai to omou. tanoshiso deshou? tabun, maigetsu, hitori no Johnny's no senpai ha Arashi no Shukudai kun ni iku. Nagase Tomoya to no episode ha saikou da to omou. ichiban tanoshikatta.)

Nagase mentioned that Nino and Aiba have a weird habit of calling their senpais "~oni"... First he asked Sho how he addresses Matsuoka.
Sho: Matsuo-kun
Jun: mo, Matsuo-kun
then he turned to Ohno who said "Matsuoni..."
Nino: Matsuoni
Aiba: Matsuoni desu.

I was laughing when Nagase asked Ohno. It was like he didn't expect Ohno to asnwer that way.

Anyway, it made me think... how the Juniors now address these guys who are by far older than them?
Ninoni... (pfffft.... cute!)
Ohni.... (hahahahaha... so timely... his drama should have been entitled Uta no Ohnisan... lolz)

Well, that's it for today. I still have to sleep. 66,

oyasuminasai minna! yume de aeru. tsuuuu!!!

Believe and Kumori Nochi, Kaisei

I've already bought and paid for the limited edition. ^^, <3 through YesAsia. It's going to be released this March and I can't wait to lay my hands and eyes on that tiny piece of jewel.

Anyhoo... I think I only have 1 pay check coming before the bill arrives so I'd better tighten my grip on my money. lolz. Coz I don't really earn much. I might try to save up a little coz I'm spending on something I don't really need... but God knows how desperate I am to have them. ^^, i'm done with getting all drooly over their online pics and I'd like to contribute to their success.

I hope that with that single purchase, I can help make Arashi's year fruitful as last year. I hope that with the purchase I made, I'd be able to help make yet another one of their singles number one just like all of their four singles last year. ^^,

Arashi no tame ni... nanimo dekinain da yo... ^^,

Feb. 15, 2009: Shounen Club

It's Shounen Premium tonight. I really love NHK for doing this... I think it's become better since new year. Tonight's guest was Yoshihiko Inohara of V6.

I'm not Johnny's talent but I'm fond of calling them "senpais". lolz. It was fun watching the two senpais... (as for those who don't know, Shounen Premium is hosted by Tokio's Kokubun Taichi... but I guess we all know that. ^^)... Anyways, towards the end, what made me squeal was seeing a lot of my crushes in just one show.

First, yes, I like Yoshihiko Inohara. I think he ressembles Gong Yoo (whom I adore very much). And I also like Okura Tadayoshi of Kanjani8. He did a number with my dearest Matsuoka Masahiro of TOKIO....

and to top it all off....

Nino gave a message for his senpai. O my... he looks really gorgeous with his hair now. It made me remember that AnS episode where his mom in Yamada Taro Monogatari gave him a letter from her daughter... and he read it... it said like "I really like you... but if you don't cut your hair, I may like Sho even better..." lol... which made Ohno ask "she doesn't know my name?" lolz... okay back to Nino's current hair... I adore the hair. I already saw it in Himitsu no Arashi chan, the Giants episode... And I fell in love with him all over again....

Anyway... my computer's having its worst nightmare and I can't install Japanese IME on it... so here's my nihongo practice for today.

Nino no kami ga totemo kakkoi to omou. kare ha, hansamu ni natta deshou? demo, Nino no kami ga nagakute mo, mijikakute mo, ii desu yo. Nino ga daisuki da kara. ^^, <3

Falling in love with them all over again

I tried to squeeze in some Arashi viewing time today and I fell in love with them again. (For the nth time around! !_!)

I really love everything about them. I really love each of the members. Each member has his unique set of qualities that I can't fail to love. Which made me wonder how long I'm gonna be like this. It's not bad, by the way. Coz I'm not afraid that I'll spend the rest of my life adoring them. I'm afraid that I might find reasons as to why I should give them up.

My Youtube Primary Picture

Before things even get busier

Tonight, I have two big things to do. So everything other than those two things will have to wait... Even this, my addiction. But I just squeezed this quick post just so I have one post tonight. Coz as part of my promise, I'll update this blog at least once a day.

So this post is about my banner. It's simple but I'd have to say that picture is my favorite among Arashi's pictures.

