Ryhusei No Kizuna (Rant #2) Episode 1 Review

How do I like my dramas? I love dramas with a dash of sadness and a pinch of comedy. I don’t usually finish serious dramas unless they are that good or one of the stars is Arashi (or someone I really like). It has to be funny for me to watch it from beginning to end.

RnK definitely fits the description. I love the blend of drama and comedy in it. I’m looking forward to the next episodes and I hope it only gets better.

Review without bias: (Based on watching episode 1)

The plot is a bit ordinary. It’s not as intense and as well crafted as Ohno’s “Maou”. Compared to the dramas I loved (Seigi no Mikata and Absolute Boyfriend) it is a bit dull. I don’t know. I think it lacks color. Maybe because it’s not intended to be colorful. I don’t know how to describe it but sometimes, I look for color in a drama. Literally, I look for brightly colored stuff and clothes simply because they make the drama more alive. But since the drama is a bit serious “dull” fits it better.

I liked the place where they shot episode 1. (I’m not sure if they’re going to shoot it there for the rest of the drama). The place is so 2008. Sometimes I get bored watching dramas shot in places that look like they were built ages ago.

I also liked the fact that they lived in such a decent place. I would have hated it if Nino wore tattered clothes and they were desperate for cash. They’re already pitiful so making them live in shanties and afford almost nothing is annoying. (I hate those kinds of dramas but YTM is an exception because it was funny like that.).

Somehow, the drama is closer to reality.

Review with bias:

I loved Nino! He was definitely funny. I really really really love him that way. A geeky Nino is funny after all! I can’t wait for more!!! For those who love the three, this, of course, is a must watch!! And you’ll definitely agree with me that Nino’s role fit him perfectly. And I would love to see him every week that way. Lolz.

The parts I liked:

Ryo and Erika were talking about their brother Nino:

Erika: He’s 26 right? But he still doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Ryo: Him having a girlfriend is impossible. He has no friends.

The part where Erika and Ryo said “Kowai” maybe 3 times because Nino was simply scary. (as in psycho scary)

The manga part. Lol. That was definitely funny.

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