To all Arashi fans in the Philippines

To all of Arashi's fans here in the Philippines. I'm really very happy right now. You know why? Coz I'm watching J-melo as of the moment. And it turns out that last 2008, the bulk of the requests came from our country. And who was the most requested artist?

I wouldn't be writing it in here if it wasn't....


So they played "Truth" which was the number 1 most requested song of 2008.

Hey... who knows? They might just include the Philippines the next time they plan another Arashi Around Asia concert tour if it goes on like this.

ここ で は 嵐 が ゆめい に なった と 思います。 だから いつか、 嵐 を ここ へ コンサート に 来て 欲しい。 嵐 の みなさん、 この メセッジ が 読める? 

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