Beautiful Days PV Short Version


I just caught a glimpse of the PV... it makes me love Arashi more.

It's not silly, it's a bit subdued but it's for someone with a child's heart like me. lolz.

Loved it!! ^^,

Here's their wonderful gift to us, it is indeed a beautiful day today. (After listening to them and to their wonderful song.)

credits to my12 CB

How do I like their new PV?
As I've said, the PV is mellow and subdued. There wasn't a lot of movement, which is perfect for the song... I mean the beat isn't too slow for them not to think of a choreography. It's still a bit danceable.
It was just a bit too dark. I don't know if the song has something to do with those lights (gomen but I can't understand Nihongo perfectly) but I would have imagined a PV that's a bit bright and happy since the song's title is "Beautiful Days" right?
I'm going to try to understand the song more and maybe after that, I'll be able to explain to myself why the PV's quite dark and sad.

-- Edit --
I like the PV now more than I did the first time I saw it. Representing the stars with the lights was a creative thought. I liked it.
And I can't let this one pass... I found Aiba's overpants weird at first... But I've grown to like it. He's like a kid trapped in a man's body.

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