Utaban 11.08.06 - Rant

Thanks to ArashiCB

Utaban is always a fun show to watch. Nakai's eternal hatred for Ohno seems to be the show's bait (at least for me). I love it when all the other members hold on to Nakai just to restrain him and stop him from shredding our dear Ohno to pieces. And the other host is always pushing Ohno to say things that he knows would tick Nakai off. It's funny that way ne.

The funniest part was when I think they were thinking of the title of Nakai's movie. Real title is "Watashi wa Kani ni Naritai" which means "I want to be Selfish"... So he showed the pamphlet to the guys and let them say the title. The guys were like "are..."... "Watashi.... wa...." and all of them faked thinking hard. Starting from Sho-kun, all they were able to say was the "Watashi wa" part... Then I saw the other host whispering to Ohno. I knew then that Nakai would ask Ohno next. He did. Ohno's answer was:

"Watashi wa... asari wo horitai" which I think means "I want to dig for asari(clams)"... Pffffft... It got me laughing...

I never get tired of Nakai's reaction every time Ohno says something. He'd stand up and charge at Ohno who is always beside the other host, which I think is great for Ohno. Otherwise, he'd already be torn into pieces by now. hehe.

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