Beautiful Days PV Short Version


I just caught a glimpse of the PV... it makes me love Arashi more.

It's not silly, it's a bit subdued but it's for someone with a child's heart like me. lolz.

Loved it!! ^^,

Here's their wonderful gift to us, it is indeed a beautiful day today. (After listening to them and to their wonderful song.)

credits to my12 CB

How do I like their new PV?
As I've said, the PV is mellow and subdued. There wasn't a lot of movement, which is perfect for the song... I mean the beat isn't too slow for them not to think of a choreography. It's still a bit danceable.
It was just a bit too dark. I don't know if the song has something to do with those lights (gomen but I can't understand Nihongo perfectly) but I would have imagined a PV that's a bit bright and happy since the song's title is "Beautiful Days" right?
I'm going to try to understand the song more and maybe after that, I'll be able to explain to myself why the PV's quite dark and sad.

-- Edit --
I like the PV now more than I did the first time I saw it. Representing the stars with the lights was a creative thought. I liked it.
And I can't let this one pass... I found Aiba's overpants weird at first... But I've grown to like it. He's like a kid trapped in a man's body.

Tokyo Friends Park 2 - RnK Special

I just watched part two of the TFP2 episode where they had the major cast of RnK.

Actually the reason why I wanted to write about this is because I just noticed a little something about our dear Ninomiya Kazunari.

I don't know Nino personally so I don't really know if my opinions about him are true. Like what? I think Nino's a very competitive person. And he's the type of person who hates losing. Plus he likes to lead.

In the RnK special of TFP2, I saw a different side of Nino. He apologizes every time he misses and cheers for his team mates.

Quite different from the Nino I see when he's with Arashi. He usually doesn't say sorry and is a bit arrogant every time he does good in something. (Don't get me wrong. But the arrogance I'm referring to is something that isn't irritating. In fact, I love his cocky attitude when he wins in something.)

As I've said, I don't know him personally so I don't know if my perception of him is true. That's just how I see him. Anyway, I love Nino no matter what, who, how he is. ^^,

Ryusei No Kizuna Rant for Episode 2

I am loving this drama. I love the funny Nino. Really. I think there's no better Koichi than Nino.

For the second episode, I liked the
"Hayashi Rice" scene just coz I love seeing Nino cook. ^^, We've seen a lot of this in MMA but I can't get enough of this. I look up to guys who can cook.


Takayama-san's scenes. He's funny. Especially the gym and hospital part. ^^,

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A link to a fangirl's story.

It somehow creeps me out to read something like this.
Click link to read,
Take note, it's creepy because I was like reading my story up to half the post.

I think I'm an addict, a sucker for Arashi, KAT-TUN, and some toher JE boys. I am still in that blackhole unlike her, who's already recovering from the addiction.

Here's my own story.(it's a long one)
There was this korean drama that was shown here. If you're familiar with "Coffee Prince" starring Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye, that's the very main reason why I got into my addiction. Pretty farfetched huh? Not really.
The reason why I'm blaiming it is because it lead me to where, as everyone knows, a ton of Asian dramas and movies are compiled. I watched a few more Korean dramas before I plunged into the jdorama addiction.
Since I was so fond of CP and the plot, I looked for a jdorama that somehow ressembled the story. Bam! Hana Kimi. A girl pretending to be a guy just to qualify as a student at an all boys school. (CP: A girl pretending to be a guy just to keep her job.)
So when I realized that Jdoramas were way better because they were shorter and funnier, and Ikuta Toma (first Johnny's talent crush) was so so so cute, I never let go of the addiction. I spent all my free time watching Japanese dramas.
Until I stumbled upon YTM. This is where I can say my Ninomiya Kazunari addiciton started. (Although I watched Gokusen first, I didn't find Jun that gorgeous for me to look him up in the net and research on him.) After watching YTM, I searched for more dramas starred by Nino and I think that's when I learned that he was a member of Arashi.
I only knew Jun, Nino, and Sho (Sho because of YTM). I had no idea who Ohno and Aiba were. I even thought their names looked so much alike that I found it okay to call Ohno Aiba and vice versa. I didn'nt care. All I cared about was Nino. Expecially after watching his live performance of "Niji". I was blown away. I listened to the song over and over and I used it as my alarm on my cell phone.
Then I got to know them a bit more until I got familiarized with their pairings. The very first thing that I thought about the pairings was "okashii deshou?!". But Ohmiya SK pulled me in, deeper into the fandom until I almost didn't sleep anymore just to see more of them.
During the peak of my fangirlism, I was deprived of sleep and my hard drive was already giving up on me. My weekends were spent at home, most of my time I was in front of the computer. I thought of nothing and noone but the five.

The good thing is that I didn't spend a lot for them. Errr... I bought a laptop because of them but I can still use it in case I get tired of them.