And I wrote the kanji myself so I'm pretty proud of it. lol. Even thought it isn't even near perfect. but I love it. ^^,

That's it for tonight's post. I hope I can go back here later and add some more important things.

O yeah, Sho's going to the states to promote his movie. I am sooooo envious of all the fans there. ^*^... I hope they come and visit the Philippines too. There are a lot of nice beaches here!! ^^, Aiba can play unlimited golf here.^^, (He's rich. He can pay for that.)...


あなた の 幸せは、 なんですか?

I was watching Himitsu no Arashi Chan that was aired last December 11, 2008 and this question just popped into my mind.

I feel like since I knew Arashi, I've been consistently happy. I still get bombarded with problems. I think nobody's immune to problems. But busying myself with Arashi, watching their foolishness, listening to their songs... doing those things made me forget all the worries and fears.

So if you're gonna ask me, what's my happiness at the moment, besides my family and friends... I'd say it's Arashi.

やっぱり、 嵐の こと が あたし の 幸せ。 

Nino's Upcoming Drama SP: Door to Door

I just watched the preview of his upcoming drama and I was already about to cry. I wanted to cry because I'm so proud of him. He's really a skilled actor. Seeing him take on more serious roles gives me a different sense of pride as his fan.

ぜひ 嵐の みなさんは、これ を よめる。 Ninoが、 たぶん 5年 前に 本当に すごかった と 思います けど、 いま、 もっと すごく なった ね。 だから わたし は Nino の えいえん な 大ファン です。 としを とっても、 嵐の ため に、 あたしは いる。 ^ん^。
ごめん。 わたし の 日本語 が まだ だめ です ね。^w^ でも 勉強 で、 嵐の ために、 がんばってる。

Here's a cut preview of his drama special.
I got it from Gachapin clubbox so all credits go to her.

To all Arashi fans in the Philippines

To all of Arashi's fans here in the Philippines. I'm really very happy right now. You know why? Coz I'm watching J-melo as of the moment. And it turns out that last 2008, the bulk of the requests came from our country. And who was the most requested artist?

I wouldn't be writing it in here if it wasn't....


So they played "Truth" which was the number 1 most requested song of 2008.

Hey... who knows? They might just include the Philippines the next time they plan another Arashi Around Asia concert tour if it goes on like this.

ここ で は 嵐 が ゆめい に なった と 思います。 だから いつか、 嵐 を ここ へ コンサート に 来て 欲しい。 嵐 の みなさん、 この メセッジ が 読める? 

Kami no Shizuku's Rating

I've read a couple of 'fan reports' about the ratings of Kame's new NTV drama entitled "Kami no Shizuku". A haven't been a follower of Kame's dramas but I have watched maybe two of them. And I think he's a pretty good actor. Now, I don't have doubts about his skills as an actor... What I'm wondering about is why the show is getting such an acceptance. Is the plot not that good? What's wrong with the drama? I really don't know. I guess I'm gonna be watching the drama to see what's with it...

This post is not related to Arashi but here starts my Johnny's blog.

My Favorite Youtube Links!!!

Here's a mini compilation of all the videos that got me. ^^, Not Arashi-centric but most are Johnny's stuff.


[KAT-TUN: Akanishi Jin]
Jin yells. "Not my collar bones!"
- I wonder how he feels when somebody (other than him) touches his collar bones. Does it tickle? I asked my sister to touch my collarbones and yeah, I felt like before her hands even reached my collarbones, it was already ticklish. lol. I don't know if Jin feels the same way. It feels like when someone tries to touch that part between my eyes. Hehe....

Sho 大好き!!!

Here's a youtube link that I found very heart-warming and a bit of a tear-jerker: Clicker

I really look up to Sho you know. He's not just a face or a body who can sing and act. He's a lot more. Somehow (by far) it makes me proud as his fan. Not a lot of people can do what he's capable of doing. I think Sho's selling point is not really his body but his mind coupled with his body.

Anyway in the video above, I saw that cutie whom they guested in one of VS Arashi Episodes. He's that fencing guy who (I think) won and earned himself a medal in the olympics. He's cute isn't he? lol.