Ryusei No Kizuna Episode 3: Rant

Episode 3 was a moving episode. It was basically a flashback of what happened 11 years ago.

The part I liked most was the flashback where the 3 were about to leave and go to the orphanage. It was presented creatively. And it moved me. I liked the concept they had, the 3 children were packing their things. Little Shi was crying coz Koichi told them to take just the important things. Shi clung to her dolls and cried while saying that all of them were important to her. When chibi Koichi walked over to where she was, chibi Shi became Erika and chibi Koichi became Nino. The concept was brilliant, I think. I wouldn't have expected that. But at that moment, I didn't really get why they had to do that.

Then there was this part where they went to their parents' room and Koichi instructed them to take an important item. Shi took their mother's make up, Taisuke their father's watch, and Koichi the notebook where their most treasured recipes were written.

Like last week, the episode was still mainly about their parents' death and of course the hayashi rice.

What is hayashi rice you say? Nothing special. It's simply beef stew, only it was given a Japanese name.

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