Why I write so much in this blog

I've been trying to keep a blog that would run for months. Something that I can stick to and with for maybe longer than 1 month. I've had so many blogs already before and I ended up forgetting my password, even my username because I ran out of things to write.

This is the first time I've gotten this far.

So why do I write so much about these guys? Is anybody even benefiting from this?

I realized that no one's gonna benefit from this more than I do.

I intend to be a fangirl for as long as I'd want and I can. And being the person that I am, I tend to stray away from my hobbies. I get tired of things fast because I gain interest easily. So one minute I like this, the other minute you'll see me drooling over a new thing or hobby. That's who I am. But those hobbies usually just get buried in my thoughts, they never disappear. So I guess this blog just makes Arashi as a hobby resurface in my mind.

I went through all the entries I have here and yappari, I'll find this blog useful someday once my fanaticism starts dwindling. It's like a reinforcement. It's a constant reminder of how I started as a fangirl, what I love most about Arashi, the things that have happened...

I love all the memories here. ^^,

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