How Nino got into magic tricks

I'm currently watching a "Hanamaru Cafe" episode where Nino guested to plug RnK. It's only now that I know how he got into his new hobby -- magic.

He told HC these:
- There was a time he'd go home and realize how busy the other members were while flipping the channels. Ohno had Maou, Jun had Hanadan, Sho did the Beijing olympics (didn't hear Aiba's name...) So one time, he saw some instructional DVDs for magic. And with a lot of free time at hand, he watched the DVDs day in and day out. Being the fast learner that he is, he's already doing great at his tricks by this time.^^,

I admire guys who do stuff (and learn stuff) with passion. I don't care what kinds of things they're into... Just as long as they do it with passion.

Ninoは やっぱ すごい です よ ね。

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