Believe and Kumori Nochi, Kaisei

I've already bought and paid for the limited edition. ^^, <3 through YesAsia. It's going to be released this March and I can't wait to lay my hands and eyes on that tiny piece of jewel.

Anyhoo... I think I only have 1 pay check coming before the bill arrives so I'd better tighten my grip on my money. lolz. Coz I don't really earn much. I might try to save up a little coz I'm spending on something I don't really need... but God knows how desperate I am to have them. ^^, i'm done with getting all drooly over their online pics and I'd like to contribute to their success.

I hope that with that single purchase, I can help make Arashi's year fruitful as last year. I hope that with the purchase I made, I'd be able to help make yet another one of their singles number one just like all of their four singles last year. ^^,

Arashi no tame ni... nanimo dekinain da yo... ^^,

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