What's my state now? After almost 5 months of my addiction, I can say that , I have mellowed down. I had caught up a bit and I'm venturing out to other JE guys.

All I can say is that I don't see anything wrong in fangirling over someone. It's not a crime. It's just that we should know the bounds of being one. As for me, I'm trying to do the things that I can afford. I wouldn't spend more time, money, and effort than what I can give.

Seeing these guys makes me happy. They're like my daily doze of endorphin. If I didin't know them, I would have gone insane due to stress from work. Yes, I do think about them a lot, but I still know what's real and what's not. I know where to put them.

Let me do this please...

Coz I only do this maybe once a month (or even less frequent than that)

あいしてるよ 二宮和也!!!

Nino!!! You're simply the best!!!

There. I've done my virtual flailing once again.

Hiatus -- I never thought I'm gonna use this word

I'm going to be busy for the rest of the year and the first quarter of next year. But I would definitely try my best to get updated and at least stick to watching RnK for the whole duration that I'm going to be a bit busy. Hopefully, I'd be able to catch up during weekends and the Christmas vacation.

The reason for the break: Well it's not actually a complete break. I'll be a little less active with fangirl stuff. The reason? I'm going to study again. Yipeee!! But it'll only be for a few months. And when I get back, I'll definitely be more active, even more active than I am now. By that time, I may be capable of offering more than what I can offer now (do I have something to offer right now? Errrr... No. I don't lol.)

I think I'm going to miss Arashi for the time being. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them when I get a little free from work and my studies.

Sooooooo excited!! ^^,

Ryhusei No Kizuna (Rant #2) Episode 1 Review

How do I like my dramas? I love dramas with a dash of sadness and a pinch of comedy. I don’t usually finish serious dramas unless they are that good or one of the stars is Arashi (or someone I really like). It has to be funny for me to watch it from beginning to end.

RnK definitely fits the description. I love the blend of drama and comedy in it. I’m looking forward to the next episodes and I hope it only gets better.

Review without bias: (Based on watching episode 1)

The plot is a bit ordinary. It’s not as intense and as well crafted as Ohno’s “Maou”. Compared to the dramas I loved (Seigi no Mikata and Absolute Boyfriend) it is a bit dull. I don’t know. I think it lacks color. Maybe because it’s not intended to be colorful. I don’t know how to describe it but sometimes, I look for color in a drama. Literally, I look for brightly colored stuff and clothes simply because they make the drama more alive. But since the drama is a bit serious “dull” fits it better.

I liked the place where they shot episode 1. (I’m not sure if they’re going to shoot it there for the rest of the drama). The place is so 2008. Sometimes I get bored watching dramas shot in places that look like they were built ages ago.

I also liked the fact that they lived in such a decent place. I would have hated it if Nino wore tattered clothes and they were desperate for cash. They’re already pitiful so making them live in shanties and afford almost nothing is annoying. (I hate those kinds of dramas but YTM is an exception because it was funny like that.).

Somehow, the drama is closer to reality.

Review with bias:

I loved Nino! He was definitely funny. I really really really love him that way. A geeky Nino is funny after all! I can’t wait for more!!! For those who love the three, this, of course, is a must watch!! And you’ll definitely agree with me that Nino’s role fit him perfectly. And I would love to see him every week that way. Lolz.

The parts I liked:

Ryo and Erika were talking about their brother Nino:

Erika: He’s 26 right? But he still doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Ryo: Him having a girlfriend is impossible. He has no friends.

The part where Erika and Ryo said “Kowai” maybe 3 times because Nino was simply scary. (as in psycho scary)

The manga part. Lol. That was definitely funny.

Ryusei No Kizuna (Rant)

Seeing Nino in another drama makes me feel sentimental. (lolz)

The reason why I got addicted to Arashi is because of his drama "Yamada Taro Monogatari". I can't actually remember what happened then but I just got addicted to him. Then I got addicted to Arashi. (Coz you can't love just one of them. Once you learn to love one, you'll definitely fall for the pack. They're so different that whatever one does not have, you'll definitely find in the others.)

I already have episode one. And I don't know what to expect. But of course, I'm sure it's a good drama.

Which reminds me... I haven't finished Maou yet. I noticed that I have that attitude towards dramas that could possibly have sad endings. I put them off. I really can't bear to watch them.

Stress and fangirling...

Just like sisig and sinigang.

I never thought of stress as a good thing. But when you're working and you don't get stressed out, it's like something's missing.

I miss being stressed. I miss having cold feet. I miss feeling my heart thump against my chest.

Today... Major stress!!

But it makes fangirling even better. Stress makes me look forward to things such as these. Arashi is my stress reliever. Without stress, I won't have to relieve myself of anything right?