Ryusei no Kizuna Episode 5 -- Rant


Taisuke was positive that the man who they saw at Togami was the man he saw leave their house that night when they found their parents dead. Shi, on the other hand, cries over a dish of hayashi rice that she thinks tastes exactly like her parent's cooking.

They have finally found their parents' assailant.

How is this going to change things? In what way will it change their plans for revenge?


At this rate, I'm really impressed by Nino's acting. I'm saying that without bias. When I watch dramas or whatever, I tend to look at the actors' eyes to judge their acting skills. And with Nino, man, he's really natural... I don't see over done acting... The more I look at him, the more I admire him. The more I know him, the more I think he is such a wonderful man... Aaaah...

二宮が すきだよ。

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