I just realized

I was under the impression that Ohno's song goes "down down down..." lol...

But I found it funny when I realized that it's "dan dan dang" haha... but I really love the song! The melody's so catchy. And it always cheers me up.

Anyway, something happened this morning that made me think... I realized... Well, other people find Matsujun handsome. I don't think he is though. I mean Matsujun isn't handsome per se but I think he is oozing with charm and appeal. Sometimes he's cute. But most of the time, he's beyond that but he's still not handsome. lol.... I think he has his own category! lol. he's under the "there's something about him that's super attractive" category.

Matsujun は、 ハンサム じゃない と 思う。 でも かれ は、 スゴク Attractive です ね。

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