Arashi's Kizuna

Err... hehe... Can't think of a better title.

Anyhoo... I love their bond. Really. I think the reason why I got hooked to them is because of their relationship with each other. I mean they are like 5 soulmates who were destined to meet each other even if Johnny wasn't around.

Here's an Oricon post containing the top 10 bands with strongest bonds: Clicker

Well, for number 1, I think yeah. Kinki Kids should have snagged that spot. If not, I'd feel sorry for them. KK only has two members. And they've been around for ages! I think it'd be true for everybody: It's impossible not to develop a deep platonic relationship with someone you're stuck with for more than 10 years. And you both understand each other because you're going through the same things right? So this fact isn't a surprise. I'd be surprised if I learned that they didn't hang out at all.

Arashi... It's not that the poll was decided on by geniuses whose comments have sceintific proof (whatever).... But I'm so happy that people see the group as such, a bonded, a closely knit group. Actually the reason why I love watching their shows is because I love seeing them together.

I have watched a number of Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes already and I must say that Arashi really has a tighter bond.

-- Edit --
In the latest Utaban episode (the one with "Watashi wa Asari wo Horitai") they were talking about Arashi's kizuna or Arashi's bond. Yappari, the group has been together for almost 10 years now. And it's quite an amazing fact ne? Anyhoo, how tight is Arashi's bond?

When they were starting, they all used one shaver. Yeah, they had a conjugal shaver. (Quite sweet ne?) But that's just because they had no money. lolz.

But since now, they're practically earning tons of money, tey can buy their own shavers. Demo, there are two members who still use and share the same shaver...

I would think that one would be Nino, since, among all of them, he's the stingiest. But I laughed when I learned that it was Aiba and Riida. Haha. Riida-Aiba pairing never entered my mind!! haha. I'm a fan of every pairing...
I've thought of almost every possible pairing already (as friends huh)... And Aiba-Riida never entered my mind... But it seems that they share a special relationship ne. They both can't let go of the shaver...

But it's a good thing... If they treasure things such as old shavers that much, I bet they treasue each other (and I hope fans too) more than that.

I love seeing them love each other.

O and I also chanced upon a Hanamaru Cafe interview of Ohno during the Maou promo days and he tagged Jun as the "heart man". According to him, Jun is "suteki"... I'd translate that as Jun being a nice guy. Coz he said that Jun was the only one who said good luck for his drama.

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