Ryusei no Kizuna: Ratings

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Audience Rating: Here

The ratings were high, as expected. Good start. All they have to do is keep it at that.

Next to Ryusei no Kizuna (RnK) is Kaze no Garden (KnG). (Comparing)

Rnk is shown every Friday - 10:00 PM (JST) @ TBS
KnG is shown every Thursday - 10:00 PM (JST) @ FujiTV

as we all know:
Rnk is starred by:
- Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)
- Nishikido Ryo (NEWS, Kanjani8)
- Erika Toda
KnG is starred by
- Nakai Kiichi

Rnk started Oct 17, 2008 and is now on its 3rd episode
KnG started Oct 9, 2008 and is now on its 5th (I think) episode

I think they belong to two completely different genres and they cater to different generations. RnK being most appealing to youngsters (ehermm... like us?) and the other one to a more matured audience.

Anyhoo, I'm still happy to know that RnK's doing great.

Ganbare minasan!! ^^,

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