Uta no Oniisan Episode 4 (Rant)

I get my HQ Uta no Oniisan episodes from Gachapin's box, I don't reupload so it'd be better if we all go to her box and credit her for the hard work she's done to process the data she uploads. ^^,

Anyway, for episode 4, I had mixed emotions. But the emotion that was always at the top, at the surface was JEALOUSY. Damn I'm so jealous with Kenta Yano's ex-girlfriend. Yeah I know I might be a little irrational by saying the following coz it's not even real!!! I mean the relationship isn't even real. I really am jealous of the girl! (Not envious). Anyhoo, I think I've fallen for Kenta Yano (yes of course, Ohno Satoshi included). The character is just great don't you think? He's cool, he's not that goody two-shoed guy but he's not evil, he's an m&m (tough outside but soft inside). And man do I love guys who fit that description!!!

Okay on to the drama...

I like the Kenta Yano-Michiru angle. It brings out the caring and loving side of Kenta Yano. It's the main reason why I think Yano is so lovable. He's a self-confessed child hater (kodomo daikirai) but Michiru seems to have touched his soft spot. And they look good as brother and sister.

I can't wait for the next episodes!!^^,

The drama isn't rating any higher. But it has held its place and is almost always playing around 10%. And I think that's good. Anyway, the drama is really good. It's a good stress reliever.

O, and I love the connected eyebrows!!! ^^,

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